French Canadian Culture
By T V and K P
1.What is Quebec?
2.How big is it?
3.What is the landscapes?
4.Where is it located?
5.What is its population?
Landscape answers
• These are the answers to the questions of
the landscapes of Quebec. Quebec’s
landscapes consists of 444 Kilometers
square. We got a estimate of 124 478
people in 2002. Quebec is the second
largest province. Quebec is close to
Traditions ( questions)
• What are there traditions?
• do they have any special event they like to
• Do they have a special dinner for each
These questions are soon to be answered
on the next slide.
Tradition answers
• You asked do they have a special dinner for
each holiday, the answer is YES they do have a
dinner and appetizers and desserts! Mumu
Mea Another question you asked was do they
have a big sport or anything they like to do? Well
they do, hockey is a big part of there life stile.
This picture is a picture of a shrimp appetizer for
valentines day.
Food questions
• Do you have a question on what do they
eat? Like is there a special fest every
Monday or something like that? Well why
don’t you find out by going to the next
page in this power point
• One of Quebec's famous foods is Pea soup, it
was orientated in 1534. They also like fresh
meat in the winter like fish and fiddleheads.
They like wild berries and wild beans and wild
apples. Another thing they like is dandelions,
corn, lamb quarters, and squash. Here is a thing
they love maple syrup, fried fish, and pudding.
A thing that they like is called a Quebec cuisine
witch was characterized by innovetive used of
all things native to this province.
Art Questions
• What kind of art and
creative works do they
create? What do they
make? How do they make
it? What materials do they
• Find out on the next slide!
Art Answers
• You asked what kind of art and how do
they make it and some other questions.
Well, sit back and find out!
• The French Canadians sometimes use
music to express their art but mostly they
use visual art which includes paintings,
printmaking and plastic art.
Famous French Canadians
• Famous French Canadians… there are
lots. We can name some for you, but first
we have to tell you about them first.
• They are mostly singers, but some times,
they can be involved in some other
activities as well, like government. They
can also enroll in other activities such as
Hockey and other sports.
Famous French Canadians
We tolled you about some of
things famous French
Canadians do but now we will
list there names.
• Celine Dion, Rocket Rocher,
Madonna, Felix Leclerc, and
Jean Counoyer.
•What kind of languages are spoken
•How many languages are there?
•How many people speak these
Languages Answers
You asked what kind of languages do
they speak there and how many languages
are there?
Lots of languages are spoken there but
most are spoken in France. Other language
of percentage to population is due to
•The French found a colony (new France)
in the 1600’s and 1700’s. In 1508, sixteen
years after Christopher Columbus set out
off on his first voyage, Thomas Aubert was
part of a fishing trip near Newfoundland
he brought back a few Amerindians to
• Pagerisim is a form of copying someone
else's work, and saying that it is your own.
It is lying, and you could get sent to jail.
• We told you about all the French
Canadian culture. (Or most of it
anyway!) We explained about all
the different food they eat, some
celebrations and differences, The
languages they speak, some parts of
history, famous people from Quebec,
some traditions, and the landscapes.
Hope you enjoyed!
Creative works:
Famous French Canadians:
These next slides are all
the pictures we used.
Enjoy 

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