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Apr • May • Jun 2012
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Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide
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Evangelism and Witnessing
1. Defining Evangelism and Witnessing
2. Every Member Ministry
3. Spiritual Gifts for Evangelism and Witnessing
4. Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestyle
5. Sequential Evangelism and Witnessing
6. Personal Evangelism and Witnessing
7. Corporate Evangelism and Witnessing
8. Equipping for Evangelism and Witnessing
9. Releasing Into Ministry
10. A Love Response
11. Let the Church Know
12. Evaluating Witnessing and Evangelism
13. A Perpetual Ministry
Evangelism and Witnessing
Our Goal {167}
TO INCREASE A person’s store of
biblical knowledge.
To use that knowledge for good, and
in this context the greatest good is to
give those who faced eternal
destruction the opportunity for
eternal life.
Evangelism and Witnessing
Lesson 9, June 2
Releasing Into Ministry
Releasing Into Ministry
Key Text
Romans 10:15 NKJV
“AND HOW SHALL they preach unless
they are sent? As it is written: ‘How
beautiful are the feet of those who
preach the gospel of peace, who
bring glad tidings of good things!’”
Releasing Into Ministry
Initial Words {265}
member involvement in any church
activity is to deny them involvement
in areas in which they are equipped
to function. It is the responsibility of
every local church to discover where,
and how, each member can
contribute to the witnessing and
evangelism strategies of the church.
Releasing Into Ministry
Quick Look
1. Requirements for Involvement
(Exodus 18:21, 22)
2. Growth Through Involvement
(John 7:17)
3. Harmony Through Involvement
(Acts 1:23-26)
Releasing Into Ministry
1. Requirements for Involvement
Exodus 18:21, 22 NKJV
all people able men, such as fear God,
men of truth, hating covetousness;
and place them to be rulers of
And let them judge the people all
times. … They will bear the burden
with you.”
1. Requirements for Involvement
A. Sharing Responsibility {266}
MANY A DEDICATED church leader
has cut short, or at best diminished,
his/ her effectiveness by
unwillingness to share the ministry
load with others.
This is not a new problem generated
by our fast-paced modern world.
Even the great leader Moses needed
some help in order to see the big
A. Sharing Responsibility
Lessons from Moses {266}
1. There were many who were able
and willing to help.
2. The need to let them become
involved, delegating certain duties.
3. The principles of properly
organized and shared responsibility
are invaluable to our efforts to win
souls for the kingdom.
1. Requirements for Involvement
B. Risking for Success {267}
Those in leadership are sometimes
reticent to let them get involved.
Behind this is the fear that church
members may do or say something
wrong, causing people to turn away
from Christ and His church.
There may be an element of risk, but
even the disciples never won every
soul to whom they appealed.
1. Requirements for Involvement
C. Matching Laborers {268}
1. Assign someone of the same
nationality and language as the
inquirer and possibly someone of a
similar age group.
2. Consider the spiritual maturity,
biblical knowledge, communication
skills, and salvation experience of
the worker.
Releasing Into Ministry
2. Growth Through Involvement
John 7:17 NKJV
to do His will, he
shall know
concerning doctrine,
it is
from God or
whether I speak on
2. Growth Through Involvement
Bonding With God {269}
we connect with Jesus.
It cannot be produced by human
beings simply performing specific
tasks, even witnessing and
evangelism tasks.
As believers respond to God’s call to
be disciples, their personal walk with
the Lord deepens and strengthens.
2. Growth Through Involvement
Bonding With God {269}
“How can a person be sure when the
genuine has been found?” In verse
17 Jesus presents a truth that will
help all who want to follow Him.
Those who are willing to do God’s
will can know if a doctrine is, or is
not, of God. Jesus is saying that
those who are living up to received
Bible truth will receive greater light.
2. Growth Through Involvement
Bonding With God {269}
Success through working together in
witnessing and evangelism creates a
bond between God and us and
between us as fellow believers.
As we respond to God’s call to be
involved in soul winning, this bond,
this spiritual closeness and growth,
blossoms as a natural result of being
on God’s team.
Releasing Into Ministry
3. Harmony Through Involvement
Acts 1:23-26 NKJV
and Matthias. And they prayed…,
‘O Lord,…show which of these two
You have chosen to take part in this
ministry and apostleship….’
And they cast their lots, and the lot
fell on Matthias. And he was
numbered with the eleven apostles.”
3. Ministry Through Involvement
Circular Influence {270}
involvement, circular influence goes
like this:
by getting people involved you
promote harmony, which in turn
encourages people to become
involved, which in turn promotes
3. Ministry Through Involvement
Circular Influence {270}
Consider the appointment process
recorded in Acts 1:15–26.
Although we don’t cast lots today,
what key points were they looking
for here, and what principles can we
take from this example for the work
of ministry today?
Releasing Into Ministry
Final Words {271}
from everyone to whom He has
entrusted a knowledge of the truth
for this time.
Not all can go as missionaries to
foreign lands, but all can be home
missionaries in their families and
neighborhoods.”—Testimonies for
the Church 9:30.

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