Trigonometry is a branch of Mathematics
that studies triangles and the
relationships between their sides and the
angles between these sides.
www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigonometry , August 30 2012 last modified,
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Bartholemaeus Pitiscus published an
influential work on Trigonometry but it did
not reach its modern form till the 17th
century during the Age of Enlightenment
with Leonhard Euler.
www.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Trigonometry ,August 22 2012
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Bartholemaeus Pitiscus was a German astronomer
and theologian. He first coined the word
Trigonometry. He achieved fame with his influential
work called Trigonometria which introduced the
word Trigonometry to English and French
languages. Some people believe that he started
using the decimal point.
 Leonard Euler introduced the concept of functions
and was the first to write f(x), he introduced the
modern notation for the trigometric functions.
www.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Trigonometry ,
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Surveyors use the tangent function. They can use
trigonometry to find the distance across a river.
Advanced scanning procedure use sine and
cosine functions find applications in medical
techniques such as MRI scanning, in detecting
tumors and even in laser treatments.
Sound travels in waves and this pattern though
not as regular as a sine or cosine functions,
functions are still useful in development of
computer music. A computer does not listen to
and comprehend music as we do, so computers
represent it mathematically by its consistent
sound waves. This means that sound engineers
research advances in computer music have to
relate to the basic law of Trigonometry.
 Flight Navigators use the simplest application
computing the heading to a nearby destination
with known coordinates.
Sine- opposite/hypotenuse
Cosine- adjacent/hypotenuse
Tangent- opposite/adjacent
 Cotangent-
 Secant- hypotenuse/adjacent
 Cosecant- hypotenuse/opposite
They all deal with adjacent, opposite,
and hypotenuse of a triangle.
I remember using this in geometry.
www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trigonometric_functions , September 2 2012
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 This site explains basic Trigonometry
 It offers tutors
The class can make food like cakes and
cookies and decorate them to look like
the unit circle.
A unit circle is a circle with a radius of
 The unit circle is the circle of radius one
centered at the origin.
 If (x,y) is point on the unit circle in the first
quadrant then x and y are the lengths of
the legs of a right triangle whose
hypotenuse is set equal to one.
www.wikipedia.org/wiki/unit_circle , August 3 2012 last modified,
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