Double the
Oldies but
Who Knew
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Double the Talent! 10 points
• My real name is James Todd Smith.
• I almost always wear a hat and 1 pant leg
rolled up.
• Mi nombre real es James Todd Smith.
• Yo casi siempre use un sombrero y una
pierna del pantalón enrollada.
Double the Talent! 10 points
• LL Cool J
Double the Talent! 20 points
• I began singing when I was a boy – in a
church choir.
• I discovered Justin Beiber via
• Comencé a cantar cuando era un niño - en el
coro de la iglesia.
• Justin Beiber descubrí a través de
Double the Talent! 20 points
• Usher
Double the Talent! 30 points
• I won a Grammy Award for the song
“Summertime” during my rap career
• Chosen by People magazine as one of the
50 Most Beautiful People in the World.
• I have three children.
• Gané un Premio Grammy por la canción
"Summertime" durante mi carrera como
• Elegido por la revista People como una de
las 50 Personas Más Bellas del Mundo.
• Tengo tres hijos.
Double the Talent! 30 points
• Will Smith
Double the Talent! 40 points
• He enjoyed singing in my church choir and
was inspired by such musical artists as Sam
Cooke, Stevie Wonder, and Michael
• Played against his slick R&B image as a
band geek and love interest for Kaitlin
Cooper on the fourth season of The O.C.
• Made his film debut in Stomp the Yard
• Le gustaba cantar en el coro de mi iglesia y
fue inspirado por artistas musicales como
Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder y Michael
Double the Talent! 40 points
• Chris Brown
Double the Talent! 50 points
• Starred in 30 movies
• Played the trumpet
• Performed with many other singers during
the early 1900s
• King of Jazz
• actuó en 30 películas
• tocaba la trompeta
• realiza con muchos otros cantantes durante
el año 1900
• Rey de Jazz
Double the Talent! 50 points
• Tupac
Oldies but Goodies: 10 points
• blind from birth - mainly because he was a
premature baby
• no sense of smell due to a car crash
• ciego de nacimiento - principalmente
porque era un bebé prematuro
• no tiene sentido del olfato debido a un
accidente de coche
Oldies but Goodies: 10 points
• Stevie Wonder
Oldies but Goodies: 20 points
• “My Girl”
• must successful group of the Motown
• Su cancion famosa: My Girl
• debe exitoso grupo de la Motown Records
Oldies but Goodies: 20 points
• The Temptations
Oldies but Goodies: 30 points
• they were a group of 5 siblings from Gary,
• 2 of us made it as solo artists
• 1 of us made it BIG and died in 2009
• que eramos un grupo de 5 hermanos de
Gary, IN
• 2 de nosotros lo hizo como solistas
• 1 de nosotros hizo grande y murió en 2009
Oldies but Goodies: 30 points
• The Jackson Five
Oldies but Goodies: 40 points
• received a lifetime achievement award at the 2007
Black Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles.
• wrote two autobiographies: Secrets Of A Sparrow:
Memoirs 1993 and Goin' Back (a scrapbook
collection of photos & poems)
• played little league baseball, tap danced and took
majorette lessons as a child. It wasn't until her early
teens that she developed an interest in singing
• jugó béisbol de la liga pequeña, toque bailó y tomó
lecciones de majorette cuando era niño. No fue hasta
la adolescencia que desarrolló un interés en el canto
Oldies but Goodies: 40 points
• Diana Ross
Oldies but Goodies: 50 points
• best known for his smash hit "All Night Long.“
• honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
in June of 2003
• wanted to become an Episcopalian Priest when
he was young.
• mejor conocido por su éxito "All Night Long".
• honrado con una estrella en el Paseo de la Fama
de Hollywood, en junio de 2003
• quería ser un sacerdote episcopaliano cuando él
era joven.
Oldies but Goodies: 50 points
• Lionel Richie
Ladies’ Night: 10 points
• born in a parish in Barbados
• Her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to five
years of probation, six months of
community service and one year of
domestic violence counseling as a result of
his attack on her in February, 2009
• nacido en una parroquia en Barbados
• Su ex novio fue condenado a cinco años de
libertad condicional, seis meses de servicio
comunitario y un año de consejería sobre
violencia doméstica como resultado de su
Ladies’ Night: 10 points
• Rihanna
Ladies’ Night: 20 points
• wishes her ears were smaller, because to her they are
• named Forbes Richest Celebrity Under 30, with a
total earnings of $80 million.
• me & the husband Jay-Z were named the richest
celebrity couple of 2008, with a combined earnings
of $162 million.
• desea que sus orejas eran más pequeños, ya que para
ella son grandes
• me & el marido Jay-Z fueron nombrados la pareja
más rica de la celebridad de 2008, con unos ingresos
combinados de $ 162 millones.
Ladies’ Night: 20 points
• Beyonce
Ladies’ Night: 30 points
• stated in an interview with AOL that her first
musical interest was to be a singer, not a rapper
• does voice-overs on the Pizza Hut commercials
• quit smoking after she saw The Oprah Winfrey Show
guest Dr Mehmet Oz demonstrate the effects of
• first hip-hop artist honored with a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame
• declaró en una entrevista con AOL que su interés
musical primero fue ser cantante, no un rapero
• hace la voz en off en los comerciales de Pizza Hut
Ladies’ Night: 30 points
• Queen Latifah
Ladies’ Night: 40 points
• was paid US$1 million to sing just four songs at a
New Year's Eve party at the Nikki Beach Club on the
Caribbean island of St Barts. The party was held by
Libyan dictator Colonal Gaddafi's son Saif
• owns a dog named Jackson P. Muttley - Jack in shor
• worst selling album, Glitter, was released on the
tragic day of September 11, 2001.
• EE.UU. se pagó $ 1 millón para cantar apenas cuatro
canciones en una fiesta de Año Nuevo en el club
Nikki Beach en la isla caribeña de St Barts. El partido
se llevó a cabo por el hijo Saif dictador libio Gaddafi
Ladies’ Night: 40 points
• Mariah Carey
Ladies’ Night: 50 points
• Turned down a track scholarship to Hampton
University to pursue her singing career
• Born to a Half African-American, Half Chinese
father and an African-American mother
• Movies: John Tucker Must Die, Coach Carter,
Resident Evil
• Rechazó una beca de atletismo de la Universidad de
Hampton para dedicarse a su carrera como cantante
• Nacido en una mitad de los afro-americanos, mitad
chino padre y una madre afroamericana
• Películas: John Tucker Must Die, Coach Carter,
Ladies’ Night: 50 points
• Ashanti
Who Knew That? 10 points
• Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
• started rapping at age 8
• got his start as part of the Hot Boys
• Is giving up music to pursue a career in
• rap comenzó a los 8 años
• comenzó su carrera como parte de los Hot Boys
• Es dejar la música para perseguir una carrera en el
Who Knew That? 10 points
• Lil’ Wayne
Who Knew That? 20 points
• Was murdered
• the song "I'll be Missing You" was
dedicated to him
• fue asesinado
• la canción "Voy a estar Missing You" fue
dedicado a él
Who Knew That? 20 points
• Biggie Smalls
Who Knew That? 30 points
• He has two poetry books which are The
Rose That Grew From Concrete and Inside a
Thug's Heart.
• first major role with acting was as Travis in
the play "A Raisin in the Sun”
• Tiene dos libros de poesía que son la rosa
que creció de hormigón y dentro del
corazón de un matón.
• El primer papel importante con actuación
fue como Travis en la obra "A Raisin in the
Who Knew That? 30 points
• Tupac
Who Knew That? 40 points
• real name: Cameron Jibril Thomaz
• military family
• moved around a lot - Pittsburgh and South
Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Germany,
Japan, and England
• mother served in Operation Desert Storm
• nombre real: Jibril Thomaz
• familia militar
• se movía mucho - Pittsburgh y del Sur
Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Alemania,
Japón e Inglaterra
Who Knew That? 40 points
• Wiz Khalifa
Who Knew That? 50 points
• real name: Juaquin Malphurs
• born in South Jamaica, Queens, New York
• Named after the Muppets character Fozzie
Bear's catch phrase
• Nombre real: Juaquin Malphurs
• Nacio en South Jamaica, Queens, Nueva York
• Nombrado después de la frase Muppets Fozzie
Bear carácter
Who Knew That? 50 points
• Waka Flocka Flame
Anything Goes: 10 points
• often has an Afro
• Still drives his 1992 Acura Legend because it "keeps
me grounded."
• Christopher Brian Bridges
• breakthrough with his album titled "Back for the
First Time“
• a menudo tiene un afro
• Todavía conduce su 1992 Acura Legend, ya que
"me mantiene conectado a tierra.“
• avance con su álbum titulado "Back por primera
• Nombre real: Christopher Brian Bridges
Anything Goes: 10 points
• Ludacris
Anything Goes: 20 points
• trademark - bandaid
• lived in Spain as a child
• always wears clothing bearing the logos of
St. Louis' sports teams
• marca – bandaid
• vivió en España cuando era niño
• Siempre lleva ropa con los logos de los
equipos de San Luis deportivos
Anything Goes: 20 points
• Nelly
Anything Goes: 30 points
• Hardcore rapper/ un rapero serioso
• real name: Curtis James Jackson II (nombre
• Teamed up with high-profile car maker
Pontiac to produce his own customized G8
sedan (November 2007)
• Briefly arrested Sept 8th, 2006 in New York
City, cited for making an unsafe lane
change, as well as driving without his
license, vehicle insurance and registration
• appeared on the "8 Mile" (2002) soundtrack
Anything Goes: 30 points
• 50 Cent
Anything Goes: 40 points
• accepted into the Professional Performance
Arts School of Manhattan and her musical
talent as well as her grades allowed her to
graduate, as valedictorian, at only sixteen.
• secret talent is that she is a very good
• born as Alicia Cook/nombre real es Alicia
• talento secreto es que es un muy buen
Anything Goes: 40 points
• Alicia Keys
Anything Goes: 50 points
• trademark is her braids/marca es trenzas
• favourite TV shows are Moesha, Beavis &
ButtHead, Parent Hood, Family Matters and Home
• thinks her eyes are too far apart/piensa que sus ojos
están demasiado separados
• played in Moesha, I Still Know What you Did Last
Summer, Cinderall (Roger’s and Hammerstein’s
version), and had a small role in Sabrina, the
Teenage Witch
Anything Goes: 50 points

10 pt