Hallandale Magnet High School
720 N.W. 9th Avenue
Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009
Principal, Estella Eckhardt
Magnet Coordinator, Marilyn Santiago
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• Hallandale High School is the only all Magnet
High School South of Sunrise Blvd.
• Hallandale High School is the smallest HS in
Broward County
• Hallandale High School is the only High School
that provides bus transportation to students
who are dual enrolled at BCC.
• Hallandale High School provided over 1 million
dollars in scholarships last year.
Allied Health
This academy provides students with a sequence of courses
beginning with an overview of the human body, followed by in depth
knowledge of the health care system and associated occupations
and ending with coherent and rigorous content that is aligned with
challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge
needed to prepare for further education in the Health Science career.
This academy is an Industry certified program and a State registered
CAPE academy.
Automotive Service Technology
This academy stresses the understanding and demonstration of the automotive
industry; planning, management, finance, technical and product skills,
underlying principles of technology, labor issues, community issues and health,
safety, and environmental issues. Instruction includes the use of technical and
flat rate manuals as well as a variety of hand and power tools. This academy is
a State Registered Academy, and CAPE academy, Industry Certified and it is
an eligible program for technical Dual Enrollment.
Electronic Business
This academy prepares the student for education and
careers in the Business Management, and Administration
cluster. It includes planning and development, retail and
Internet marketing, ethics, laws and regulations, web
design, entrepreneurship and E-commerce enterprises.
This academy offers Industry Certification and it is a State
Registered CAPE academy.
This academy offers a sequence of courses that include but is not
limited to all aspects of preparation, presentation, and serving of food;
leadership, communication skills, employability skills, and safe/efficient
work. This academy offers Industry certification Technical Dual
enrollment and it's a State Registered CAPE academy.
Criminal Justice
This academy prepares students for careers in Law, Public Safety &
Security. Students will learn the History and Composition of the Criminal
Justice System, Report Keeping and Writing, The Court System and Trial
Procedures, Courtroom Demeanor, The Correctional System and Jail
Operations, Constitutional Law and Individual Rights, Communication Skills,
Police Ethics and Responsibilities and Employability Skills. Students
completing the 3 year program are eligible to compete for positions as
Community Service Aides in their local Police Departments.
Graphic Design
This academy includes the study of the processes, uses, and
technical skills found in visual technologies, multimedia production,
computer animation and graphics, web page design, electronic
media and other emerging technologies. This is a State Registered
CAPE academy and eligible for Industry Certification.
Pathways to Engineering
This academy provides students with a foundation of knowledge and
technically oriented experiences in the study of the applications of
engineering and its effect upon our lives and the choosing of an
occupation. It focuses on understanding and demonstration of the
technological tools, machines, instruments, materials, processes and
systems in business and industry. This academy offers Industry
Certification upon completion.
Television Production
This academy prepares students for employment as television
production operators, television broadcast technicians, camera
operator, and all other professional/para-professional technicians,
video recording engineers and audio recording engineers. This
academy is a State Registered Academy and provides Industry
Certification upon completion. This academy is slated to become
a Registered CAPE academy.
World Languages
Courses are offered in Spanish 1, 2, 3, Advance
Placement and Spanish Literature. French is offered in
Levels 1 through 3 including Advance Placement.
Students currently in Japanese will have the opportunity
to complete their 3 years of study.
The mission of U.S. Army ROTC is to produce better-informed young
citizens whose focus is on supporting and paying back to the country.
JROTC’s spiraling four year curriculum enhances classroom
learning, participation in extracurricular and social activities and
developing a healthy lifestyle. The course includes development of
basic leadership skills to include leadership principles, values, and
Performing Arts
The Performing Arts Department offers courses
in Drama, Acting, Band and Art. Our Band
Students are recognized as top in the County.
Drama Students travel to performances and
even have a partnership with Disney Studios.

Hallandale Magnet High School