Welcome to the
United States Military Academy
USMA Mission
To educate, train, and inspire
the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate
is a commissioned leader of character
committed to the values of
Duty, Honor, Country
and prepared for a career of professional
excellence and service to the Nation as
an officer in the United States Army.
Academic Vision
West Point
educates and inspires
adaptive leaders of
to build
the Army and the Nation’s
Academic Program
Army Officer - Bachelor of Science Degree
Majors in
Math and Science
Humanities and Social Sciences
(Each with 8 to 12 Electives)
8 Military Science
7 Physical Education
3 English
4 History
2 Leadership
1 Philosophy/Ethics
2-4 Foreign Language*
3 Social Sciences
1 Law
4 Math
2 Chemistry
1 Physical Geography
2 Information Technology
2 Physics
3 Engineering Science/Design
The Core
Academic Development
The Academic Curriculum for Bachelor of Science
First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
Chemistry x 2
Physics x 2
Military History x 2
History x 2
International Relations
Math x 2
Math x 2
Engineering x 2
Foreign Language x 2
Foreign Language x 2
Electives in major x 5-8
Information Technology
American Politics
Engineering x 1
Electives in major x 3-5
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Military Science
Military Science
Military Science
Military Science
English x 2
Faculty Blend of Excellence
Faculty Development
Rotating Military 55%
Cadet Development
Civilian Faculty 27%
Senior Military 18%
A Member of the West Point Faculty
Is a Teaching Exemplar who …
• Teaches with Intellectual Excitement*
Is a Subject Matter Expert
Is Highly Organized
Communicates with Clarity and Precision
Is Engaging in the Classroom
• Develops Interpersonal Rapport with Cadets
– Is Interested in cadets as individuals
– Is Interested in cadets’ learning
– Is Receptive to students’ preferences about assignments
and policies
* Mastering the Techniques of Teaching, Joseph Lowman, Jossey-Bass; 2 edition (1995)
A Member of the West Point Faculty
Is a Mentor who …
• Gets to Know Cadets In and Out of the Classroom
– Academic and professional discussions in and out of class
– Mentors through sponsorship, PME2, clubs, sports,
research, academic trips, AIADs, …
• Is Genuinely Interested in Cadet Life
Be an Academic Officer in Charge (AOC)
Be a Company Academic Counselor (CAC)
Be a TAC-for-a-Day
Attend sporting events, Sandhurst competition, …
• Sets the right example for cadets in ALL venues
– Classrooms, sports fields, social settings
A Member of the West Point Faculty
Is Service Oriented and …
• Engages in Service for the Department & Academy
– Course and/or program administration
– Departmental additional duties
– In some cases, participate in Academy governance
• Engages in Service for the Army & DoD
– Bring professionalism to funeral, escort, and other duties
– If appropriate, apply your discipline for the Army
• Looks to Engage in Service to the Discipline
– Review professional papers for conferences or journals
– Support professional societies
A Member of the West Point Faculty
Is a Scholar who …
• Engages in Scholarly Activities
– In the discipline and/or education
– Relevant to the Army
– Appropriate to the Academic Rank
• Uses Experience Gained
– To bring relevant content into courses
– To be mentally agile in the classroom
• Shares Scholarship with Others
– By mentoring cadets in research
– By publishing work and/or formally presenting it
A Member of the West Point Faculty
Is an important member of the community who
• Takes time to involve self and family in the
wonderful community here
• Takes time to update/maintain personal readiness
– Physical fitness
– Dental, PHA, Immunizations, vision, hearing, etc
– Personal and Family well being
My Expectations of You
• Have a passion for teaching
• Focus on developing leaders for
our country
• Model standards
• Be a team player and work together
• Respect the diversity each of us brings to the mission
• Be committed to personal, professional and
organizational excellence
• Take care of yourself / Seek balance / Have fun!

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