Music in the Olympic
Prof. Sergio Font Milian, PhD.
Freddie Mercury
Born on Sept. 5, 1946 in Zanzibar (Tanzania).
Died on Nov. 24, 1991 in London.
British musician and composer. Lead
vocalist of the rock band Queen.
He composed many
hits for Queen,
including Bohemian
Rhapsody, Don’t
stop me now,
Barcelona and
We are the Champions.
Montserrat Caballé
Spanish soprano,
born in Barcelona,
on April 12, 1933.
Has sung with opera companies in
Switzerland, Spain, New York, Philadelphia,
Moscow and Italy, among others.
Has appeared on stage with such famous
tenors as José Carrera, Luciano Pavarotti and
Plácido Domingo.
Her voice is noted for its purity, precise
control and power.
• Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé
became friends in 1986, and she called on
Freddie a year later when the mayor of
Barcelona asked for a song to commemorate
the Olympic Games.
• “We worked on some ideas, he sat at the
piano and we ended up improvising all
through the night, but it was worth it.”
It was a hit in the UK, Spain, and around the
world. It became the
hymn of the 1992
Summer Olympics.
Caballé sang it live at
the opening of the
Olympics with Mercury’s part played on a
screen because he had died 10 months before.
I had this perfect dream.
Un sueño me envolvió.
This dream was me and you.
Tal vez estás aquí.
I want all the world to see
Un instinto me guiaba.
A miracle sensation,
My guide and inspiration.
Now my dream is slowly coming true.
I want + someone + to …
I want all the world to see.
I want the bells to ring.
I want you to repeat.
I want her love to increase.
I want him to read this.
I don’t want her to leave.
I just want you to dream.
The wind is a gentle breeze
-el me habló de tí.
The bells are ringing out
-el canto vuela.
They're calling us together
Guiding us forever
Wish my dream would never go
Expressing a wish
I wish my dream would never go away.
I wish she trained harder.
I wish you didn`t talk about failure again.
I wish our judges were more qualified.
I wish he would listen to his coach.
Barcelona - it was the first time that we
Barcelona - how can I forget?
The moment that you stepped into the
room you took my breath away.
Barcelona - la música vibró.
Barcelona - y ella nos unió.
And if God’s willing we will meet again
It was the first time that…
we met.
we took part in a race like that.
I competed against those top gymnasts.
I was so confident in my own success.
she won a match without losing one set.
his bicycle broke in the middle of a race.
he was injured in competition.
Let the songs begin. Déjalo nacer.
Let the music play. -ahhhhhhhh...
Make the voices sing. Nace un gran amor.
Start the celebration. Ven a mí.
And cry. Grita.
Come alive. Vive.
And shake the foundations from the skies.
Ah, ah, shaking all our lives.
Let / Make
Let the music play.
Let the show begin.
Let the judges work.
Make the voices sing.
Make the runners return.
Barcelona - such a beautiful horizon
Barcelona - like a jewel in the sun
Por ti seré gaviota de tu bella mar.
Barcelona - suenan las campanas.
Barcelona - abre tus puertas al mundo.
If God is willing,
If God is willing,
If God is willing,
Friends until the end.
Viva – Barcelona!
If + subject + be
If God is willing, we’ll be friends until the end.
If Bill is lucky, __________________________.
If he is persistent, ______________________.
If he is focused, ________________________.
If his pain is relieved, ___________________.
If + subject + be
If God is willing, we’ll be friends until the end.
If Bill is lucky, he can win a medal.
If he is persistent, he can be successful.
If he is focused, he will perform very well.
If his pain is relieved, he will not have trouble
defeating his opponent.
Summary of language items
I want someone to…
I wish…
It was the first time…
Let / Make
If + subject + be