Helping rural China...
AGE - project funded by
Cradle investment Programme CIP
MDeC Technopreneur Pre-seed Fund
Both are Government grants
A project to close the digital divide between
nations and rural / urban areas until now a
big challenge globally.
AGE - Finalist in
Stockholm Challenge 2008
only Malaysian qualifier
A finalist in the
Stockholm Challenge 2008
“...was chosen as a finalist for its innovative ways of
creating more or less paperless classrooms by the
effective use of ICT in mass education and for finding
new ways to extend education to remote areas and
developing countries.”
Ulla Skidén, Project Manager, Stockholm Challenge
Full text/press release
Today’s problems with rural ICT in mass
Education – local and globally
Current platforms to deliver contents
- CDs / DVDs expensive not practical
- Flash / Javas online broadband required
Yes , both can be very elaborate and rich in presentations..
Both are Rich men’s platforms trying to reach the poor men
AGE is a poor men’s platform able to reach the rich and poor men.
(those without broadband or CDs in cities and rural areas)
There are just too many problems using these !
AGE can reach the remotest areas in seconds of download for hours of
animated instructions/usage through slow 56kps dial ups or mobile phones.
Connecting the entire nation
…… close the digital divides ……………
To bridge the digital divides, current efforts have been to lay out
broadband services to rural areas.
Please consider these issues:1.
It takes time and lots of money to do so.
Financial tsunami is coming… can we afford it?
Even if money is available, it still takes a long time to do it.
Even if the broadband is laid out successfully, can it really work
for nationwide ICT in education?
- What would happen, if the whole country logs in at exactly 8 a.m. ?
- Will the server freeze? Like in the case of a DDOS attack?
So while you are hoping for the “broadband solution”, the
unconnected remains unconnected for a long time… even if you
have the money.
The missing link in ICT in mass
Education – local and globally
Reasons for problems in adoption of ICT in Mass Education to reach
out to everyone – rural and urban.
1. Paper - universal – everybody
2. MISSING LINK - AGE - animated multimedia – not so rich but relevant
- AGE provides that link but requires computers
That allows all electronic media of transmission
Diskettes, pen drives, CDs, dial ups, broadband,
mobile phones, satellites
CDs/DVDs limited to reachable areas - very rich big sized
Flash/Java limited to broadband areas – smaller and nice
AGE complements all other platforms and do not replace any
Every platform has its usefulness and strengths
Practical Tech Not High Tech
"In my nearly 14 years of writing about information and
communications technology (ICT), I have never come
across an ICT company which adopted as sensible
and common sense approach to technology“ unquote
Surf Malaysia magazine September, 2008
Charles F Moreira Senior Writer
Mobile World see article
What AGE does.
1. Easy availability of Contents to all
Digital communities
AGE solves this problem.
It makes it easy to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime and in the most
difficult situations. AGE modules are so small that it takes seconds of
downloads for hours of usage through a slow dial up or mobile phone!
2. Empowering teachers to the next level.
To empower teachers from
Paper / blackboard to
---> Digital Classrooms
---> Digital Tutorials and Homework
Entire homework cycle
=> generate contents => students use =>collate
answers = > into Spreadsheets.
All paperless for free and instantly !
Try Authorware, Directors etc are too expensive
We don’t think teachers can afford up to US$3,000/station
AGE – US$50-00 per year, given free to schools.
Specially made for simple use for any teacher
3. Paperless Homework for a greener world
1 child go paperless is nothing
1 million children going paperless is significant
( Uplifts teachers to the next level for FREE ).
5 million children.. That is awesome!
School bag of the future 
All homework papers
School bag of tomorrow.
5 years of contents !
4. Nationwide data collation of students’
performances made easy.
Entire homework cycle
=> generate contents => students use =>collate
answers = > into Spreadsheets.
All students’ performance data collected are in digital spreadsheets
instantly !
Millions of children’s score sheets is now
available anytime and anywhere
This allows teachers to collate the data into Spreadsheets.
This electronic spreadsheets’ data in turn be centralised and analysed
by the State or central headquarters .
This powerful capabilities allow the country to take corrective measures
to students’ strengths and weaknesses for the ENTIRE COUNTRY!
What we have done so far....
Contents list
Preschools – multi languages Chinese, Malay and English
Primary schools UPSR English revisions/tutorials/model tests
Lower Secondary PMR English tutorials/model tests
Chinese Mandarin basic hanyu pinyin tutorials for International
students, basic conversation and words. Primary schools exercises
Additional Maths SPM Tutorials/model tests Forms4/5 O levels
> 400 E-books- instant home library
Plus many more to come !
Aesops' fables, children stories, Novels, Sci-fi, Poems, Plays,
Adventure stories, Short stories, Miscellaneous stories.
The Proofs - Running AGE modules...
Seconds of downloads hours of usage – small sized files
Can mix AGE with other platforms
e.g. with Power point , browser etc
Note: if you want to run AGE here, you must first have installed AGE tools to the computer. For
convenience run videos.
4 stroke engines
Run 4 strokes engine in using AGE
(73k) See folder <= only if AGE has been installed
Additional Mathematics O level video
Run AGE- additional Maths see folder <= only if AGE has been installed
Learn Chinese with sound and interactions
Run AGE- Chinese sample
See folder <= only if AGE has been installed
Learning English through Anti-smoking campaign video
(or anti-drug, anti-AIDs?)
Run Anti-smoking module See Folder <= only if AGE has been installed
Create instant Digital Homework
( 3 minutes or less)
Run in AGE <= only if AGE has been installed
Display non AGE high resolution graphics in
power point or in standard IE browser
User can then mix AGE with these platforms.
This PowerPoint page is about 300Kbytes.
Compare AGE’s much more info - only 73Kbytes
Other free software included
All links here are valid only if the software had been installed first
Free Wordweb dictionary
Speakonia – Text to speech software
Irfanview graphic programs
AGE text based Dictionaries/translators
Very useful when looking up for words. Beats any
paperbased dictionaries. Run Wordweb (valid if installed)
This assists students how to pronounce any word...based
on Microsoft Speech engine. Speakonia Text-to-speech
for teachers to convert and maintain their graphics.
English, English<Malay, English<Malay>Chinese with
sound support. Scientific terms for Malay<>English plus
many more to …………come. Run AGE dictionary
Support materials provided
free for teachers
Extra supporting materials
continuously supplied free for registered
Thousands of Graphics
Background patterns
for easy creation of modules.
AGE can reach out to all under
the most extreme conditions
Zone 1 – a. urban and suburban with broadband
most systems catering to this category only.
b. urban and suburban without broadband
Zone 2 - rural with dial ups with direct land line
Zone 3 - rural with satellite links with electricity
Zone 4 – rural no links and electricity near to telecenter
Using a pen drive students copy contents from telecenter and return to village
Zone 5 - rural areas without any link or electricity (middle
of nowhere but within postal service)
Zone 1 to 3 … AGE easily reach
Zone 4 and 5. Use a simple pen drive to deliver entire year’s contents. No need to access
real time. Use solar power with ULPC (ultra low cost PCs). 1 pen drive can contain the entire
requirements from standard to Form 5. No running cost.
How AGE helps out of reach
Currently Telecenters with slow satellite links or dial
up links cannot get access to good multimedia
Good for emails or general browsing
Time based would cost money
With AGE, people can come to telecenters, study
or access other facitilies good interactive
multimedia modules that are designed for
When time is up they can take the entire contents
good enough for 1 or more years home.
A thumb drive is all that is needed to take contents
to and from tele-centers.
How AGE helps
Currently people come to telecenters to
study or access to other facilities.
When time is up they go home.
With AGE, people can come to telecenters,
study or access other facitilies.
When time is up they can take the entire
contents good enough for 1 or more years
A thumb drive is all that is needed.
Allows easy analysis of
students’ score data
AGE allows government to collect very useful
students’ score data.
Collate scores locally and nationally
Score sheets of each students all around from the most remote
to well connected city telecenters.
Collate from all telecenters
These can then be easily transferred to HQ for remedial steps.
This important capabilities will go a long way to create an
effective students remedial initiatives.
These can be done nationally as often as are needed unlike
before this has been expensive and slow to do so.
What is required to run AGE
AGE Educator module to read all AGE modules
AGE E-workbook generator for teachers
Old or new PCs .. Cheap ULPCs
Cheap solar power …for low powered ULPC
Delivery… any way available in the market. No
need broadband.
Other countries...
Our next stop the world...
China , Pakistan, Africa, India, Indonesia
FREE for their schools as well for 1 year
(or more if they contribute to our contents base)
… all developing countries where the digital
divides are most pronounced
Collaborative activities
With Microsoft Malaysia
Using AGE contents for their refurbished
computers installed with WinXPs special
package for our armed forces personnel
earning less than RM1,500 per month.
Where AGE would be standard content installed…
PCs Pentium 4 refurbished to International std
Win XP Pro, Microsoft office 2003
After Malaysia, project
 Asia Pacific
Looking for international partners…
Meetings with Embassies and High
Commission officials of different countries
Sri Lanka
Meetings with Embassies and High
Commission officials of different countries
Development of contents for
Malaysian Schools
We are currently inviting partners
to develop more contents for local
Other modules and subjects besides
what we already have are to be
developed and distributed for free or
Modules developed may also be sold
globally to our other partners in other
Systems requirements for AGE
AGE runs on
WinXPs and below.
(Vista not supported)
PC486 or above
Ideal will be Ultra Low Cost PCs (ULPCs)
running WinXPs
Runs under DOS/Windows
Vista/Windows 7 or Linux version
expected to be released in mid 2010
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