By Laura and Caragh
Languages and pupils
• There are lots of languages spoken in our
school, there are 52 languages spoken in
our school all together.
• There is 1250 people in our school.
• The age group in our school is between 11
and 18.
• There is over 90 teachers in the school.
Extra Facilities
• We have lots of extra facilities like the
swimming pool, games hall and football
Fuel Zone
• The fuel zone is were we have our lunch.
You always have a lot of choice of foods
and lots of side orders. It is a very healthy
and nutritious meal and we love them.
Where Is Shawlands Academy
Shawlands Academy is in the south side of
Social area
• The social area is were we hang out at
lunch and break there is a little café. It
sells lots of snacks and refreshments.
• In the school we have about 15
One way system
• In our school we have something called a
one way system. We have it so the hall
doesn't get to congested.

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