Bellwork: Wednesday, 10/16/13
1. Take out your school nouns list.
2. Take out a pen/pencil.
I will return your Body Nouns Test and give you
your current average. We will review the test then
begin our lesson on school nouns.
Bellwork (Preparation)
II. Review Tests/Averages
III. School Nouns ***add nouns to notes***
A. Pronunciation
B. Identification in the Classroom
C. Practice Activity
D. Translate Paragraph (Group Activity)
IV. Review/Homework
TSWBAT identify school nouns by
translating them to Spanish.
TSWBAT identify the correct translations
for singular and plural nouns by stating
the correct translations in Spanish.
TSWBAT describe nouns by using the
correct translations (adjectives) in the
correct format.
Practice Activity: Translate the following phrases in
Spanish. Remember the adjectives must agree with the
noun in gender and amount and will follow the nouns
they describe.
For example: the yellow pencil = el lápiz amarillo
The yellow pencils
The blue pen
The blue pens
Two students’ desks
The red, white, and blue flag
Practice Activity Answers:
1. The yellow pencils
2. The blue pen
3. The blue pens
4. Two students’ desks
5. The red, white, and blue flag
= los lápices
= la pluma azul
= las plumas azules
= dos pupitres
= la bandera roja,
blanca, y azul
Read the following paragraphs that describe 4 different
classrooms. As a group, translate each paragraph by writing
the English translation. If you finish early, begin illustrating
the items included in the classrooms.
Hay muchos pupitres azules. También, hay un reloj, dos cuadernos
amarillos, y cinco lápices rojos. Hay una pizarra verde, y cincuenta y
tres borradores morados, pero no hay una puerta.
There are many blue desks. Also, there is a clock, two yellow
notebooks, and five red pencils. There is a green chalkboard, and 53
purple erasers, but there is not a door.
HAY = There are or There is NO HAY = There is not or There are no
MUCHOS(AS) = many
UNA/UN = a/an
= is
PERO = but
SON = are
La clase 2
Hay una pizarra verde y dos lápices. Hay
un reloj blanco, pero no hay un reloj
negro. Hay muchos pupitres, un
cuaderno, y un mapa. Hay un diccionario
y una silla rosada. También, hay una
ventana amarilla.
La clase 3
Hay una puerta y un cuaderno
amarillo. Hay una ventana, un reloj y
cuatro lápices rojos. Los pupitres son
azules y los libros son verdes. En la
clase, hay un escritorio y dos sillas.
La clase 4
Hay una puerta y una mesa. También,
hay un reloj blanco y una ventana
morada. Los lápices son rojos, pero
no hay un diccionario.
Homework: Wednesday, 10/16/13
Write each school noun 3 times each.
Include the English as well as the
Spanish translations.
Study your school nouns!!!!!!!!

Bellwork: Wednesday, 10/16/13 Take out your school nouns list