SSC #117
Which one of these is NOT a geographic
theme? A) Movement B) Place
C) Region D) Location E) No right answer
Civil Rights- Guarantees of freedom & equal
treatment under the law.
*Iran hostage crisis- An Islamic revolution
overthrew Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi,
Iran’s ruler and a longtime U.S. ally. Anti
American protesters swarmed the streets of
Tehran. A group of militants seized the U.S.
embassy in Tehran, holding 52 Americans
hostage for 444 days. Occurred 1979-1980.
SSC #118
What type of gov’t does Israel have today?
A) Democratic Republic B) Dictatorship
C) Parliamentary Democracy
D) Absolute Monarchy
Developing nation- a country that is poor
compared to industrialized nations.
Afghanistan- The literacy rate for females
in this country is only 13% compared to
males at 43%. Many females are not given
the same opportunities at education as
SSC #119
What percentage of world oil reserves
does the U.S. and Canada have?
A) 64.1% B) 8.2% C) 2.8% D) .28%
Exports- Goods shipped out of a country.
327 B.C.- Alexander the Great takes
Afghanistan from the Persians. But
Alexander barely survives an Afghan
warrior’s arrow in the neck, and his
empire soon crumbles.
SSC #120
What body of water lies between Saudi Arabia
and Iran?
A) Red Sea B) Persian Gulf
C) Caspian Sea D) Mediterranean Sea
Articles of Confederation- the document that
established the first U.S. government; states
were independent units.
Burj Khalifa- Is the world’s tallest building
standing at 2,722 ft. tall. This building is
located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This
building opened 1/4/2010.
SSC #121
Which country is NOT located on the
Arabian Peninsula? A) Saudi Arabia
B) Oman C) Yemen D) Syria
Insurgent- Rising in revolt against a
Africa is the second largest continent in
size (about 20% of the world’s land area)
as well as second largest continent in
population.(about 15% of the world’s
SSC #122
How many countries in SW Asia begin
with the letter “I”?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
Cartel- a group that
controls a product’s price and limits
Africa consists of 54 independent
countries with the newest country
occurring in 2011. (South Sudan)
SSC #123
Who was the person who found King Tut’s
burial tomb?
A) Howard Carter B)Howard Smith
C) Howard Johnson D) Dwight Howard
Confederacy- the 11 states of the South that
seceded from the U.S. in 1860-1861.
Countries in Africa: Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria,
South Africa, Democratic Republic of the
Congo, Madagascar, Chad, Algeria, Kenya,
Ghana and lots more for you to learn in this
SSC #124
Tutankhamen used to be the leader of
what country?
A) Egypt B) Libya C) Morocco D) Cairo
Union- the North during the Civil War;
also a term for the U.S.
Major landforms in Africa- Deserts:
Sahara, Kalahari, Namib Rainforests, Mt.
Kilimanjaro, Savannas, Mountains:
Ahaggar, Atlas, Drakensburg, Ruwenzori,
SSC #125
 What do people in Egypt call their country?
A) E-town B) Gift of the Nile
C) Egyptian land D) Land of Pyramids
Artifact- An object, such as a tool or weapon,
that was made by people in the past.
Major water sources in Africa:
Rivers: Congo, Limpopo, Niger, Nile, Orange,
Lakes: Albert, Chad, Nyasa, Tanganyika,
SSC #126
 What vocabulary word means “west” in Arab?
A) Maghreb B) Sahara C) Erg D) Casbah
Monotheistic- Believing in only one god
*Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya- The reserve
is the home to 95 species of mammals, amphibians and
other reptiles and 485 species of birds. During the dry
season (July to October) it also hosts a major
concentration of migratory herbivores including about
250,000 zebra and 1.3 million wildebeest. You would
also see these animals on a daily basis as well: gazelle,
elephant, topi, buffalo, lion, black rhino, hippo, hyena,
giraffe, leopard and mongoose.
SSC #127
 The word Sahel comes from an Arabic
word that means what? A) Border
B) Desert C) Drought D)Desertification
Pharaoh- a ruler of ancient Egypt; a king
Languages- In Africa there are well over
1,000 languages spoken due to the huge
number of different ethnic groups.
SSC #128
 We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S.
but what country did St. Patrick’s day
originate? A) Ireland** B) Germany
C) Canada D) France
Secular- Not having a religious or
spiritual basis.
Sahara Desert- Is the largest “hot’’ desert
in the world and takes up about 10% of
Africa’s land. A desert is classified as
receiving less than 10 inches of rain a
year. Sahara receives about 3 inches a
year. Temperatures can get up to 136
SSC #129
 On what continent are the countries
Chad, Sierra Leone, and Liberia?
A) North America B) Asia C) Europe
D) Africa
Contiguous- Connected; Alaska and
Hawaii aren’t part of the contiguous U.S.
Dance and Music- This is a big part of
African culture and they incorporate
these into ceremonies and celebrations as
part of their daily lives.
SSC #130
 Which river carries the most water in the
A) Nile River
B) Congo River
C) Amazon River D) Ohio River
Oregon Trail- the major U.S. route from
Missouri to the Pacific Northwest in the 19th
Victoria Falls- Is located on border between
Zambia and Zimbabwe. Is one of the seven
natural wonders of the world. It is the largest
waterfall in the world when combining height
and width together. Locals call the falls Mosioa-Tunya meaning “smoke that thunders.”
SSC #131
 What is the most populated country in
Africa? A) Nigeria B) Sudan
C) Ethiopia D) Madagascar
Renaissance- a period of rebirth or
Uganda- Females in Uganda have to bow
to males at all times when they see them,
even family members. I had an exchange
teacher from Uganda in my class and she
said her average class size was between
100-150 students per class.
SSC #132
How many stitches are on a baseball?
A) 68 B) 88 C)108 D) 128
Appeal- To request to have one court’s
decision reviewed by a higher court.
 Nelson Mandela- Born in S. Africa 1918. Mandela
and others tried/plotting to overthrow the gov’t.
Reason was because of apartheid. Went to trial
and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964.
In prison he was recognized as S. Africa’s most
significant black leader. Nelson Mandela was
released in 1990. In 1994 Mandela was elected S.
Africa’s first black president. Mandela died in
2013 at the age of 95.
SSC #133
 Which one of these is NOT a desert in
Africa? A) Sahara B) Namib
C) Kalahari D) Zambezi
Concentration camp- a prison or
place of forced labor; often a general
term that includes death camps, where
millions of people were killed.
The country of Chad has the lowest life
expectancy of any country in the world at
49 years old.
SSC #134
 Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake is NOT
bordered by this country.
A) Kenya B) Uganda C) Tanzania D) Congo
Holocaust- the mass extermination of Jews
and others by the Nazis from 1933-1945.
South Africa Rhinos- Poachers illegally killed
1,004 rhinos in 2013, compared to 668 last year.
Most occurred in Kruger National Park. One
reason is people in China and Vietnam have a
high demand for their horn. They believe it
can cure ills such as cancer, diabetes and
SSC #135
Mt. Kilimanjaro is located on the border
between Tanzania & _____.
A) Kenya B) Uganda C) Zaire D) Sudan
Anthropologist- A scientist who studies
human origins, beliefs, and cultures.
The world’s largest diamond mine is the
Orapa diamond mine in Botswana.
The richest diamond mine in the
world is Jwaneng in Botswana also.
SSC #136
 What was the first country to declare its
A) Ethiopia B) Ghana
C) Morocco D) Liberia
New World- a term in Europe around the
16th century for unexplored North and
South America.
Marathon- Ethiopian marathon runners
are some of the best in the world and
have won numerous titles.
SSC #137
 Kampala is the capital city of ______.
A) Uganda B) Rwanda C) Sudan D) Kenya
 Swat- mountainous district of NW Pakistan
Snakes in Africa: Puff Adder-considered to be
Africa's deadliest snake because it is
responsible for the most human fatalities. Has
large fangs and its venom is powerful enough to
kill a grown man with a single bite.
Black Mamba- one of Africa's most dangerous
snakes. Can strike up to 12 times, each time
delivering enough neuro and cardio-toxic
venom to kill a dozen men within 1 hour.
SSC #138
*Beware of this animal if you are in
Africa. It kills more people than any
other large animal.
A) Hippopotamus B)Hipopotamus
C) Hippopotimus D) Hippopotamis
Classified- Kept secret
Hippopotamus- Male hippos actively
defend their territories which run
along the banks of rivers and lakes.
Hippos can run at speeds over 20mph,
but they can’t jump.
SSC #139
What is the only continent in the world
that is in all four hemispheres?
A) N. America B) S. America
C) Africa D) Asia
Urdu- official language of Pakistan
Asia is the largest continent in both size
and population. It covers about 33% of
the world’s land area and about 60% of
the world’s people.
SSC #140
 What is the largest lake in Africa?
A) Lake Chad B) Mediterranean Sea
C) Lake Tanganyika D) Lake Victoria
Taliban- a group of Islamist militants in
Afghanistan and Pakistan
Some countries in Asia: China, India,
Japan, Thailand, Phillipines, North
Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Nepal.
SSC #141
 The Blue and White Nile River meet in
what country?
A) Sudan B) Kenya C) Egypt D) Mali
Treason- the crime of betraying one’s
Major mountain ranges in Asia: Altai,
Elburz, Himalaya, Hindu Kush,
Karakoram, Kunlun, Qilian, Qin Ling,
Stanovoy, Tian Shan, Yablonovyy, Zagros
SSC #142
 What is the capital of Djibouti?
A) Abidjan B) Libreville
C) Victoria D) Djibouti
Terrain- natural physical features of an
area of land.
Major rivers in Asia: Amur, Brahmaputra,
Euphrates, Ganges, Huang He, Indus,
Irrawaddy, Mekong, Menam, Ob,
Salween, Tigris, Xi, Yangtze, Yenisey.
SSC #143
How many continents begin
with the letter “A”?
A) 2 B) 3 C) 4 D) 5 E) 172 million (:
Sanction- a measure used to punish a
nation’s economy, often by blocking
imports and exports.
Major deserts in Asia: Gobi, Karakoram,
Kyzylkum, Rub al Khali, Taklimakan,
SSC #144
 The Taj Mahal was built by what Muslim
Emperor? A) Mohandas Gandhi B) Indira
Gandhi C) Jawaharlal Nehru D) Shah Jahan
Asylum- protection given by a gov’t to someone
who has left another country to avoid being
harmed or persecuted.
*Taj Mahal- Shah Jahan was a Muslim emperor who
wanted to build the finest monument ever built
when his wife died to house her grave. It took
more than 20,000 workers and 22 years to
complete. Taj Mahal holds a tomb, mosque, rest
house, elaborate garden, and arched gateway.
SSC #145
 What is the world’s tallest mountain?
A) Mt. Everest B) Mt. Kilimanjaro
C) Mt. McKinley D) Mt. Aconcagua
Diplomacy- Negotiation between nations
Ganges River at Varanasi, India: Hindus
consider the Ganges River sacred. People
believe they purify themselves spiritually
by bathing in its waters.
SSC #146
 One of the world’s most beautiful buildings
is the Taj Mahal. In what country is it
A) North Korea B) Japan C) India
D) China E) Turkey
Capitalist- relating to an economic system that
includes private ownership of businesses and
the creation of goods and services for profit.
Kim Jong Un- Came to power in N. Korea (2011)
after the death of his father. Has not tried to
improve the relations with S. Korea. Is a big
fan of American basketball.
SSC #147
 What is the 4th largest country (size) in the
A) United States B) Russia
C) Canada D) China
Dissident- one who expresss disagreement
with a political system.
Shi Huangdi’s Tomb- Is surrounded by an army
of life sized terra cotta statues of soldiers. In
the 200’s B.C., Shi Huangdi united China for
the first time and began the famous Great Wall
of China.
SSC #148
 Manila is the capital city of this island
country that was once a possession of the
United States.
A) Philippines B) Puerto Rico
C) Indonesia D) Cuba
Socialist- Referring to government control of
the economy and businesses.
Countries with the highest average reading
times: (in hrs & minutes per week)
1. India 10.42 2. Thailand 9.24 3. China 8.00
4. Phillipines 7.36 16. 5.42
SSC #149
Japan is about the size of what U.S. state?
A) California B) Texas
C) Alaska D) Kentucky
Parliamentary Democracy- Voters elect
the parliament. A prime minister- the
leader of the party with the most seats in
parliament-heads the gov’t.
The most spoken language in the world is
Chinese (all dialects) with 1.2 billion
people speaking some form of this
SSC #150
In what month does Thailand celebrate their
new year?
A) December B) January
C) April D) June
Democracy- A gov’t with leaders who are
chosen through a system of popular
Mt. Everest- Tallest mtn. in the world at
29,035 ft. (On border of Nepal & Tibet/China)
Best time to climb Mt. Everest is in early May
before monsoon season.
SSC #151
 Calgary, Winnepeg, and Edmonton are
all important cities in what country?
A) Philippines B) Nepal
C) Japan D) Canada
Monarchy- A single person, who inherited his
or her power, rules for life.
Sumo wrestling- Is Japan’s national sport and
is a Japanese style of wrestling. There are no
weight restrictions or weight classes in sumo.
Matches take place on an elevated ring called a
dohyo. Only men practice the sport
professionally in Japan.
SSC #152
 Which one is NOT a real sea?
A) Red Sea B) Blue Sea
C) Yellow Sea D) Sea of Japan
Human rights- basic rights and
freedoms to which all people are
entitled, including freedom of speech
and equality before the law.
Australia is the 6th largest country and
the smallest continent size wise.
SSC #153
 What is the national capital of Australia?
A) Sydney B) Melbourne
C) Darwin D) Canberra
Bipartisan-Supported by two major political
Australia is divided into 6 states (New South
Wales,, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania,
Victoria, Western Australia)
and two territories (Australian Capital Territory,
Northern Territory).
SSC #154
 What is the world’s largest island?
A) Australia B) Iceland C) Greenland D) U.S
Whig Party- a major U.S. political party from the
1830’s to the 1850’s, formed in opposition to the
Democratic Party.
Aborigines-They were the first people to discover,
explore, and colonize the Australian continent.
Scientists believe they traveled to Australia by
boat from SE Asia at least 50,000 years ago. They
were nomadic people who hunted, fished, made
tools and weapons from stone, wood, shell, or
SSC #155
 What is a baby kangaroo called?
A) Joey B) Zoey
C) Calf D) Tasmanian Devil
Domestic- Of one’s own country; not foreign
Great Barrier Reef- Is the world’s largest coral
reef and one of Australia’s most popular
tourist attractions. It is a chain of more than
2,000 individual reefs. It is protected
because of its environmental importance.
SSC #156
 Which animal is not found in Australia?
A) Bandicoot B) Emus
C) Kookaburra D) Woodstock
Reconciliation- the act of bringing together in
friendship two people or groups divided by a
Australian rules football- derived from a
mixture of Rugby and Gaelic Football. It is
played with 18 players on each team. AFL is
the professional league with 16 teams. First
introduced in 1858 in the state of Victoria.
SSC #157
 Which continent can be described as ice,
penguins and at the bottom of the globe?
A) Australia B) N.A.C) S.A. D) Antarctica
Corruption- Dishonest or illegal behavior,
especially by people in positions of power.
Antarctica’s rugged coasts features jagged
mountain peaks & glacier filled valleys. Ice
and snow cover 98% of the continent.
Antarctica is technically considered the world’s
largest desert because it receives less than 10
inches of precipitation a year.
SSC #158
 What is the name of Antarctica’s largest
community, that is a research base in the
warmer months?
A) McMurdo Station B) College Station
C) McDonalds Station D) Research Station
Stock exchange- a sytem or place where
shares (financial investments) in various
companies are bought and sold.
Roald Amundsen- He was the first to reach
the South Pole. He was a Norwegian

SSC Challenge 4th Quarter