Thursday August 13, 2009
Special Services Parent Advisory
“ Parents, staff, administration, and board of
education members collaborating through
partnership to enhance the special education
services in District 158.”
• Professional Background
Mr. Perry Yates
LaGrange Area Department of Special Education
Communication Development Network Program
Managed cooperative’s five multi-district Autism programs
serving students from ECE-8th grade.
Program coordinator for District 103 ECE program.
Lawn Manor Primary Center
Special Education Coordinator / School Social Worker
Facilitated all facets of special education services at Lawn
Manor, which served students ECE-2nd grade.
Provided individual, group, and classroom school social work
services to all grade levels.
Family Therapist
Forest Academy Day School
Clinical Education Assistant
Provided outpatient therapy to children, adolescents, and
Responsible for crisis intervention, group therapy, and
behavioral consultation for students with severe
• Did You Know…
Mr. Perry Yates
I live in LaGrange, Illinois with my wife,
Mimi, and two daughters Anna (13),
and Abby (11). We have a red Labrador
retriever named Red (original huh!), an
African Grey parrot named Paulie, and
Oscar the hamster. The whole family
loves to play tennis, go camping, and to
the beach. As you can see by the
photos, the girls and I enjoy fishing.
Our favorite summer vacation spot is
Lake Geneva.
• Professional Background
Mrs. Stacy O’Dea
Masters of Science in Educational Administration, Northern Illinois University
Masters of Science in Special Education, Northern Illinois University
BS in Special Education, Learning Disability/Emotional Disability, Eastern IL
Special Education District of McHenry County, Woodstock, IL
August 1999-June 2000
Self-Contained Special Education Teacher
Consolidated School District 158, Algonquin, IL
August 2000-present
Middle School Special Education Teacher
Cooperating supervisor for student teachers
Marlowe Middle School Team Leader
Chairperson for school’s Social Committee responsible for budgeting
and planning events
Huntley High School Girls’ Softball coach for 5 seasons
Member of School Improvement Plan team (SIP)
Mrs. Stacy O’Dea
• Did You Know…
• Two children…
McKenzie (4)
Kendall (1)
Black Lab Josie (15)
New chocolate lab
Sibley (4 months)
Enjoy water skiing; watching
Sci-Fi movies; playing with kids;
Date night with hubby, Ben
• Professional Background
Mrs. Karen Aylward
•BS in Special Education – NIU
•MS Ed in Educational Administration – NIU
•Type 75 Director of Special Education
•Northwest Academy HS –ED/BD teacher
•Huntley Middle School – 7/8th Special Services
•District 158- Assistant Director of Special
Special Thoughts:
•Strong Advocate for Student led IEPs
•Career goal to complete PhD in Education
Mrs. Karen Aylward
• Did You Know…
Two kids = Nicolas 10
Kayla 4
Parent in District 158
Very competitive
Vacationing in LA at the time of
Michael Jackson’s infamous death
Addicted to Facebook
My little brother had an IEP
Played Division I Softball at Loyola
on full ride
Meeting Agenda
• Review Mission Statement
• Recap of Committee
• Effective/Efficient
• Program Enhancements
• IEP Parent Survey
• Confirmation of Future
Meeting Dates
Mission Statement
Special Services Parent
Advisory Committee
Mission Statement
• Parents, staff, administration, and
board of education members
collaborating through partnership to
enhance the special education
services in District 158.
Reacp of Purpose
• Functions
– Bridge the gap between D158 and parents
• Collaboration Efforts
• Decision Making Process
– Autocratic
– Democratic
– Consensus (Fist-Five)
– Consultative
• Majority of decision making for parent advisory will
be Consensus and Consultative
• Strengths and Opportunities for
Effective/Efficient Meetings
Agenda Specific
Respect Open Forum
Maintain a global perspective as we
continue to improve our district
• Addressing goals at hand
Program Enhancements
• Transition
– Protocol
– Elementary to MS Parent Night
• Descriptions of Programs on Website
• Communication
– Mass email for Parent Advisory
– Volunteer for Parent
newsletter/merge with blog?
• Staff Development
– Aide training 8/12
– Autism specific training
– Additional opportunities for SEDOM
professional development
• SEDOM Transition and Careers
SEDOM Transition/Careers
• Sharon Slover-Transition Specialist
• Karen Hansen-Transition Specialist
• The Education & Careers Department is
designed to assist districts in meeting
their obligation of post-school goals and
transition outcomes according to IDEA
SEDOM Transitions/Careers
• IDEA 2004 (1)(A) ensures that all children with
disabilities have available to them a free
appropriate public education that emphasizes
special education and related services designed
to meet their unique needs and prepare them
for further education, employment and
independent living.
• The Mission of SEDOM Education & Careers is
to serve as a catalyst for coordination of
research, education and service relating to
youth and young adults with disabilities, as
they make and act upon community,
employment, and personal/social choices.
• The Goal of the Education & Careers is to
enhance education and provide access to
comprehensive career development for every
student. This is accomplished through
academic support, career information, real-life
experiences, a diverse curriculum and
community involvement.
SEDOM Transitions/Careers
Education and Careers
Business Partners
McHenry County College
Pet Vet
Sam’s Club
Harley Davidson
Champion Pizza
Centegra Health Services
Noodles and Co.
Holiday Inn
Program Enhancements
• Parent Mentor Speaker
– Exploration of local district parent
mentoring programs
– Orland D135 and Wheaton D200
• Parent Survey Review (tonight)
• In-District survey and Special Services
parent survey development as discussed
at last Board of Education meeting
• Staff-student ratio for caseloads of all
programs have been reviewed and meet
IL School Code 23-226.730(bc)
• Collaboration with Building and Grounds
and Chief Operations Manager for Autism
• Community Resources Link
• Review of curriculum in programs and
ensuring consistency
Program Enhancement
• Social Skills Programs through ARRA and
Social Emotional Learning Standards
– Advisory programs
– Social Work services delivered
• OT/PT services monitoring sensory needs
takes place at all schools
• District-wide continued RtI staff
development and strengthened
partnerships with Special Services and
• Staff Development for co-teaching in
• Collaborative decision making process
through the IEP meeting
• PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention
Systems), CPI (Crisis Prevention
Institute), Advisory, Character Education,
Best Practices for in loco parents (as per
IL School Code)
Program Enhancements
• Partner with Health Services
• Visible leadership and new Special
Services team dynamics
• Highly qualified staff/related service
– Communication between team
members to provide services
• Wilson Language has been purchased and
moving toward implementation
• Interactive books and books on tape
available in LRC at each building
– Staff knowledge of resources
• Board Policy for teacher recommendation
• Representatives from each building to
attend Special Services Parent Advisory
IEP Parent Survey Input
• Handout of current parent survey
• Discussion of modality of survey
– Online
– Paper
• Handouts of survey examples
Meeting Schedule
• Currently held second Thursday of the
• Do we want to rotate?
• Suggestions?

hand in hand in