The Importance
Prepared by: Dipak Parikh
Principal, vakal Vidyalaya, Bajuwa,
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
and development of English:
-More than 105 crore people speak
Chinese , nearly 51 crore people speak
English and Hindi stands third in the
world over.
- Before 10,000 years back the total
population of the world was not more
than 10 lakhs but at that time 15,000
languages and dialects were spoken
whereas today the total population of the
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
World increased a lot and reached more
than 700 crores but on the contrary only
6000 languages and dialects are spoken.
-It means that nearly 60% languages and
dialects are disappeared or crushed under
the steam roller of English, people have
forgotten their mother tongue and
started speaking English.
-In India in 1899 A.D. total 845 languages
and dialects were spoken but after 100
years it was reduced terribly (They werePrepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-nearly 325)
-The original language of the
Britishers were not English. The
Wandering tribe namely Engels were
having fighting nature. They
themselves were known as Engla and
language which was spoken by them
as Englisc and the land on which they
ruled was known as Engla land and
the word became England.
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-In 1362 A.D. English became the national
-The contribution of Shakespeare was
great in the development of Englishliterature.
-Richard Mulcaster’s guide to learning,
entitled Elementarie, was first published
In 1582.
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-It was an attempt to make the English
language and culture more respected and
-Until the end of the 16th century, Latin
had been the traditional language of
learning-English was looked down upon
by scholars , and was thought good
enough for popular books and plays.
-By stabilizing the language, Mulcaster
hoped that English would be recognizedPrepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-by scholars for its richness and vitality.
The Elementarie contains a list of 8000
words, none of which are accompanied
by definitions, and therefore the list
cannot strictly be classified as a
dictionary- there was no such thing as a
purely English dictionary at that time. It
is, however, an attempt to start to
organize the English Language. Samuel
Johnson prepared good dictionary in 1755
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-William Bullokar gave the first English
Grammar in 1580 A.D.
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Importance of English:
- In today’s global world, the importance
of English can not be denied and ignored
since English is the most common
language spoken everywhere.
-70% programme of Television are in
English, 75% posts are written in English.
-The pilots are supposed to communicate
in English.
-With the developing technology, English
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-has been playing major role in many
sectors including medicine, engineering,
and in education.
-In our country English is important for
for a number of reasons.
-India is a land of diversity, different
people speak different languages.
-In South India people prefer to speak
English whereas in North India people
prefer to speak Hindi. They understandPrepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-English also.
-So English is a link language, different
people can communicate with one
another with the help of English.
-Secondly all advanced knowledge in
science, technology and medicine is
available in English.
-The report of weather forecasting is also
in English, the data entry of computer is
also possible in English.
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-The results of the latest researches come
in India in English.
-If we give up English, we will lag behind
in the higher field of study.
-Today the world has become one family.
–Our parliament has also English as an
official language in addition to Hindi.
-English is the language of our
constitution, the Supreme court, the
High courts, and the other departmentsPrepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-of our nation also.
-English is now rooted in the soil of
India. English has become a part of our
life. English is a means not only for
International commerce, it has become
increasingly essential for inter-state
commerce and communication.
-English is available to us as a historical
heritage in addition to our own language.
It has great importance for the integrityPrepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-of India. We accept at as a second
language for the betterment or better
development of India.
-Some of the states of India have already
started Primary Schools for teaching
English(from Primary Classes).
-There is a great demand for admission in
English medium schools throughout the
country. Many persons have fascinations
for English medium schools. Many Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-leaders who denounce English, send
their own children to English medium
-Many of the schools in the country have
English as the sole or additional medium
of instruction.
-We must make the best use of English to
develop ourselves culturally and
materially so that we can compete with
the best in the world of mind and matter.
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
-English language has opened the
window of the world and we are
supposed to take the advantage of it with
the help of our first language.
The End
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319
Prepared by :Dipakbhai V.Parikh-9426410319

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