Working to support and enhance
our students’ academic journey
UT Learning Collaborative Mission Statement
The mission of The University of Toledo Learning Collaborative is to lead
in the design and delivery of innovative and effective programs and
support services for student access, retention and success. As a
gateway and a catalyst for lifelong learning, The University of Toledo
Learning Collaborative promotes students’ self discovery and the
achievement of their academic goals. We engage a diverse student
population in a holistic and humanistic manner through collegial and
community partnerships.
University of Toledo
Learning Collaborative
• Administrative Office
• Divisions of
– Gateway Programs
– University College Degree Programs
– Student Success and Retention
– Academic Support Services
– Academic Enrichment
Gateway Programs
• High School Initiatives
• Office of EXCELlence
• EXCEL Program
• Upward Bound
• TRIO Student
Support Services
• QUEST for Success
• Transition for Success
It’s okay to be undecided on a major!
University College
Degree Programs
• A degree-granting division of the Learning
Collaborative at The University of Toledo
• Highest average age of students at UT
• Specialize in adult education, degree
completion options, flexible scheduling,
maximizing previous college credit and
unique programs of interest since 1971
Tracee Ellis, UC ‘08, was a
single mom raising three
children while attending UT
Three Core
& Senior Thesis
Adult Liberal
Studies (ALS)
Nine ALS Seminars
General Education Requirements or
Associates Degree
Interdisciplinary Studies,
Individualized Program (IDVP)
• Interest not met by an existing
degree program
• Diverse or unique areas of interest
• Interdisciplinary and
Intercollegiate scope
• Student-developed area
of emphasis approved by
faculty review committee
• Bachelor of Arts or Science
Aaron Gibbons, UC ‘08, interned with
an online fishing magazine as part of
his individualized degree program at
UT. Here he is on the cover of the
Summer 2007 issue.
Student Customer Service
Contact the Office of Student Customer Service if:
•You have a concern and are not sure how to resolve it.
•You want to discuss a sensitive issue in confidence.
•You have a complaint about an office or service at UT.
•You are uncertain whether any UT policies or procedures apply to
your situation.
•You feel that a policy or procedure has been applied to you unfairly.
•You have suggestions for improving UT’s policies or procedures.
Susan Andrews, Director
419.530.2500 or 2571
Office of International
Student Services
• Hosts more than 1,600 international students
and scholars from more than 60 countries.
• OISS is accountable for initiating visas and
maintaining the ability to host international
students and scholars.
Student Success and Retention
First Year Opportunities
New Student Orientation
Rocket Launch
Rocket Transition
First Year Experience
• Provides for Early Intervention to students at
• Aligns Student Expectations with Actual
• Facilitates Socio-Emotional Transition to
• Cultivates Student Involvement (Activities,
Organizations, Leadership)
•Links professionals on campus to help
students succeed.
• Faculty/staff are empowered to do what
they do best - spend time solving rather
than diagnosing potential problems with
Office of Accessibility
The main function of the
Office of Accessibility is to
provide accommodations
and support services to
students, faculty, and staff
with disabilities.
Academic Support Services
Learning Enhancement Center:
The Rathbun Cove
Provides academic assistance to all University of Toledo
students. Services include:
 Drop-in Tutoring
 Supplemental Instruction:
Peer-led study sessions for
targeted courses
 Workshops
Foreign Languages
• Spanish
• French
• German
• Japanese
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics
• A&P
• Accounting
• Finance
• Business Stats
Math (all levels)
On-Line Tutoring – Math
SI – Supplemental Instruction
Student-Athletic Academic Services (SAAS)
Student Athletic Academic Services (SAAS) is a
student-centered resource committed to providing
comprehensive support services designed for
academic enrichment, retention, and life skill
development of Toledo student-athletes.
UT’s Student-Athletes
16 Sports : Baseball, Men’s Basketball, Women’s
Basketball, Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Cross
Country, Football, Men’s Golf, Women’s Golf, Women’s
Soccer, Softball, Women’s Swimming & Diving, Men’s
Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Track & Field,
Women’s Volleyball
360 Student-Athletes
To excel in the classroom
* To excel athletically
* To excel as role models
* To excel in LIFE
• Academic Workshops upon request:
– The Olympiad
• Sept. 21-25
• Praxis I Exam Preparation for:
– Mathematics
– Reading
• Professional Development
Workshops offered for:
– UT Faculty
– Staff
– Professional
Career advising and
Part-time on-and offcampus jobs and
Major and/or career
Mock interviews
Job search assistance
Career and job fairs
On-campus interview
Resume referrals
Career-related programs
Workshops on choosing a
major/career, resume
development, job/internship
search, interviewing,
business protocol, and
Career library and website
Career Library
UT Testing Services
• Provides testing services to:
– UT students
– Surrounding communities
• Testing centers located at:
– Memorial Field House, Room 1080
– Scott Park, ASC Room 1200
Testing Services in the
Memorial Field House
• Make up testing for
main campus classes
• Placement testing for
incoming students
• Compass testing for
Ohio Tech Prep students
• Main campus class exams
on computer
Scott Park Computer Based Testing
• Certification, licensure, and
educational exams:
MCAT (Medical College
Admissions Test)
Social Work Licensure Exam
Athletic Trainer Certifications
Nuclear Medicine Exam
IT Certifications for Cisco,
COMP TIA, and Novell
Academic Enrichment
Honors Program
The University of Toledo Honors program is designed
specifically to meet the needs of highly motivated and
academically talented students.
Members of UT's Honors Program enjoy a challenging
and nurturing environment conducive to intellectual
growth and discovery.
Students Receive the
Edward Shapiro Honors
Fellows in Economics
Study Abroad in 25 Countries
MYTH: You have to be able to speak
a foreign language to study abroad.
FACT: Programs in every major are
available in English in many
You can afford to
study abroad!
•Travel grants
•Financial Aid
Undergraduate Research at UT
Students initiate discussions
with faculty about possible
research projects, then write &
OUR-UT for consideration.
Unless otherwise
mentioned: All programs
are open to all UT
undergraduates in all areas
of research and/or creative
activity at UT.
Programs sponsored through the
Office of Undergraduate Research
Academic Year Research Program: AYRP
First Year Summer Research Experience:
Research Abroad
Undergraduate Summer Research &
Creative Activity Program: USRCAP
UT-City of Toledo Internship Program:
Volunteer Research Program
Work-Study Research Program: WSRP
Service Learning & Community Engagement
Civic Responsibility
Active Learning
Meaningful Service
Guided Reflection
UT Learning Collaborative Vision Statement
In order to meet the needs of our citizenry and community,
The University of Toledo Learning Collaborative will
cultivate the social, civic, ethical and academic growth
of all University of Toledo students.

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