Prettier More handsome
Most handsome
Which comparison do you
think we will be talking about?
Hint, choose the green ones.
We already know how to
say she is pretty. Now
we will be able to
compare how pretty she
is to someone or
something else.
 Jessica
prettier than
Ella es más
bonita que
More = más
than = que
Spanish will always say
more pretty, more tall, or
more small than…
For example: Breanna
is funnier than Matt.
Breanna es más cómica
que Matt.
Notice in the example
that the red adjective
matches the green
is nicer than Jeff.
Darren es más simpática
que Jeff.
Ryan is shorter than
Ryan es más bajo que Dani.
Even though Dani is
mentioned, the adjective is
masculine because of Ryan.
If the first noun mentioned is
plural, you must also pluralize
the adjective.
They are more honest
than Mallorie.
Ellos son más honestos que Mallorie..
Preston es más exigente
que Chakia.
Arielle, Brianna, Jeffrey,
y Justin son más
creativos que yo.
Notice in the last example
that the last word was “yo”.
Spanish uses the subject
pronouns after “que”.
Prettier than me = más
bonita que yo.
Older than =
mayor que
mayores que
Younger than = menor que
menores que
Page and Josh are younger
than me.
Ellos son menores que yo.
Bobby is younger than
Bobby es menor que Robert.
as = tan
as = como
Tan comes first, than como.
Khy is as demanding as a cow.
Khy es tan exigente como
una vaca.
Chris and Alex are as
fair as Judge Judy.
Chris y Alex son tan justos
como Judge Judy.
Is Matt as lazy as us?
¿Es Matt tan flojo como
Are you as boring as a
¿Eres tan aburrido como
un cerdo?
My parents are as strict
as Kylie y Preston.
Mis padres son tan
estrictos como Kylie y
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Can you guess who
made these sounds?
Louanne after a normal Cub’s season
Preston’s old girlfriend
Sara’s old boyfriend
Mallorie flirting
Brisa after kissing
Matt kissing
Michele after kissing Neil
Sr. Deem speaking spanish

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