Español 4 de Honores
Unidad 12: gramática C
Las oraciones con si
Si clauses
• Express something that is
actually possible
(present/future combo)
• Express something
improbable/contrary to fact
(imperfect subj/conditional
Something that is
• Si clause (present indicative)
+ main clause (future)
– Si estudiamos, sacaremos
una A.
– This is possible. Estudiamos
is the condition and
sacaremos is the result!
Improbable/contrary to
• Si clause (imp. Subj) + main
clause (conditional)
– Si fuera rica, compraría
una casa en la playa.
– Fuera is the condition and
compraría is the result, but
less likely to happen!
• If I had a car, I would drive to
• If she spends an hour in the
mall, she will buy a lot.
• If they were nice, they would
give us money.
Como si= as if
• Always use imperfect
subjunctive after como si
since this conjunction
always refers to something
contrary to reality
– Tú gastas dinero como si
fueras rica. You spend
money as if you were rich
(but you’re not!)

Español 4 de Honores