Gillette Road Middle School
Fifth Grade Orientation
May 30, 2012
7:00 P.M.
Mrs. Barbara Poole
Building Principal & House II Principal
Mr. David Cordone
House I Principal
Mrs. Nikki Slater
House III Principal
The Middle School Child
While your child is a middle
school aged student, you can
expect to see many
developmental changes.
About Our “House” System
Gillette Road Middle School is divided into four houses
•Houses I, II and III consist of two or three interdisciplinary
teams for grades 5 & 6, and one interdisciplinary team
for grade 7.
•House IV consists of all special area teachers (music,
art, physical education, technology, health, home careers
and LOTE (languages other than English)
Benefits of the House System
•Provides a small school experience in a large school
•Simplifies the transitional experience for students
from one grade to the next
• Allows for increased communication between your
child’s team of teachers
•Allows teachers of the same interdisciplinary team to
be near their team members
Interdisciplinary Teams
 Each interdisciplinary
team consists of two or
three teachers.
 Students will have at least
one class with each of the
teachers on a team.
 Each team determines
who will teach each of the
core areas for the team
Schedule for 2012-2013
 Each 5th grade student will
receive 80 minutes of
instruction in ELA and math
per day
 Each fifth grade student will
receive the equivalent of 40
minutes of social studies and
science per day
 Developmental Reading &
specials (A/C & B/D rotation)
The Benefits of a Team
 Teachers can focus more
intensely as they make
instructional plans for
fewer content areas.
 Students experience a
variety of teaching styles.
 Teaming allows students a
smoother transition to the
educational experience of
the secondary level.
House I Fifth Grade Team
Ms. Barrett
Mrs. Mezzo
House I Fifth Grade Team
Mrs. Gower
Mrs. Roffo
House I – Fifth Grade Team
 Mrs. Tackley
Mrs. Gwynn
House II Fifth Grade Team
Mrs. Conners
Mr. Marzullo
Mrs. Wasiluk
House II Fifth Grade Team
Mrs. Kadlecik & Mrs. Bertone
House III Fifth Grade Team
Mrs. Harris
Mrs. Conese
Mrs. Bradt
Mrs. Collier
House III Fifth Grade
Mrs. M. Coon
Mr. Downs
Mrs. T. Coon
How will my child be placed?
 Students are grouped randomly and
heterogeneously into classes
 It is not possible to request a teacher or a
Gillette Publications
There are numerous ways we at Gillette
communicate with our parents, but we have
transitioned to a “paperless” approach. A
limited number of hard copies will be
available in the main office for each of the
following publications:
Gillette’s Student-Parent
 This publication
provides parents and
students with
information from
Board policies like
the Code of Conduct
to report card dates
and information on
school procedures at
The Student Agenda
 This booklet is an
organization tool
provided by the District
for each student to
record their daily
assignments and it is a
vehicle which teachers
may communicate to
“What’s Up Gillette?”
 This booklet contains
a listing of all of the
activities available to
students at Gillette.
Some are one-time
events, while others
may be offered for
specified period of
Monthly Newsletter
 Gillette has a monthly
newsletter with a
message from our
building principal and
highlights for
upcoming events to be
held.Our monthly
newsletter is available
on line.
School Hours & Transportation
 School begins at 8:00 AM and the last class
ends at 2:40 PM each day
 There are two bus line-ups at Gillette
dropping off in the AM and picking up
students in the PM
 Late busses for after school clubs and
activities pick students up at 4:10 PM (there
are six area busses)
Gillette’s Friendly Support Staff!
Other staff members who
make Gillette a great place to
learn and to grow!
Our Security Guard
Mrs. Colunio
Like all Schools in our district, Gillette has
a sign-in and sign-out procedure for students.
Parents are asked to sign into the building and
report to the attendance office with their child
when students arrive late. When picked up early,
parents are required to show proper ID to our staff
in the Attendance Office. To expedite the process,
parents are encouraged to send a note ahead of time.
Parents are always welcome to our building, but
arrangements to visit a classroom must be made
with the teacher in advance
» .
» .
Office Staff
Ms. Sweeting
Mrs. Davern
Our School Resource Officer
 Deputy Chris Dell
 (Shared with Roxboro Road Middle
Office Staff
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. DiRoma
Attendance Office
Mrs. Setter
Health Office
Mrs. Copani
Mrs. Myers
Student Support Services
Mrs. Water
Mrs. Ormsbee
Ms. Vosburg
What support services are
 Newcomers groups
 Groups that support social skill
 Peer-to-Peer Program with our elementary
 Crisis Intervention Team
Resource Teachers
Mrs. Mulvihill
Mrs. Howieson
Mrs. Kopp
Mrs. MacKenzie
Academic Intervention Services
 Provided for the areas
of Math and ELA
 Student eligibility is
based on standardized
test scores
Mrs. Morton Mrs. Gilbert Mrs. Ciesla
Classroom Music Teachers
Mr. D’Alberto
& 6th Grade Choruses
 All interested students may participate with parent
 Chorus will meet after school from 3:00-4:10 P.M.
 There is a minimum of two night performances, Festival of
the Arts show, and some assemblies
 Students who participate in chorus are also eligible to
participate in the Show Chorus for the annual musical
Instrumental Music
 Students who perform at a
certain level are allowed to
Meets Mondays & Wednesdays
until 3:15 P.M. (grades 5 & 6)
7th grade meets during the
school day
Lessons offered through
rotating schedule
Students must make up work
for classes missed
Orchestra students receive a
 Students who perform at a
certain level are allowed to
Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays
until 3:15 P.M. (grades 5 & 6)
7th grade meets during the
school day
Lessons are offered through
rotating schedule
Students must make up work
for classes missed
Band students receive a grade
Instrumental Music Teachers
Mr. Liccione
Mr. Turner
Ms. Stephenson
Mr. Heidemann
Physical Education
Ms. Santangello
Mr. Smith
Mr. Pecori
Mr. Aldrich
Mrs. Congden
Media Center
Mrs. Watson, our
Specialist invites you
to stop by our new
Media Center.
Does Gillette have an active
parent group?
Gillette has a very active
PTG! It will meet one
Monday of every-othermonth at 6:30 P.M. Please
refer to the monthly
The Officers for the 2010-2011
school year are:
Co-Vice President:
Lynette Hughes
Patti Colunio
Lisa Dehm
Prohibited Items
 Consistent with our Code of
Conduct, there are some items
that are not allowed in school.
These items tend to be
distracting to the learning
process, and they also become
items that are stolen from timeto-time. Some of these items
 I-Pods, CD players, Cameras,
and cell phones
Summer Expectations
 The reading list for 5th grade will be posted on the
 A letter indicating a student’s placement will be
mailed to parents the third week of August
 A general supply list will posted on our website
 Due to the replacement of Gillette’s roof this
summer, students, staff and parents will not be
allowed access to our school building. Summer
tour dates will be announced at a later date via our
Before we take you on a tour of
Gillette, can we answer any
Thank You
On behalf of the Gillette Staff, we thank
you for coming this evening. We look
forward to sharing a wonderful middle
school experience with you and your child.

Gillette Road Middle School - North Syracuse Central