Geoffrey Royce Rojas
(Prince Royce)
• He is the second oldest
of 4 children Dominican
mother and Dominican
• Royce was raised like
any other kid, he said that
his parents were always
strict but his dad was
stricter than his mom
• His mom always
supported the fact that he
wanted to do music
because she always
wanted to be a singer as
• Early Musical
At an early age (13)
Royce took in interest in
music and in to his
teenage years, begin
experimenting with
music and writing
• Been singing Sence
“I want to continue doing the things that move me, and to
become what I want to be: an artist that is able to
touch people’s hearts through my lyrics, so that
before I leave this world I am able to make a positive
difference in other’s lives”.
‘’I feel very honored to be
able to have the support
of these important
companies in my career,
the feeling of reliability
and trust that comes from
knowing you have the
best team on your side
when you are fighting for
your dreams is priceless,
he confesses.’’
Most famous songs!…..
El amor que perdimos
Stand by me
Corazon sin cara
Mi ultima carta
Las cosas pequenas
Most recent
• February 12 2012
Madison square
April 3rd private
The Filmore Miami
• Despite his short
career ,Bachata
singer Prince Royce
is already one of the
most popular Latin
music artists around
the world.
When he was young, he participated
in choir in elementary school,
competed in talent shows and, at the
age of thirteen, began writing poetry
which turned into songwriting.
Recalling his first time performing
before a crowd, he said, "Elementary
school, I was singing a Christmas
song. I felt really comfortable on
stage." At age fifteen, Royce had
began making music and at age
nineteen, met Hidalgo, who became
his manager. Hidalgo began helping
Royce work hands-on with bachata
music. That was the specific moment
in which Royce had decided that
pursuing a musical career is what he
My favorite song!!
Stand by Me
• When the night, has come and the land is dark Y
la luna es la luz que brilla ante mi Miedo no, no
tendre, oh I won’t no me asustare Just as long as
you stand,stand by me And darling, darling stand,
by me oh stand by me Oh stand, junto a m, junto a
mi. Y aunque las montanias o el cielo caiga No
voy a preocuparme porque se que tu estas junto a
mi just as long as you stand, stand by me x2 No
llorare , no llorare oh, I won’t shed a tear Porque
se, que tu estas junto a mi And Darling, Darling
stand by me, ohh stand by me Oh stand, oh
Stand by me, stand by me
• The name Prince Royce
comes from after he
looked up what Royce
meant because he
thought just Royce
won't pull his fans. He
saw that Royce meant
king's son or prince, so
he found out it was a
royalty name. Which
created his stage
name. He said it's just
a name and it won't
change how he would
act around everyone.
King’s son
How old is Bachata singer
prince Royce?!
• Geoffrey Royce
Rojas also
known as prince
Royce was born
in Bronx new
York on May 11
1989 that would
make him 23
years old..
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Hoped you loved it:))!!!
By: Yesenia Ortiz Raygoza

Geoffrey Royce Rojas (Prince Royce)