La Piramide Imperial
By: Janiah Miller and Tiffany Turner
Diez capataz pedieron el purics.
El jefe pedieron el diez capataz.
Las provincias encontraron los grupas en las unidads
grande que dieron sus llamo“Quecha” al imperio.
Cuatro jefes altos que gobernaron las unidads of Cuzco,
la capital y contestaron bajo la autoridad del Inca.
In the system where there was no concept of money, all the gold and silver
that produced the empire was dedicated to precious objects allocated to the
cult of the sun and moon..
In cuzco, the Spanish found garden entries that
each plants was made of gold.
The common citizens alone allowed to have a wife, the Inca
found himself surrounded by hundreds of mistresses and a wife
that was his sister
La comun el ciudadano solo permitaba a tuvo to la esposa , la inca encontrado el mismo
rodear por cien de la amante y to la esposa que fue su la hermana.
The exception of the prohibition of the incest was justification they wanted to
keep the descendents of the original couple, Manco capac and his sister
Mama ocllo.
La excepcion den la prohibicion de la el incesto fue la justficacion ellas
Normally, the Incan emperor had to choose the
heir of his sons with the wife.
The sun cult controlled the life of the empire, including
a powerful and priestly class.
The virgins of the sun lived in total isolation. They adored Inti
from their childhood and weaved clothes for him.
One of the gods was very similar to
Jesus Christ.

La Piramide Imperial