English Mastery
“A comprehensive learning tool for students of
English as a second language. Allows students
to record and work with living sound on a
A “How To” guide…
To Access English Mastery
1. Double click on
the ESL Folder on
the Desktop.
2. Double click on
the English
Mastery icon.
3. Select “FC,Test”
and click on Start.
English Mastery Main Screen
Select a series to begin.
Alania Series A,B&C
cover subjects ranging
from simple verbs to
infinitives & gerunds.
Americana lessons
make grammar fun
and interesting by
focusing their stories
on American culture.
Alania Alania Americana
Series Series
Select a Unit
Alania Series A, B, C
Select a unit within
your desired series.
Begin A Lesson
Click on a lesson to get
Select an activity.
Note: A dialog box will open at the beginning of each exercise explaining how to complete that lesson.
Audio Lab
Improve your listening skills, speaking, pronunciation and intonation.
Listen to real human
speech and practice the
text in sentences or
Then repeat what you hear
and read the text on the
screen or listen without
seeing the text.
Next, record your voice
and then compare your
recording to the original.
Finally, you can re-record
and practice until you are
Audio Lab
Listening, speaking & pronunciation.
In the AudioLab exercise you are given two viewing options.
1. Focus on listening
listen to the story
while seeing a
2. Focus on listening and
speaking skills:
listen to and read the
text and also by
recording your voice.
Word Lab
Learn new vocabulary by reading, hearing and repeating words or phrases in context.
WordLab will help you develop
new vocabulary by reading,
hearing, and repeating words or
phrases in a lesson.
Each passage has highlighted
vocabulary words. Click on the
highlighted word to hear the word
and learn the definition. Record
your voice to practice these
Listening, vocabulary and spelling.
The CrossWord exercise
helps improve your
listening, word recognition,
and spelling.
You will receive a hint at the top
of the screen for each
vocabulary word. Type the
correct word in the highlighted
space. All words and phrases
in the puzzle are from the
current lesson.
Audio Write
Listening, spelling & dictation.
The AudioWrite exercise helps
improve listening
comprehension and writing.
Listen to the story without
seeing the text on the screen.
Press the
button to hear
the story sentence by
sentence. When you are ready,
begin typing the story.
Audio puzzle for improving listening, comprehension, recognition and recall.
The SoundSort exercise will improve
your listening and recognition skills,
by putting sentences and phrases in
the correct order.
You will see 2 columns of bars. Each bar
represents a portion of audio. Put the story
in order by listening to each excerpt of
audio in the “Mixed Order” column and then
transferring it over to the “Correct Order
column.” Click on any bar and press
to hear that phrase.
Helping with difficult points of grammar, vocabulary development, and reading skills.
Click on the TextLab button to
receive a dialog box giving you a
choice of fill-in-the-blank
activities (Vocabulary Practice,
Grammar Practice, etc.).
You will hear a
story and be
asked to fill in
the blanks.
TestLab & Grammar
TestLab questions let you
discover how well you
understand each lesson.
TestLab has four kinds of exercises:
• Multiple Choice
• Fill-in-the-Blank
• Word Order
• Two-Part Questions
Exiting English Mastery
To exit the program click
Exit or Quit
Finally, select YES.
S. Cotter 6/22/06

English Mastery - Fullerton College