Registration Information for 8th Grade
You have received a Course
Registration Contract which
must be filled out with your
parents and returned by March
Before you begin to fill it out,
read it. It is called a contract
because your signature will
indicate that you understand it
and that you will abide by it.
Math Placement
 Students in Pre Algebra Essentials will be placed in Algebra
1A, followed by Algebra 1B in 9th
 Students in Pre Algebra must complete the course with a C
or better to be placed in Algebra I
 Students in Pre Algebra Honors must earn B’s or better
both semesters to be placed in Honors Algebra
 Students in Honors Algebra, will continue on to
Honors Geometry
 If you are not in Honors Pre Algebra but would like to be in
Honors Algebra, please review the course profiles on the
CVMS counseling website and check the honors box on the
course registration contract.
English Placement
Students currently in Honors English 7 will continue
in Honors English 8
If you are not in Honors English 7 but would like to
be in Honors English 8, please review the course
profiles on the CVMS counseling website and check
the honors box on the course registration contract.
Please make a careful and thoughtful
decision based on your abilities and
dedication to studies because you will
be making a year long commitment.
World Languages
You must
earn a C or
better to
move on to
Spanish II.
Begin your
language no
later than 9th
Choices of world
languages for
grade 8 are
French or
In 9th grade, two
choices of
Japanese and
American Sign
Language are
If you wish to be in Band or Orchestra and
are not currently in the program, please
download the application online to apply.
If you are currently in the music program,
your teacher will determine your level.
Band/Orchestra may replace PE, in which
case you can have another elective.
Or, you may choose to do PE and have
Band/Orchestra be your only elective.
Courses Requiring Applications
The following courses require an application which
are available on-line in “optional forms” section of
the registration page.
 Leadership
 Journalism/Yearbook
Please complete your portion of the application and
attach it to your plan sheet, or give it to a teacher if a
confidential recommendation is needed.
ISPE: Select PE at this time. If you are accepted, your
counselor will make the change to your schedule.
Physical Education Options
Band or Orchestra to replace PE
ISPE: Select PE at this time. If you are accepted, your
counselor will make the change to your schedule.
Choose Wisely
We are scheduling for the whole year.
Schedule changes will not be made to
accommodate teacher requests, period
requests, or extracurricular and athletic
SDUHSD Board Policy sets a four-week limit at
the beginning of each semester to drop a
class. Level changes (from honors to college
prep) may be requested during this four-week
period if there is space available.
Course Registration Contract
Read the contract thoroughly
Course selections will not be officially recognized
without a parent/guardian signature on the
You must choose your courses online prior to
turning in your Course Registration Contract.
March 31st is the last day to submit initial
elective course selections online
June 16th is the last day to make schedule
changes with your counselor
Elective Choices
You must have an active Aeries account (see the
counseling secretary immediately if you do not!)
Window to submit is
March 22nd – March 31st
Refer to Elective Choices sheet
Use your Course Registration
Semester Electives
Video Film
TV Broadcasting
Introduction to
Drama 1
General Studio Art
Advanced Multimedia
(Flash Animation)
Advanced Drama
Student Assistant
(Teacher’s Aide)
Office Aide
Counseling Aide
Year-long Classes
HEROES (Application)
AVID (Application)
Advanced Art
Acting (Advanced)
Spanish 1 P
Spanish 2 P
French 1 P
*Band (Application)
Step 1
Step 2
Start by
“Add New”
A new screen will appear
showing all the elective
and PE courses offered
at CVMS.
Courses you select
by clicking in the
box will be
highlighted in green
Select one year-long
or two semester
Don’t forget to select
your PE option
Enter alternate
course titles
Check Title
Click Submit to End
Be sure you put in Alternate courses
If you don’t put in Alternate courses,
we may have to choose your courses
for you
List your 6 choices in order of
preference on your contract
Your Course Registration Contracts
are due on Wednesday, March 31st
to your science teacher or the
counseling secretary.
Make sure you have selected your
elective choices online prior to
this day.

Carmel Valley Middle School Class Registration 2010-2011