Programs, courses, and extracurricular activities
published October 2010
There is something for everyone at Booker T. Washington High School
Special Programs include………….
Early Childhood Education Academy
Marine Science Academy
Health Science Academy
Culinary Arts Academy
Web Design Academy
E-Commerce/Marketing Academy
Fine and Performing Arts
Applied Technology
Family and Consumer Sciences
New Beginnings
Family and Consumer Sciences Programs
Early Childhood Education Academy
Students in this academy concentrate on preparing for a career in child
care or preschool education. Students spend a portion of their time in an on-the-job
training situation. Students successful in this program exit high school with a state
certification in child care.
Course work includes:
Early Child Education I – IV
Application is made during the CHOICE program application period of the School District.
Deadline for application is generally around the first of March.
Culinary Arts Academy
Students in this academy concentrate on preparing for a career in the food
service/restaurant industry. Students successful in this program are eligible to earn
Prostart certification.
Course work includes:
Food and Nutrition & Principles of Food Preparation
Culinary Arts I – IV
Application is made during the CHOICE program application period of the School District.
Deadline for application is generally around the first of March.
The Family and
Consumer Science
Department also
offers courses in
interior design and
housing, family
dynamics, child
development, and
Marine Science Academy
The BTWHS Marine Science Academy (MSA) is a program for academically
talented students with a serious interest in the field of marine studies.
Students in this program complete three years of intensive science
coursework which culminates in dual enrollment in marine studies at the
University of West Florida their
senior year. The expectation
for students in this program is
that they will continue
postsecondary study in a
marine science field in a four
year program at a college or
Application is made
during the CHOICE program
application period of the School
District. Deadline for application
is generally around the first of
The Marine Science Academy
at B. T. Washington
High School is an academy designed for academically talented
students who have a strong interest in pursuing careers in the
marine sciences or related fields. Students in the Marine
Science Academy will have an intensive curriculum which will
include immersion in scientific processes including laboratory
experimentation, research, and field study.
Core academic teachers will work together with the MSA
students to include scientific application in the their lessons.
The high school experience for the MSA students will
culminate with dual enrollment in the marine sciences at the
University of West Florida.
Curriculum path
9th Grade
Blocked Algebra I H and Geometry H Or Geometry H in the regular
English I H
Biology I H
Electives, P.E., or Foreign Language
10th Grade
Blocked Marine I H and Chemistry H
Algebra II H
English II H
World History H
Introduction to Information Technology
Electives, P.E. or Foreign Language
11th Grade
Blocked Marine II H and AP Environmental Science
DE Algebra/Statistics
English III H or AP Language & Comp
American history
Electives, P.E., or Foreign Language
12th Grade
DE/BSC2311 Intro to Oceanography (UWF) 1 st sem
DE/BSC1050 Fundamentals of Ecology (UWF) 2 nd sem
Physics H
DE Trig/Precal
English IVH or AP Literature
American Government &
Electives, P.E., or Foreign Language
Health Science Academy
Students in the Health Science Academy (HSA) have the opportunity to not only
learn about the various health care industry occupations, but they also participate in
on site experiences at local medical facilities. Students observe many of the
different venues within hospitals and clinics. Upon graduation the students are
prepared to continue with postsecondary training in a medical field of their choice in
either a two or four year college program or even further, if desired. Industry
certifications obtained include: CPR, HIPAA, OSHA, Reporting changes in
Patient Status, Diversity, No
Harassment Policy, and
Abbreviations and Symbols.
Course work includes:
Year one - Medical Skills and
Year two - Health Science I & II
Year three - Allied Health Assisting
Year four - Health Occupations
Education Directed Study and
Health Occupations
Cooperative Education Onthe-Job Training
Web Design Academy
Students in the Web Design Academy learn the fundamentals of creating
websites and website pages. Students may become proficient enough to earn
industry certification in Dreamweaver CS4, Flash CS4, and Photoshop CS4 .
Students will be able to enter the workforce directly or go on to postsecondary
training in a two or four year college program.
Certified Web Designer
Course work includes:
Web Services and Design I – IV
Students in the BTWHS Web Design
Services Academy designed the websites
for over 20 different departments within the
Escambia County School District during
school year 2010.
The Cat Shack and online store are two businesses currently run by students in
the E-commerce/Marketing Academy. Students learn entrepreneurial skills and
marketing basics in this program. Students are members of DECA, the
international association of marketing students. One of the 2010 state officers
was one of our own Wildcats. The Cat Shack and online store offer school
spirit items including clothing, hats, and other paraphernalia. Students
completing this program are well prepared for careers in retail or online
Course work includes:
Practical Entrepreneurship
Marketing Essentials
Introduction to E-Commerce
E-Commerce Entrepreneurship
System Analysis & Design
E-Commerce Marketing
Fine and Performing Arts
Washington High School has
one of the best fine arts
programs in the district.
Course are offered in visual
arts, instrumental and choral
music, and drama.
Visual Arts offerings include………….
Digital and traditional darkroom photography I-IV
Painting and drawing I-IV
Two and three dimensional design
Pottery I-IV
Advanced Placement in 2D and 3D Design and Drawing
Music study includes…………
Orchestra (Escambia County Youth Orchestra)
Instrumental music with marching band
Choral music including the boys ensemble, The
Washington Singers
Students have opportunities to participate in………..
Drama I-IV
Stagecraft I-IV
Applied Technology
Applied Technology offerings include computer-based drafting I-IV and
Materials and Processes I-IV. Students learn basic drafting skills and
design principles. Projects include structures and other utilitarian
objects. Materials and processes
courses offer students
an opportunity to
learn the proper use and
care of construction
tools including the
application of
welding. Students
are prepared to
continue in a
vocational training
program to begin a
career in the
building or
construction trades field.
For the military minded JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers
Training Corps) is offered as a four year program. The BT
Washington ROTC program is Navy affiliated. Students
who complete this program are eligible for various military
New Beginnings
New Beginnings is an alternative program designed for
students who are unsuccessful in the regular school day
program. Students who have a combination of behavioral
and academic problems are placed in the New Beginnings
program where they study core basic subjects and job site
skills. Much of their coursework is done online with
instructional support through the director of the program,
Mrs. Sarah Fox. Students can earn their way back into the
mainstream through good behavior and academic credit
recovery with grades of “C” or higher.
Core courses………….
Foreign Languages:
French, Spanish, German, Latin, and American Sign Language
English: Honors, gifted, advanced placement, regular
Math: Honors, gifted (algebra II only), dual enrollment algebra, trig, and statistics, and precalculus, and advanced
placement calculus, liberal arts math, algebra I, intensive math, college ready math, and geometry.
Science: Honors in most sciences as well as advanced placement chemistry and environmental science, physical
science, biology, marine science, environmental science, and integrated science II.
Social studies: Honors, advanced placement macroeconomics, government, history, and human geography, and
gifted world history. Social studies electives include psychology, law studies, sociology, and African American history.
Reading: Reading is a ninth grade requirement and is also required for students who do not pass the FCAT during
their 10th grade year. Reading is also offered for SAT preparation.
TV Production – Training in behind the camera production and in front of the camera production.
Language Arts Electives: Journalism: Literary magazine, the Camenae; student newspaper, the Growl, the
yearbook, Graffiti
Business Technology –Besides the academy programs other elective courses including digital design, computers
skills courses, and DCT/OJT.
Exceptional Student Education offerings for students who qualify.
Physical education: Volleyball, drivers’ education, team sports, personal fitness, weightraining, and swimming.
Booker T. Washington Clubs and Organizations
Beta Club
Core Values
First Priority
International Spanish
Junior Civitans
Key Club
Positivity, Inc.
Pretty in Pink
Rho Khappa
Class Sponsors:
Senior Class
Junior Class
Sophomore Class
Freshman Class
Nancy Barger
Tanya Broom
Reggie Todd
Cassandra Gleason
Glenda Davis
Scott Kelly
Sherry Ponds
Carla Ross
Ruth Ann Replogle
Julie Schweitzer
Sherry Ponds
Susan Kelley
Gloria McLeod
Karen Creamer
Fran Walden
Sarah Fox
Linda Gott
R. Santana-Morales
Rhonda Sharp
Ron Williams
Krystal Falkler
Karen McAferty
Candace Chodkiewicz
Sherry Ponds
Gloria McLeod
Sherry Ponds
Shannon Breaux
Scott Kelly
Susan Kelley
Pam Hicks/Julie Schweitzer
Latonya Black
Katy Cody
Barbara Spears
Latasha McGruder
Latasha McGruder
Rhonda SharpStar
What is a high school without sports?????????????
Washington High School offers the following sports:
Boys’ baseball
Girls’ softball
Boys’ basketball
Girls’ basketball
Weightlifting for boys and girls
Cross country & Track
Girls’ Volleyball
Swimming & Diving
Girls’ soccer
Boys’ soccer
Thank you for choosing Booker T. Washington High
School as your choice for the next four years…………
you won’t regret being a Wildcat!
For more information, please contact:
Susan Soderlind
Assistant Principal for Curriculum
850-475-5257, ext 226

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