Trainees who have experienced Christ in their
lives and received the call for ministry
Requires 20% of class room studies and 80% of
the time is spent on the field
Facilitates the trainee to verify what is learnt in
the class on the field immediately.
2,330 hours of pastoral training in 7 years. (It is
50% class room learning of an intense 3 years
formal theological education).
In 7 regional languages : Tamil, Telugu, Kannada,
Oriya, Hindi, Gujarati and Nepali
On the job ministerial training.
Pre-Missionary Training Institute
 Purpose
– Discipleship training
 Duration : 210 hours in 30 days
 Subjects covered:
– Basic Doctrine
– Bible survey
– Spiritual Growth
– Jesus Film
Pre-Missionary Training Institute
 Outcome:
– Leading for a commitment
– Memorizing verses
– Sharing their personal testimonies
– Involving in personal evangelism.
Missionary Training Institute
Purpose : Train them as evangelists
Duration : 80 days in two years @ 10 days in
every three months. Consists of 8 seminars, 32
subjects taught in 560 hours @ 18 hours per
Subjects :
– Evangelism and methods of evangelism
– Stewardship
– Bible study methods
– Special ministries
– Bible Survey
– Basic Doctrines
Missionary Training Institute
– Shares his faith,
– Equipped to identify 5 receptive villages among 20
villages surveyed,
– Skilled to use various methods of evangelism,
– Develops an ability to defend his faith.
– Develops a Bible study group,
– Plants first church – mother church
– Identifying and training lay leader in each targeted
– Becomes a leader and steward in Christian ministry,
– Learns to use social projects such as adult literacy
program, child development centers etc. ,
– Develops skills in Child evangelism and starts 5 Sunday
school centers
– Receives a diploma on completion of training.
Onsite Training
Outcome :
– Trainee’s ability, skills and giftedness identified
and sharpened.
– Trainee learns the value of working as team
– Trainee is skilled to be a church planter
– Trainee is oriented towards people group
– A church emerge in every onsite training
– Trainee is skilled to use the projector for
screening the Jesus film
– Trained to plant churches
Onsite training
Purpose : To train them as church planters
 Duration: 300 hours, in 16 times in two
years @ 5 days once in 3 months.
 Subjects:
Team concept – provides to work as a team,
Personal evangelism,
Family evangelism,
Evening gospel meetings,
Spiritual gifts,
Jesus film
Missionary Bible Institute
Purpose: Equips the trainee in various pastoral leadership skills
Objectives: equipping the trainees in understanding God’s
revelation and in the effective methods of communicating God’s
– To equip the trainees in principles hermeneutical
– To develop skills that will disciple people into communities of
– To train in Biblical counseling methods
– To train in administering church ministries
Duration : 180 days in three years @ 10days once in two months.
26 courses of 7 departments in 1,260 hours @ 35 hours per course
Subjects :
Biblical theology,
Hermeneutics and Homiletics,
old testament and new testament – in-depth studies,
contemporary religion,
Leading and mobilizing the church,
Cultural anthropology,
Cross cultural communications
Missionary Bible Institute
Trainee is skilled in understanding the Bible in
counseling, in missions and leadership
Trainee is skilled in effective methods of God’s
Trainee is skilled in discipleship process and
mobilizing the church in the ministry of
Trainee is skilled to concentrate on church
growth and missions
Trainee is able to give Biblical counseling to
his congregation and help them to grow in the
knowledge of God.
Trainee becomes a matured pastoral trainer
I learn from and with the
people. If I know
something it is inspite of
the Universities…
Paulo Friere