La Sagrada Familia
By Michael Schoenfeld
• the Sagrada Familia is a giant Temple that
has been under construction since 1882
• It was designed by Gaudi
• Gaudi died in 1926 and construction
slowed down
The Facades of La Sagrada
The Nativity Facade
• This facade, oriented to the east and the
rising sun, is dedicated to the birth of
Jesus and his life. It is located at Marina
The Passion Facade
• This facade is oriented to the west. Sharp
geometrical shapes and bare ornamentation are
used to represent the passion and death of
Jesus Christ. It is located at Sardenya Street.
• It is composed by a six-column portal that has
three entrance doors located between four belltowers in line. The doors are also dedicated to
the Christian virtues.
The Glory Facade
• This will be the main facade of the Temple, but it is not
built yet. It will be located at Mallorca Street and oriented
to the south. It will be devoted to the Glory of Jesus.
• To the right and left hand side will be located the chapel
of the Holy Sacrament and the Baptistery. There is going
to be eleven doors in total, giving entrance to the
chapels and the cloister.
The Bell Towers
• 12 bell-towers between 90 m and 112 m high
represent the apostles. At a certain height their
rhomboidal shape becomes elliptic. The outline
of their upper part evocates the crosier of the
bishops, their knot symbolizes the ring, and the
end of the bell-tower is a double shield similar
to a metre, containing a golden cross with the
initials of the apostle to whom is dedicated each
Importance to Barcelona
• It is one of Barcelona’s main tourist
• Construction will continue until 2041
• The church will be able to accommodate
13,000 people
The End

La Sagrada Familia -