Roman Achievements
Greco-Roman Civilization
Blended Greek, Roman,
and Hellenistic Cultures
Pax Romana
 Expanded
and solidified Roman empire
 Established uniform financial system =
expanded Roman trade
 Safe travel on Roman roads
 Stable social classes
 Increased emphasis on family
 Created civil service system
 Uniform law codes
Roman Art
 Greek
 Sculptures – Realism and Idealism
 Portraits – Show
Roman Relief
Roman Architecture
 Greek
(classic) and Roman (elaborate)
 First to use concrete on massive scale
 Built palaces, temples, stadiums, and
 Domes – example in the Pantheon
 Arches – examples from aqueducts and
 Roman Forum – center of city
Roman Arch
Roman Forum
Roman Amphitheatre
Roman Engineering
 Built
roads, bridges, aqueducts,
and harbors
Roman Aqueducts
Network of Roads
Roman Road
Roman Baths
Roman Science
 Greeks remained dominant
 Ptolemy – theory that the Earth
was the center of the universe
 Pliny the Elder – compiled
volumes on geography, zoology,
and botany
Roman Literature and History
 Age
of Augustus = Golden Age
 Lyric Poetry
 Virgil – Aeneid (glory of Rome)
 Historians focused on theme =
Rise and Fall of Rome
 Latin and romance languages
from Rome
Virgil’s Aeneid
Roman Language
The Roman Family and Society
Paterfamilias = family headed by dominant
male and household that included wife,
children, slaves
 Children – raising, education
 Role of Women and Marriage
 Social Changes…end of the Paterfamilias
 Daily Life in Rome
 Conditions for the poor and Circus Maximus
 Slavery very prominent in Rome

Origins of Classical Greece