Centro de Rescate Jaguar
(The Jaguar Rescue Center)
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
The Jaguar Animal Rescue Center in
Playa Chiquita is anon-profit
foundation to rehabilitate mistreated,
injured and/or confiscated animals,
which are then reintroduced to their
natural habitat in protected areas.
El Centro de Rescate Jaguar es una
organizacion que protege los
animales de Costa Rica.
¿Por qué los
animales están
en peligro?
El Jaguar
The most hunted and endangered
animal in the Americas.
Es el animal mas en peligro en las
Es el animal mas en peligro en
las Américas.
El tucán
El tucán
People cut off it’s wings to
keep it as a pet.
Most snakes are usually killed as soon
as they come in contact with a human.
La gente mata las serpientes.
Las Ranas
Rana verde de
ojos rojos
(Red Eyed Tree Frog)
There is a common misconception that all tropical
frogs are poisonous. Therefore, many of them are
killed by people.
Mucha gente cree que las ranas son venenosas.
Las matan.
Los Lagartos
Iguana Verde
(Green Iguana)
In Central America even
the most harmless lizards
are considered poisonous.
The bigger ones like the iguana and the caimans
are often killed and eaten.
La gente cree que los Lagartos son venenosos y
los matan. En realidad, muchos lagartos son
Los Monos
Thousands of monkeys are killed or
physically harmed due to exposed
power lines.
Miles de monos mueren o tienen dolor
por que hay líneas eléctricas
Mi animal favorito de Costa Rica…
El Perezoso (Sloth)
Perezoso de dos pedos
(Two – Toed Sloth)
• http://www.jaguarrescue.com/

Here is the powerpoint about the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto