Lionel Messi
• Lionel Andrés Messi nació el 24 de junio de
1987 en Rosario, Argentina.
• He started playing soccer for a local team,
Newell’s Old Boys, when he was 8 years old.
• When Messi was 13 he was offered to play for
Barcelona, so Messi and his family moved to
• At the age of 16, Lionel made his first
appearance for Barcelona and on May 1, 2005
became the youngest player to ever score for
the club.
• In 2005, Messi also led Argrentina to win the
under-20 World Cup.
• Lionel Messi ha llevado a Barcelona a varios
logros, incluyendo la Liga de Campeones,
español club títulos y Liga BBVA.
Achievement #1
• Messi was recently named FIFA World Player of the Year for
the fourth consecutive time. Lionel was voted for by national
coaches, journalists, and captains to win this title. With his
fourth crown, Messi surpasses two players with three titles
each, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane. Messi has won more
Player of the Year awards than any other player in history.
Messi es muy talentoso. Messi puede ser considerado el
mejor jugador de la historia.
Achievement #2
• This past year, Lionel Messi nicknamed “The Flea”, broke the
record for most goals ever scored in a calendar year, with 91.
He surpassed the old record belonging to Gerd Muller, who
had 85 goals. Lionel reached this feit on December 9, 2012
against Real Betis. In the past year, Messi has scored 81 goals
with his left foot, 7 with his right, and 3 with his head. Messi
antonó en el minuto 25 para romper el record. Messi es un
fantástico finisher.
Messi’s Legacy
• Messi will be remembered for his amazing footskills.
• He will also be remembered as the leading goal-scorer for
• Lionel also received four FIFA Player of the Year awards
• Not only, will he be known for being an amazing soccer player,
but also as an ambassador for UNICEF.
• “La Pulga” es simpático y talentos.
• Messi es una inspiración para los jugadores en tudo el mundo.
Lionel Messi

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