San Fermin
The Celebration
• The San Fermin festival begins at
12 mid-day on the 6th of July
when a firework, the "Txupinazo",
is set off from the Town Hall.
• The streets buzz constantly with
laughter, music, concerts and
many other special events.
• There is a daily morning Bull Run
and nightly bull fight which are
two of the biggest highlights.
History Stuff
• The running of the bulls
began as a way to move
bulls from Pamplona's corral
to its bull fighting ring.
• People began to think it
would be a good time to run
with the bulls in the 18th
• Since then 14 people have
been killed at the St. Fermin
I Would Love To Do It!
Me encantaría participar en esta
celebración. Creo que correr con los toros
sería una cosa tan loca y excitante de hacer.
me volvería a estar nervioso, pero al final sé
que me volvería a pasar un buen rato. Sería
una experiencia que recordará por el resto
de mi vida. A menos que yo fuera a morir de
una muerte trágica y dolorosa. Yo No puede
recordar a continuación.