20 countries
Over 5000
more then
500 telecentres
Telecentre-Europe is planning to celebrate the eSkills Week 2010 through a panEuropean initiative focused to bring people online in all European countries. The
initiative called Get Online Day will be coordinated by Telecentre-Europe and
implemented with the assistance of national partners through telecentres. The date
adopted for the one-day event is 4 March 2010.
 To bring people online (focus on the offline
Europeans, those who have never accessed
internet before)
 To raise awareness with the press and the
stakeholders of digital inclusion benefits
 To promote and increase usage of
telecentres across Europe
To demonstrate telecentres eInclusion impact
at the European level
 At least 5.000 digitally-excluded Europeans
to be reached
 At least 20 European nations involved
 At least one partner organization in each of
the 20 European nations
 At least 500 telecentres to participate
 Online application developed to track and
assess impact
 At least 3 press releases / country involved.
 At least 3 videos from activities in
telecentres / country involved
The role of the national partner is to coordinate all project activities at the national
level. The organization will facilitate / intermediate relations between the project team
and telecentres.
Even if we have selected 4 March 2010 as the Get Online Day, activities can be
runned during the entire eSkills Week (1-7 March).
To assure an efficient development of the project, the national partner will closely
work with the telecentre operators and enable them to fully understand the concept
of the event.
Through this initiative we are targeting the offline Europeans – people that have
never used internet and are consequently not aware of its benefits.
The Get Online Day 2010 is an opportunity to advocate telecentres impact and the
importance to act together for enhancing eSkills and eInclusion throughout Europe.
For the national partners this project could represent an efficient promotion exercise
at the local, national and / or European level.
Activity 1: Register online and name a contact person for the
implementation of the project. This will manage the work with telecentres
at the national level.
Activity 2: Inform and promote the event to the telecentres that you are
planning to involve. This can be done through a guide provided by the
project team on how to run the event.
Activity 3: Translate the guide in your own national language and send it to
all telecentres that will be involved.
Activity 4: Distribute the promotional materials that will be provided by the
project team to all telecentres involved.
Activity 5: Assist telecentres in all issues encountered during the event. The
contact person should manage all communications with the telecentres.
Activity 6: Promote and disseminate the event at national level. Prepare two
press releases, one prior to the event and one after, including the
outcomes. Please use the Get Online Day logo that will be provided to you
by the project team.
Period (2010)
Register online and name a contact person
15.01 – 05.02
Promote the event on your website and through any other available
05.02 – 28.02
Translate the guide in your own national language
05.02 – 10.02
Distribute the translated guide to all telecentres
10.02 – 15.02
Prepare and circulate pre-event press-release with the national media
15.02 – 20.02
Distribute the promotional materials to telecentres
20.02 – 28.02
Assist telecentres in all issues encountered
15.02 – 05.03
Prepare and circulate post-event press-release with the national media
05.03 – 10.03
Submit a maximum of two-page report on outcomes of the event to the
project team
05.03 – 15.03
Web: www.telecentre-europe.org
Email: getonlineday@telecentre-europe.org
Laurenţiu Bunescu
Email: laurentiu.bunescu@telecentre-europe.org
Tel: 0040 724 373 466

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