One Computer Classroom
• This slideshow will
give effective ways to
use one computer in a
The single computer can be
• During “free time”
• For cooperative group
• As a research station
• As a learning station
• As a presentation center
• As a data collection station
• As a statistical analysis
• As a publishing center
** As a presentation device to support your
** Connect the computer to a television or
computer projection system so that it can
be viewed by all students.
• Have the computer connected to a television
or projector, using the computer as a
presentation device is a great way to
integrate technology.
• During a science unit students can use the
computer for statistical analysis.
• When studying a certain topic students may
use the computer to collect or analyze data
that they have recorded.
• Locate the presentation center in an area of
low traffic, and away from direct sunlight.
• Make sure that all students can see the
screen in which your presentation is
• Also make sure that you can see your
students while you are conducting your
• When using the computer as a learning
station make sure that it is used to support
and enhance what you are teaching.
• It is important to rotate students through the
center so that all get experience with the
Students can find answers to their
questions by using…
Multimedia encyclopedias
Dictionary software
Internet access
Idea for a reference center
• Challenge students to find a fact of the day
• Each day give a different student 5 min of
research time and then time to share
information with the class
• Topics can be assigned or chosen by the
Idea for a Group Project
• Assign a group project where one group uses the
computer to locate information and other groups
use more “traditional” means of research
• Compare and contrast methods and results of
research between groups to see which is better
• Computer access must be divided fairly from one
project to another
Idea for a writing lesson
• Have the class write a story together
• Allow each student a chance to visit the computer
to add to a group document
• The student must read what was written
previously and then add to the story
• This idea can also be altered to use for a class
review sheet where each student adds a fact about
the unit and each student in the class receives the
list of facts to study
• Using the computer to perform
internet searches and/or display
results of searches.
• Use multimedia encyclopedias and
other resources as reference
• Use a presentation program to
present key concepts and thoughts.
Ineffective uses of the
• Dust Collector
• Reward station
• Drill and practice station
Supplement regular lessons using computer (handouts, websites, games, pen-pals)
Opportunities for individual work, group work and class assignments
Enhance lessons with extra resources, ways to present projects
Enhance computer skills using foreign language
• Using the computer to write Word documents
• Allow computer to be used for graphics, and visual aids for
oral presentations in foreign language
Games = Motivation
Educational Computer
games in foreign languages
~ Offer fun practice: verbal, written, reading, and listening activities
~ Work can be completed by turn in groups or individually
Internet = Information
*Access to Culture*
~ visual aids
~ cultural information
~ travel information
~ access to current event sources
~ virtual tours of museums