Transforming and
Changing People’s Lives
Walter Hughes, Jr.
March 2, 2013
Doing Good in the World
is not…
• Paperwork, Red Tape
• Online Forms
• A Temporary Satisfaction
• Just Snapping Photographs
• Making us Feel Good
Must Remember Why…
Hometown Hands On Rotarians
Countries with Grants in
Africa and
Middle East
Asia and
South Sudan (2)
South Africa (3)
Czech Republic
Columbia (2) Ghana
Jordan (‘13-’14)
Time to Lead is Now
• You are the People Who Can Make
it Happen
• Inspire People
• Give to the Annual Fund
• Already Partnering with Other
Districts and Clubs
• Mentoring and Encouraging
2013 District 7570 DTTS
People will Follow Our Lead
Got a Call from Wyoming
School Kids Raised $200 for S. Sudan
Challenged Wyoming Rotary Club
Solution is to Call Us
D7570 Leading the World
One of Best in the entire World of Rotary
We Can Get it Done!
Recognized for Leadership
You are Leading Best Clubs
We are Trusted, Respected and Known
We Have Best Talent and Results
Right Here, Right Now in VA & TN
D7570 Annual Fund Giving
Giving Six-Year Average $433,508 to Annual Fund
$113.18 per capita in giving versus $111 for US
2013 District 7570 DTTS
Encourage & Lift Up Our Clubs
Strengthen, Encourage, and Lift Up
Don’t Keep Our Success a Secret
Paperwork Has Changed
Grants Team will Help You Achieve Goal
Grants Applications are Online
Still Keep Copy in Word and Excel, too.
Secret of Our Success is:
We Are Changing Lives
Old Way is Done
of Doing
Matching Grants
2013 District 7570 DTTS
Area Clubs Team on Grants
• We Had Three Area Global Grants for
South Africa, Bangladesh & South Sudan
• Adding an area “Collaborative Grant” for
District Grants in 2013-2014
– Team of Four (4) Clubs
– Award of $7,500 for “Area” Project
– Local Project Preferred
2013 District 7570 DTTS
District Grants Next Year
Application is Online at
Rough Draft by President Elect Training
Deadline is April 15th
Want Every Area Represented with
Grants this Year
• Match 50% Cost or Maximum of $3,000
• Short and Easy Application Form
2013 District 7570 DTTS
Online District Grants
2013 District 7570 DTTS
District Grants are Flexible!
• Will fund local, international,
educational, disaster relief and travel
• Align with Rotary Foundation mission
• Smaller budgets & local decisions
• Local decision making, less red tape
• No Match from Rotary Foundation
Great Resources
 Mike Mefford - International Global Grants
 Dick Ray - District Grants
 Grant Members At Large: Kathy Kantor,
Dr. Ken Tuck, Thomas Rhea, Kenny Lovelace
 Janet Johnson – Foundation Chair
 Fred Meyers - District Foundation Grants Treasurer
 Great Resources are Foundation Advocates and
Future Vision Advocates
 Walter Hughes - District Grants Committee Chair
Five Concepts of Rotary Grants
2013 District 7570 DTTS
Compassion & Passion
• Must Learn about People
and their Country
• We do Grants Because we
Have Compassion for the
Men, Women & Children
• Love Our Hometowns, too
• Turns into A Passion
2013 District 7570 DTTS
All Starts with A Story
Marie Murphy told a story
that a village called
Sitanagar, Bangladesh
needed long-term help with:
• Tube Wells & Latrines
• Better Education
• Better Health & Hope
2013 District 7570 DTTS
Build Friendships
Strengthen the Team
Start Thinking Big!
Changing for the Good
Impossible is Possible
We are Able to Make A Difference
We Can Do It if we Keep the Story
in our Hearts and Minds.
• Remember the “Old Woman” who is
2013 District 7570 DTTS
You Are the Leaders!
• Red Tape and Snafus Will Remain
• Don’t focus on the Paperwork
• Focus on the People who can:
–Live in Peace and Not in Fear
–Have a Future instead of Just a Past
–Have Hope instead of Hate
2013 District 7570 DTTS
We can’t Accomplish Everything
that we Dream,
but we can’t Accomplish anything
at all unless we do Dream.
2013 District 7570 DTTS
People Want to be Involved
President Atia at Water Meeting
Civil Unrest versus Peace
Six Grant Areas of Focus
Maternal & Prevention
Child Health & Treatment
Six Grant Areas of Focus
Economic &
Goodwill Basic Education
and Peace and Literacy
Global Grants are New!
• Bigger Budgets
 Minimum match is $15,000
 Minimum project Budget $30,000
• Align with one of the six areas of focus
• Longer-term Impact of grant
• Grant managed by Rotary Foundation
Certification of Clubs
• Attend Grants Management Seminar
• Must Sign Memo of Understanding
• Recommend District Training
Assembly on April 20, 2013
• Not Needed for District Grants
• Required for Global Grants
Certification & Training
• 102 Rotarians attended three (3) Grant
Management Seminars held this fall
• Make-up Training on April 20th
• 66 Clubs (out of 84) or 79% Attended
• 32 Clubs Sent in MOU or 38% of Clubs
• 4 Clubs Have Experience with Global Grants
• Please Continue to Ask for MOU
Global Grants at Member
Access at
Global Grants at Member
Access at
Rotary Foundation Growing
$813.7 Million in Total Assets
$110.1 Million Given to Annual Fund
$77.9 Million for all Grants
$102.8 Million for PolioPlus
• $185.7 Million in Program Awards
District Designated Funds 2013-2014
Annual Fund Gifts in 2010-2011
District Designated Funds
TRF World Fund
District Designated Funds 2013-2014
Annual Fund Gifts in 2010-2011
District Designated Funds
50% (min.)
$56,472 $44,648 $13,000 $111,620
District Polio
TRF World Fund
100% of District $
50% of Club $
Match from TRF
We Know Story…
Ensuring Achievable,
Sustainable, and
Measurable Results
Partnerships are Key
7X Average Multiplier of Our DDF & Club
• 14X DDF Grew in Beirut by Partnering
with St. Jude Cancer Center in
Memphis, Tennessee
• 14X DDF Grew in South Sudan by
Partnering with 15 Rotary Clubs in TN, VA,
AZ, NH and South Africa (60X with
You can Change Lives!
You are the Ones Who Have
the Ideas and the Dreams
and Who Can Inspire.

District Assembly Leaders’ Guide slides