Resume Writing
What is a Resume?
Format Tips
Recommended Sections
A Note on Cover Letters
What is a Resume?
• Concise marketing tool
• Summary of education, skills,
experience, honors, activities
• Has one specific purpose: to
get you an interview
• Be honest
• Co-op Handbook (Chapter 3)
• The 10 second scan
• Should be neat, clean and
• Paper of good quality
• One page unless you have
considerable experience
Use normal typeface
Font size
End punctuation not required
Avoid too much special formatting
Do not use graphics
Write in consistent style
• Use bullets rather than
• Use approximately 1 inch margins
• Make sure resume is visually
– Avoid excess white space
– Incorporate white space between
sections to facilitate skimming
• Spell check
• Proofread
• Get friend, family, professor and/or
career services to critique
• Co-op advisor must review resume
before applying for jobs on P2D2
• Update each semester
• DO NOT Include:
– Your Picture
– Age, Race, Religion, Marital Status
• DO Include:
– High School Info
– Hobbies and Leisure Activities
• If they demonstrate leadership, civic responsibility, etc.
– Citizenship Status
• If you have a foreign name and want to convey that
you are a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
• Chronological
– Discussed in next slides
• Functional
– Good for individuals with diverse experiences that don't
add up to a clear-cut career path or for new grads with
limited experience
– Use Skills Clusters
– For example:
• Selected as president-elect of Omicron Delta Kappa honorary and vice
president of Phi Eta Sigma honorary
• Acquainted new students with campus as orientation leader
• Served as president of residence hall on Residence Hall Council
• Functioned as vice president for intellectual development and assistant
recruitment chair for social sorority
• Combination
Recommended Resume
Contact Info
Honors and Activities
Contact Info
Place contact info at top
Avoid nicknames
Include local and permanent address
Make sure telephone number is
correct including area code
– Do NOT use a work number
– Professional voicemail
• Choose professional e-mail address
1. Contact Info Example
George P. Burdell
Campus Address
999999 Georgia Tech Station
Atlanta, GA 30332
Permanent Address
1234 Peachtree Place
Macon, GA 30334
2. Objective
“To obtain a co-op position related to
mechanical engineering for spring or
summer 2007”
• Tells employer type of position you’re seeking
• On a co-op resume, it’s not necessary to be specific
– Wish to target specific industry (automation, automotive,
manufacturing, etc.)
– Wish to do specific type of work (design, coding, testing, etc.)
• Avoid long, uninformative objectives:
– To utilize my education and experience in a creative setting to
positively affect the bottom line of the company.
Recent education before experience
Reverse chronological order
Include expected graduation date
Overall GPA
– Possibly major GPA
• Academic honors
3. Education Example
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
• Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
(May 2010)
• Overall GPA, 3.13/4.0
• President’s Scholar: Georgia Tech’s foremost merit-based
scholarship, awarded to approximately 3% of entering
freshmen each year
Northwest Area High School, Macon, GA
• Overall GPA, 3.6/4.0
• National Honor Society
• Accelerated Learning Program
• Software, Programming Languages
– “familiar with”, “experience with”, “proficient in”,
“knowledge of”
• Foreign Languages
– “Fluent”, “Conversational”, “Ability to speak and write” or
list # years of study
• Hardware and Technical Skills
– Soldering, Lab Equipment, Power Supplies, Circuits
• Certifications
• *Soft Skills
– Leadership, Communication, Organization, Team-Building
– Best to demonstrate concretely in Experience and
Honors & Activities sections
4. Skills Example
• Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Outlook)
• Experience with Java, C++ and MATLAB
• Ability to speak and write Spanish (4 years of
• Experience with HTML and web design
• Knowledge of hardware/software installation and
• Experience with engine repair and network
• Ability to learn new material quickly with little
• Include all experience:
– Non-technical experience is relevant because it
shows responsibility and people skills
– Include internships, volunteer experiences,
community service, summer jobs
• Start each bullet with an action word
– Coordinated, created, designed, organized, etc.
• Do not use pronoun “I”. It is understood
you are the subject of the sentence.
Reverse chronological order
Focus on accomplishments
Be specific
Use numbers and statistics:
– “Increased sales 17%”, “Raised productivity
by 23%”
• Use industry jargon
– Read trade magazines, join professional
• Highlight soft skills
– Communication skills, team work
5. Experience Example
Georgia Institute of Technology
Teaching Assistant
Teach two-hour lab on fluid mechanics to thirty students
Hold weekly office hours and grade lab reports
Atlanta, GA
Southern Landscaping Company
Norfolk, VA
Summer 2004
Performed routine lawn maintenance for approximately ten residential customers per
Planted new shrubbery and flowers at various commercial sites including nursing homes,
elementary schools and community centers
Received ‘Landscaper of the Summer’ Award
DJ Dynamite
Hampton, VA
DJ and Owner
Conceived and created my own DJ business which had over 25% repeat clientele
Provided DJ services at over one hundred weddings, bar mitzvahs, and parties
Honors and Activities
• Clubs and Sports
– List office and leadership roles (captain, committee
chair, president, secretary, founder)
Volunteer Work
Hobbies including music, writing, etc.
Awards or Scholarships
Memberships in professional
organizations (IEEE, SWE, NSBE, ASME)
– Spell out acronyms
6. Honors and Activities
Honors and Activities
• Member of Georgia Tech Crew Team (2005-present)
• Secretary of Mechanical Engineering Student Faculty
Committee (2005-present)
• Habitat for Humanity Volunteer (Spring 2006)
• High School Student Council Member (2001-2003),
Vice President (2004)
• Guitar Lessons (2002-2004)
• Editor of The Gazette, High School Newspaper (2004)
• Church Mission Trip to El Salvador (2002)
• Tai Kwando, Earned rank of Brown Belt (2000-2002)
A Note On Cover Letters
• Cover Letter Uses:
– Explain why you’re interested in
particular company/position
– Tells employer how you’re qualified for
that position
– Highlights aspects of your experience
– Can explain things that resume can't
– Acts as window into your personality
• Samples in Co-op Handbook
and on the internet
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631 Cherry Street, 1st Floor
Corner of Cherry St. & Ferst Dr.
near Tech Tower

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