European Day
of Languages
26 September
Our planet has over 6 billion people
who speak between 6000 and 7000
different languages.
Not everyone speaks English!
It’s a multicultural and a multilingual
Over 40 languages are
spoken throughout
Europe alone
A little language
can make a lot
of difference!!!
David Beckham said:
“If I can conquer
Spanish, it will
have been a
great achievement!”
At the age of 18
months you
can speak about
fifty words.
At the age of
five you can
speak several
By the age of 21, you
will have spoken about
50 million words!!!
People who can speak another
language can earn up to
£5000 more than colleagues
who do not!
If you have learnt a second
language, it is easier to
learn a third, fourth……..
In London, more than
300 languages
are spoken at home.
The European Day of Languages
-Involves millions of people across 45 countries.
-Celebrates all different languages.
-Celebrates what is good about being able to speak
another language.
-Promotes harmony and respect
between different races.
-Encourages us to think about our
own language .
-Reminds us that English is not
always enough, in our careers and
in our lives!
How are we going to celebrate?
Come and learn a few words in as many
languages as possible.
Thursday or Friday lunchtime.
Performing and Expressive Art Forum..

European Day of Languages