Turn your idea into
reality !
Katrina Maclaine
Principal Lecturer - Advanced Nursing,
London South Bank University
Overall Aim
To encourage and better equip Advanced
Nurse Practitioners to be pro-active in
service innovation and thereby maximise
their impact on health care delivery
Plan for this workshop
• Highlight opportunities for ANP’s
• Using the Marketing Mix
• Recommended resources
Multiple opportunities ??????
• Your ideas ?
Political climate
Economic drivers
Social issues
Nursing development
One approach …The Marketing Mix
Why Marketing ?
• Managing the exchange between those
who provide a service and those who
receive it (McDermott, 1996)
• Involves identifying, anticipating and
fulfilling customer needs
The Marketing Mix (the P’s)
• Can also use to :
Underpin a proposal to develop an existing
Change your role as an ANP
To bid for funding
To tender to provide a new service
May have specified format, but include all
following information within your submission
Do your homework ! – Market Analysis
• Need to consider :
Patient’s / User’s profile
Market profile
Target group ie the decision-makers
Don’t underestimate the time needed to do this
or the value
Patient’s / User’s profile
Conduct Scoping Exercise to determine :
• Numbers
• Demographics
• Characteristics
• Predicted trends
• Distribution
• Inequalities
• Current pathway and experience
• What are their unmet health care needs ?
Market profile – what is already happening ?
Literature reviews / networks
Similar initiatives (locally, nationally, globally)
Competitors ? Service differentiation ?
Failures ? How will you avoid problems ?
Evaluation of existing provision eg Efficient ?
Effective ? Meeting organisational objectives ? Achieving
standards for EBP ? Outcomes ?
Get to know the Target Group
Stakeholder map - key players / allies
Current priorities / Organisational objectives / Targets
Internal & External Issues eg Workforce, EWTD,
PEST (Political, Economic, Social/Psychological, Technological)
• What are they looking for ? “HOOK”
• What is “Value for Money” for them ?
Maximise impact and success
• Tailor the proposal so most likely to gain
approval from the decision-makers
• Consider focus of content, language,
method of presentation and layout
• Describe the nature, purpose and
focus of proposed service
• What will the ANP provide ie core service,
scope and level of practice ?
• Needs to answer the question “Why a
• Support attributes and benefits with ANP
research evidence and other similar
initiatives that included ANP’s
• Service Differentiation – What makes
your service distinctive from comparable
others ? Why an ANP and not someone
else ?
• What is your Competitive Advantage ?
• SWOT of your proposal
• SNOB (Skills, Needs, Opportunities,
• Anticipate misapprehensions
 Illustrate different approach with Patient
Scenario – before and after
PEOPLE : Customers and Personnel
• Benefit to those who use service ?
• User’s journey
• Outline personnel needs to support the service eg
Admin, Receptionist, Doctor for death certs,
prescribing, sick notes
• Strategy to free you up eg employ HCA
• People you need to collaborate with and how
• Proposed location with rationale
• Proposed timing with rationale
• Need to tailor both to patient’s preference,
maximise accessibility, nature of service
being offered
• How will create right ambience ?
• Room/furniture/equipment/stationary/technology/supplies needed ?
• Do Clinical Guidelines or PGD’s need to be
written ? Who will do this and how long will
it take ?
• Medication – supplied ? How sourced ?
• Any security issues ?
• Health and safety
• Proposed timescale for development and
• Establish a Steering Group ?
 PROS: Helps buy-in to service from organisation, multiprofessional team and other agencies
 Can include patient representative to maximise
 CONS: Can dilute decision-making or detract from
original intent
PROCESS : continued
• Project plan with SMART objectives
Change job descriptions
Consider medico-legal issues
Any skills development needed before start
Anticipate any issues eg with referrals
Determining the benefits
• Pilot ?
• Evaluation strategies (both short and long
• Key Performance Indicators for success ?
For you and the decision-makers
• What data/information needs to be
collected ? How frequently ?
• Methods
PRICE – Value for Money
• Can’t avoid addressing this !
• Initial set-up costs (incl. Personnel, building
and essential services, equipment, external
services eg CSD, specimen collection, training,
promotion, evaluation)
• On-going costs
• Analyse Financial Cost vs Service Benefit
 Stress positive gains in human terms (both patient and
 Costs of not providing the service
 Long term gains vs short term losses
 Using existing resources more effectively/efficiently
 Provide “hard facts that are difficult to ignore”
• Reinforce with evidence of ANP cost-effectiveness
• Seek advice ….
• Proposed strategies to promote the service to
customers (existing and potential), decision
makers, within organisation, to wider audience
• Opportunistic and planned
• Within and external to the organisation
• Adapt methods, language, content and focus of
promotion for different groups eg patient leaflet,
conference presentation
• Regular updates for decision-makers
Targeted persuasion
Seize opportunity
Kudos – appeal to egos !
Give it a 6 month trial – “domino” effect
Use bargaining
Have your support network
Finally ……..
Consider timing
Ground work
Don’t make proposal too long
First page most important
No jargon or abbreviations
Appendices with facts / figures
Follow-up submission
• Share your successes (may inspire other ANP’s to
do the same)
Thank you

LSBU OHP Presentation