The National Academy of Internal Affairs
consists of 6 Training Institutes:
• the Chief Staff Management Institute
• the Operational Staff of Militia
Training Institute
• the Investigators and Forensic-Experts
Training Institute
• the Law Faculty
• the Correspondence and Distant
Training Institute
• the Juridical Lyceum
The Academy
• trains specialists for all
branches of law enforcement
• There are several training and
research institutes, departments,
centres and laboratories in the
The Academy
• The graduates of the Academy will work
as inspectors of Criminal Investigation
Departments, investigators, forensic
experts, divisional inspectors, lawyers etc.
To become highly-qualified specialists the
cadets are to learn many different subjects
such as Criminal Law, Administrative Law,
Civil Law, Theory of State and Law,
Special Tactics, Military Topography, and
many others.
An officer of police
• is to be competent not only in his special field
but also in such fields as human behaviour and
human understanding. In some cases it is
impossible to prevent or solve crimes without all
that. That’s why an essential part of the
curriculum of this educational establishment is
the subjects: Crime Psychology, Ethics,
Criminology, etc. The cadets are learning traffic
regulations, cars and driving. Besides special
subjects, the cadets also learn History of
Ukraine, Economy, Ukrainian business
language, Computer Science, foreign languages
and others.
For the future work
• it is necessary to learn to interview
witnesses, to interrogate criminals, to
examine a crime scene as well as to
search for and collect evidence, to
establish corpus delicti, to handle the
weapon, to locate and to apprehend
suspects and criminals. To get good
professional skills and abilities the cadets
are to be hard-working students.
• The National Academy of Internal Affairs
was created in January, 1992 on the basis
of Kyiv Higher School of Militia. Its history
started in 1921 when "Chervoni Militiamen
Courses" were founded in Kharkiv. The
Academy during the period of its existence
has gained profound experience in training
specialists for Internal Affairs’ agencies.
High scientific and
pedagogical potential
• gives the possibility to train specialists for other
law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, other
countries and UNO civil police units. The
Academy also takes part in maintenance of law
and order.
• The structure of the Academy includes the units
engaged in scientific and research and scientific
and methodological activities, elaborating
modern techniques and methods of combating
crime for the implementation into law
enforcement activities.
The Academy
• The Academy pays great attention to the
training of scientific pedagogical
personnel. There are both doctoral course
and the post-graduate departments. The
scientists of the Academy worked out
more than 100 scientific-research
investigation programs. A great deal of
trainees are involved in scientific and
research work; the research students’
society and research club function here.
The Academy
• Annually the collection of research works,
manuals and text-books are published at the
Academy. The Academy sets up and develops
relations of creative work with a lot of law
educational establishments abroad.
• 4 academicians and corresponding members of
the Academies of branch sciences of Ukraine,
more than 240 professors, assistant professors,
PhDs and candidates of science are working at
more than 30 departments.
• There are many ways to contact the militia if you
are interested in a career as a militia officer.
• You can get information from:
• friends or members of the family;
• the job centre brochure on the militia;
• the militia at public shows;
• the media.
If you want to apply,
you must:
• be a Ukrainian citizen;
• guarantee that you will always be a loyal
supporter of our democratic order
• have no convictions;
• have the character and intelligence required for
service in Militia;
• possess the certificate of secondary education;
• be at least 17 but not older than 27;
• be at least 160 cm tall;
• be physically fit.
• After you have sent in your application, you will
be tested for memory, concentration, language
and general intelligence. In addition, there will
be a medical examination and a physical fitness
• It is necessary to pass entrance exams in
History of Ukraine and World History,
Fundamentals of State and Law and write a
dictation in the Ukrainian language.
• Normally, the applicant will be informed
immediately whether he or she has passed or