The many phases of love
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Literature Comparison
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The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World
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Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Zora Neal Hurston’s novel Their Eyes Were Watching God and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s
short story “The Handsomest Drown Man in the World” show how love has the power to
make people reevaluate their identities. In the novel, Janie is a young woman struggling to
find her place in a world in which she is neither black nor white. Because she isn’t clear
about where to root her identity, she grabs onto the love that she craves in order to find a
foundation. She has two terrible, painful marriages before she is able to finally find a
person whose love gives her the inspiration to find her true self. She realizes that being
with Tea Cake, her third husband, is true love and “Janie whirl[s]around and for the
space of
a thought she [is] lit up like a transfiguration” (Hurston 105). The “transfiguration” or
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metamorphosis that Janie feels is her change to her true self, which is only made possible
once she survives her broken marriages and finally falls in love with the right person.
like Janie realizes her true self after falling in love, the villagers in “The Handsomest Drowned Man”
completely change their way of living after seeing the drowned man. In the short story, the village
has no
flowers or color, and the houses are small. After a man washes up on the shore, the villagers start to think
about what life would have been like for the man. They name him Esteban, and they realize they need to
make changes to welcome others like him in the future: “But they also knew that everything would be
different from then on, that their houses would have wider doors, higher ceilings, and stronger floors so
that Esteban's memory could go everywhere without bumping into beams …” (12). Their newly developed
love for Esteban causes the villagers to reevaluate themselves and change their villages for the better.
They want to be more accommodating to future visitors who may be big like Esteban. Both Janie and the
villagers make changes in their lives because of the love that they find in another person.
Music Comparison
Isabelle Allende’s short story, “Two Words”, and Aretha Franklin’s 1967 soul hit, “Natural
Woman” demonstrate how love makes self-discovery possible. Belisa has survived
abandonment, starvation, and relocation, proving that she is a strong peopson. Because of her
drive to survive, Belisa is able to drag herself out of poverty and build a new life for herself with
the power of words. She is dedicated to this focused mission until she meets The Colonel.
Only then does she realize that the words she has depended on can give her what she truly
desires: “There was more to [her acceptance] than [fear], however; she felt the urge to help him
because she felt a throbbing warmth beneath her skin, a powerful desire to touch that man, to
fondle him, to clasp him in her arms ” (Allende 141). Belisa feels a deep passion for this man, a
physical desire to which she is unaccustomed. This love motivates her to take on a new
mission: a relationship with The Colonel. This lesson is one that Franklin also demonstrates in
her song. In this classic love song, the Franklin croons that “Before the day [she] met [her
lover], life was so unkind/ But [his] love was the key to [her] peace of mind”(Franklin). The
speaker was in a bad place before she found love, and his love is what she needs to bring her
comfort and inspiration, which is shown further when she says, “Now I'm no longer doubtful of
what I'm living for / Cause if I make you happy I don't need to do more” (Franklin). She now
knows what and who she wants and has a purpose in her life. The music backs up these
feelings as the strings and trumpets swell when she sings the joyful lines and sink when she
sings the melancholy lines. She truly sees that difference between her old and new selves as a
result of this life-changing relationship. She uses her skills in a new way to get what she wants,
just as the singer looks at life in a new way because of her newfound love.
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Art Comparison
In Their Eyes Were Watching God, love catches people off guard just as it does in “the
Birthday” by Marc Chagall. After Jody’s death, Janie is a widow and not looking forCONSIDER:
love; she’s
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starts to come around, she doesn’t suspect any feelings, but before she knows it, her feelings
is easy to
take her by surprise. Janie tells Phoebe how “Tea Cake got her thinking new thoughts” and
read and
“taught [her] the maiden language all over” (Hurston 115). Janie wasn’t expecting Tea Cake to
enter into her life and give her new experiences and a new outlook on love, but she can
embrace it now that she’s found out what she really wants. Love also surprises the woman in
the painting. The couple in the painting is in the verge of kissing, a very emotionally charged
moment. The passion in this painting is felt through the couple’s kiss and the bright red
saturates two thirds of the painting. The artist also uses surrealism to show the dreamlike
death; color
feelings of the man in love. His floating and bending over backwards to get her kiss
show hishot
determined love. She is caught unaware, demonstrated by the look of surprise on her
the man has floated up behind her and bent over her head to steal the kiss. These two
just trying to find herself after all these years of other people’s opinions. When Tea Cake
show how wonderful love can be even if it happens when you least expect it.
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Movie Comparison
Love can give people the confidence to embrace a new side of themselves,
as shown in Isabelle Allende’s “Two Words” and Emile Ardolino’s
film YOUR
Dancing. In this magical short story, The Colonel is a strong and ¶
TIGHT, break
man, but he cannot make the changes he needs by himself. Because
of his
powerful reputation, he expects Belisa to help him create a newitpersona
up over a
and capture the hearts of his countrymen, but he does not anticipate
that her
words will change him much more deeply. Belisa writes him a speech
slides BUT
ensnares the people and will surely make him president, but he no
cares: ”He was repeating his secret words, as he did more and more
obsessively…and every time he thought of those two words, he places
Belisa Crepusculario” (391). The Colonel has embraced a new role,
but it is
more than the role of president; it is the role of a man in love. This love has
given him the means to acknowledge and embrace a new life. Just like The
Colonel, Baby is trapped in a role that chaffs at her.
In Dirty Dancing, Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman (Jennifer Gray) is a girl who, as
her name suggests, is constantly babied and treated like a child. As a result,
she feels trapped in this role and doesn’t have the confidence to do what she
wants or stand up for herself. This finally changes when she meets Johnny
(Patrick Swayze), a rebellious dance instructor at her family’s summer retreat.
They fall in love, and this love gives her the confidence to stand up for who
she wants to be and be with: a woman with her man. In the final scene, she is
faced with a choice. She can stay a baby or show her true self, a dancer and
a woman. Johnny comes for her and their connection is obvious as the
camera focuses only on them, even though they’re in an auditorium full of
people The music starts out very slowly, paralleling Baby’s nervousness at
the start, but the music increases in energy once she and Johnny begin to
dance, and she gains confidence. At the end, she even has the courage to
do the tricky lift she feared before, and she flies free in Johnny’s arms Love is
critical for those who seek new selves but don’t have the means to do it alone
as is shown in these two couples’ relationships.
Dirty Dancing (1987): Final Scene
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