Ilearn 2009
Coney Goes Green
Our global experience @ home
We have a multi cultural community with White American,
African American, Hispanic, Russian, Middle-Eastern &
Nigerian Neighbors.
We have different religious institutions in Coney Island. We
have a Catholic church, Baptist Church, Mosque, Synagogue,
Pentecostal Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church and
Kingdom Hall.
We have (2) Supermarkets, Fine Fare and Pathmark.
We have smaller stores like the Bodega and Russian Vegetable
We have two family houses, buildings with 7 floors and
buildings with 24 floors.
We have (5) local schools, P.S. 90, P.S. 188, P.S. 288, P.S. 329
and Mark Twain.
If you are hungry in Coney Island you can ask your mother or father
to cook, you can make yourself something to eat or eat out.
Unfortunately most of us eat out.
In Coney Island we have a choice of McDonalds, Nathans, On The
Run Pizza, Wally’s , Burger King, 7 Chinese Restaurants, Titiana’s on
the Boardwalk, A New Russian Restaurant on West 31st Street, Two
Spanish – Dominican Restaurant, Golden Crust a Jamaican
Restaurant, Kennedy Chicken, Crown Chicken, Moma Rosa’s, Hood
Deli, Saba Deli, Surf & Turf, Cheese Steak Factory, and Footprints.
Our community has three police stations, the 60th precinct on West 8th street,
The Transit Police on Stillwell Avenue and P.S.A #1 on West 23rd Street.
We have 2 Fire Departments, one is on West 8th Street and Surf Avenue and one
on West 25th Street and Neptune Avenue
We have one clinic for emergencies and walk ins, about 4 Pharmacies, and if
you have an medical emergency you will be taken to Coney Island Hospital
which is about 5 miles from our After School Program.
If you are a resident your garbage will be picked up by the City of New York.
If you are a business like our after school, you have to pay a garbage company
to pick up your garbage.
If you get old and cannot care for yourself we have three good nursing homes,
Sea Crest, St Joachim & Anne, and Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center.
We have a Beach & Boardwalk which
stretches 2.5 miles.
Visit Us & You Can Have Lots of Fun
Visiting the New York Aquarium
Having a Hot Dog at Nathan’s or eat at one of local summer eateries
Have a cup of hot coffee or ice coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts
Grab some chicken at Popeyes
Take a ride on the Wonder Wheel, but don’t get in the swinging cars if you’ve just eaten or are afraid of
Take a ride in the Haunted House.
Take a ride on the world famous CYCLONE.
Take in a ball game at Keyspan Park a minor league base ball field which can hold up to 8,000 spectators.
In the summer pack a lunch and enjoy the beach
In July & August watch the Fireworks on Friday
In the winter on News Years Day see the Polar Bear Club take their first swim of the winter
If you sit on our boardwalk on a nice summer day you will
heard the following languages:
Creole……..You might also hear people speaking with Irish
accents, Jamaican accents, City Slang, and Brooklyn accents.
July 4th America’s Independence
August Ramadan
September Labor Day
October * Christopher Columbus Day *
Yom Kippur*
November * Veterans Day * Election Day*
Thanksgiving Day *
December * Chanakua * Christmas &
What’s Happened?
January New Years Day, Dr. Martin
Luther Kings Birthday
February Valentines Day
March Easter & Passover
April Easter & Passover
May Memorial Day
June (Un – official) Graduations from
elementary, middle, high school and
What’s Next?
We travel by train, and we have several trains that come
to the Coney Island Stillwell Avenue Station, the D, F,
Q, & N.
We are now facing a financial crisis with the MTA and
our students who now ride for free, might have to pay to
go to school by the year 2011.
We wrote a letter to the MTA Chair Jay, we hope him
and the board change their minds. Many of us will not be
able to afford to pay to ride to school and we don’t’ have
a middle school or high school located in Coney Island.
We also travel by bus, the 64, and
68 come to Stillwell Avenue.
Some of us travel by bike, but only
locally within the 22 blocks of
Coney Island.
Two many of us travel by car. It’s
hard to find a parking spot in C.I.
these days.
But if you don’t have a car, you can
take a dollar cab which actually
costs you $2.00.
It’s peaceful. We have free education. We
can get different types of jobs. We learn
new things at our free after school
program. Everybody’s welcome. We can
buy dolls instead of making paper dolls.
We have freedom of religion. We have the
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. You can
eat a different meal from a different
country every night.
We have the cyclone, parachute, child’s
restaurant, the circus, ice skating,
basketball tournaments, foot ball leagues,
soccer in the park, baseball, community
gardens in the city, and we walk fast…
What makes America
No, most black people cant’ rap.
Yes. Black people started rap in the
I don’t care. I like Lil Wayne, Chris
Brown and Drake.
Yes. Black people started beat
I don’t care. I like 50 Cent and
No. Hip Hop degrades women.
No. Hip Hop makes it seem like all
blacks and Latinos are gangsters.
No. I like Jazz and Lady GAGA
No. Most so called hip hop
gangster artists are lying they all
went to college
No. I don’t like all the cursing
Is the Hip Hop Culture and
Black Culture the same?
What could you do if you wanted
to be more popular? Hey, die my
hair red and black and wear high
heels all the time/I would sing like
Beyonce/I would do good in
school/I would get new clothes/Be
When I get my first car and get my
vanity plate it will say: Big Chips –
CI- Love U- ESQ-Go MexicoWhy is it hard eating healthy? No
body cooks / school lunch
stinks/we eat out every night/who
wants to eat salads all the
time/the fruit we get is not sweet/
We are special
because…..we are alive/ I have
a good sense of humor / I am good at playing
sports/I like to make music beats which are
positive, they call me Jah smooth b/c I’m cool
with a lot of people/ I’m a trend setter/ I can
sing/ I like to plant trees in Kaiser Park/ I like
to write essays/ I am good with computers/ I
love to read/ I like to help my parents with the
groceries/I am the oldest and the leader/I pick
up my baby brother after school/I just came to
the center to visit I am helping my mother now
b/c she’s pregnant when she has the baby I’ll
be back/ I am a foster care child but I’m still
working on doing my homework every day &
going to school/ I’m trying to control my
temper/ I learned to swim this summer/ I am
cute/ I have a cell phone/ I do my own
laundry/ I got to play in the snow yesterday/I
worked on the haunted house/I watered the
plants/I made up my bed before going to
school/ I washed the dishes……………….
We are all jumbled up… Some of us get up as early as 5:30 a.m. to get to school by 8:00 a.m.
This is December and the weather has been warm, but there was a blizzard last night and today we have snow.
About 20% of us live in one family homes and the rest of us 80% live in public housing. So our parents pay what they can afford according to
what they earn.
About 25% of our 1 in 4 children in Coney Island is not living with their natural parent. We are living with our grand parents or foster care
We can eat breakfast at home if we want to. But all of our schools serve free lunch and 72% of us are eligible for free breakfast and free
We generally do not do chores in the morning. We don’t have time. Also, many of us are doubled and tripled up in apartments, so we have to
manage our time to get out of the house. We do our chores on the weekends.
Our school day ends at 3:00 p.m. and we go to after school from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
After school we go to basketball, football, play on the computer, go to the dance school, paint, do arts and crafts.
We have fish, turtles, birds, snakes, cats and dogs.
Our money system is the U.S. dollar, which does’nt have a lot of value these days. But we’re holding on.
Most of us eat at different times, because most of our parents and caregivers work.
Drugs – Marijuana
Sex- Early Sexual
Gangs- Gang
Involvement and
Parents Disengaged
School Drop Outs
We go to the after school for
safe and positive activities
Take workshops on HIV/Aids
Organized Stop Da Violence
Rally, Creating Ambassadors
4 Peace Poster Series
We cannot make up for our
parents mistakes but we can
work hard to design a life for
Work hard to stay in school
by getting tutoring and
We want to do our part to reduce carbon
We plan to create a Coney Goes Green poster
series to engage the community.
We plan to host the Coney Goes Green
summer of service program for middle school
and high school youth in the summer of
We have had the opportunity to attend the after school and summer learning academies free of charge.
We have had the opportunity to go to Broadway Plays and see the Color Purple, Hairspray, and Radio Golf.
We have had the opportunity to create three public works of art murals in Coney Island, One at the After School
Program, one at VIM’s on West 28th Street and one at the New York Aquarium on the Boardwalk.
We do cool science experiments every Thursday and Fridays.
We’ve created p.s.a. commercials, appeared on BCAT
Created artistic masks.
Planted tulips and aloe.
Visited the Holocaust Museum, Museum of Natural History, The Historic Society. The New York Hall of Science.
We love to do Live Forensics. We create a homicide scene and the younger students have to solve the crime.
We play Mommy and Daddy with our 9 computerized babies.
We enjoyed getting our packages from our Ilearn partners and have them prominently displayed at our center.
We created a Haunted House and gave the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.
Junior Achievement teaches us about financial literacy.
Our Obama Inauguration party was fantastic.
We have over 2,000 books.
We gave public testimony during the Coney Island Development Corporation Zoning Hearings.
We work on internships and summer jobs.
Students as Publishers.
During the summer of 2007 we had a NCCC Americorps
team come to Coney Island.
We were lucky and happy to have them.
They left us a turtle named Mickey.
When we first got him he was no bigger than a 50 Cents
Now he is as big as a 1 pint ounce of water.
He has been joined by 5 smaller turtles.
We call them Lizette’s turtles because she takes care of them
with loving kindness.
Feet can produce more than a
pint of sweat a day.
Bees are the only insect that
produce food for humans.
A cockroach can live for one
week without its head before it
dies from thirst
An ostrich’s eye is bigger than
its brain
Each Zebra’s striped pattern is
Mushrooms are made up of
85-95 % water, just like you.
The lobster is a true
blue blood
An octopus has three
Eels can swim just as
fast forwards as
Since Pluto is no longer
classified as a planet,
Mercury is now the
smallest planet in our
solar system.
Diamonds are the hardest
known substance.
 To Councilman Domenic M. Recchia Jr.
 Assemblyman Alec Brook Krasny
 Senator Diane Savino
 Congressman Jerold Nadler
 Who
make our participation in the Ilearn
Project Possible.

South Brooklyn Youth Consortium