How to form the Subjunctive:
Have a change in subject
 Use “que”
 Plug in your WEIRDO (look on the next
slide if you forgot the acronym)
Yo dudo que usted vaya a la oficina.
- I doubt that you are going to the office.
Yo quiero que tú no tengas frío.
- I hope you are not cold
How do I know whether to use the
indicative or the subjunctive? If it fits in a
WEIRDO category, use the subjunctive!
Still confused on how and when to use the subjunctive in WEIRDO
cases? Watch this video!
Here’s another video for extra help, watch on your own time if need
because it’s pretty long.
You can also use ASPACE to form
the subjunctive!
The ASPACE acronym is also listed on the next slide if needed.
Conjunctions such as ASPACE are ALWAYS
followed with the subjunctive:
Es para que no te olvides
- It’s so you don’t forget
Vamos a entrar sin que nos vean
- We will enter without them seeing us
Antes de que - Before
Sin que - Without
Para que - For
A menos que - Unless
Con tal de que - Provided that
En caso de que- As soon as
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Las conjunciones de TIEMPO: cuando debes usar el subjuntivo, y