Instructional Improvement &
Professional Development (IIPD)
Grant Program
Purpose of the Program
The purpose of the IIPD Grant Program is to support
“faculty professional development to ensure continued
growth, develop new avenues of instruction and
curriculum, and to enhance the professional lives of
faculty for increased student learning, achievement
and success.”
IIPD Grant Program Overview
IIPD grants are made possible through funding
provided by the Grand Rapids Community
College Foundation.
The IIPD Grant Program is administered by the
GRCC Grants and Resource Development Office.
IIPD grants are awarded twice each fiscal year during funding
rounds in October and March.
Maximum grant award is $5,000 per applicant.
FY 2012 IIPD Award Recipients
 Judith Bezile
 Rebecca Brinks
 Lori DeBie
 B. Nan Schichtel
 Keith St. Clair
 Susan Williams
Course Technology Cengage Learning Conference
Oxford Roundtable on Early Childhood Literacy
American Library Association Conference
American Library Association Conference / Officer
Seminar on Cuba in the Global Community
American Historical Association Conference
 Yan Bai
Am. Western Political Science Association Conference
 Judith Jankowski Paramount Wellness Institute
 Stacey Heisler
National Assoc. for Academic Advising Annual Institute
 Matthew Douglas Study Monarch Butterfly in Central and Northern Brazil
 Filippo Tagliati
Art installation for Art Prize 2012
 Laura Moody
Accompany AD248/258 nursing students to Costa Rica
Kellie Roblin
ESL certification
Tom Boersma
FABTECH Conference
Angus Campbell
Culinary Olympics
Robert Schultz
Culinary stages in Hawaii
Linda Spoelman, Janice Chapman: Reading Apprenticeship Training
$3,390 each
Shavval Reid Fleming, Joan Gearns: Natl. Council of Teachers of English
Colleen Becker
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
IIPD Grant Criteria
 Meet the Mission, and Strategic Priorities and Outcomes of
 Create an impact on learning and enhances student success
 Increase the potential for the development of new avenues of
 Include a clear and comprehensive plan for assessing the
impact on student learning
 Engage others in the learning process by disseminating activity
results with the wider campus community
IIPD Grant Criteria
 Meet the applicant’s departmental objectives
 Foster the applicant’s professional development goals
 Fit with the applicant’s existing responsibilities
 Broaden the impact of the IIPD program by supporting
individuals who have not received an IIPD grant in the past
 Implemented within a year from the date of the award
Applicant Requirements
 IIPD grants are available to all permanent full-time GRCC
faculty members who have successfully completed two
years of probation, are actively working, and have not
received an IIPD grant within the last two years.
 Grant recipients are required to submit a report of the
completed grant activity to the Grants Office which will
be posted on the Center for Teaching Excellence website.
Shared Learning
 To increase the impact on student learning and enhance
student success, IIPD Grant recipients are expected to share
what they have learned as a result of their grant-funded
 The GRCC Center for Teaching Excellence assists grant
recipients in implementing shared learning experiences for
faculty, staff and the broader community.
Shared Learning
 Shared learning activities can include presentations at faculty
Learning Day sessions, departmental presentations, campuswide or public presentations to other educational institutions
or community-based groups.
 Video presentations can also be shared on the Center for
Teaching Excellence website. Presentations can describe new
avenues of instruction, changes in curriculum or teaching
strategies or other activities that will result in enhanced
student success.
IIPD Grant Application Process
 All IIPD Grant Application materials are available on the GRCC
Grants website at
 Grant application deadlines are published in GRCC Today,
posted on the GRCC website at, and
announced through all-faculty emails and printed materials.
 The 2012-2013 IIPD Grant Deadlines are:
• October 12, 2012 - 4:30 p.m.
• March 8, 2013 - 4:30 p.m.
IIPD Application Review Process
 During funding rounds, the IIPD Committee reviews each
application and makes recommendations for funding.
 The IIPD Committee consists of faculty members from a
cross-section of academic departments.
 Members of the IIPD Committee are appointed by the
Academic Governing Council for three-year terms,
renewable for 1 additional term.

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