Estudiando en el extranjero
Mi programa
• Our program in Santander, Spain lasted 8
weeks from the end of May until the
beginning of July.
• It was specifically tailored for intermediatelevel Spanish students, and we took MSUrequired classes taught by Spanish professors.
• We stayed with host families and had a
graduate student that came with us to make
sure our visit was a care-free one.
Mis habitaciones
Nuestras familias españolas
• Each student received a different host family so
that we would have to rely on our Spanish in the
• Our host families were required to provide a bed,
breakfast, and dinner, but many went above and
beyond because in Spain, family comes first.
• Host families are a GREAT way to learn about the
history and culture of whatever country you find
yourself in, along with making friends to visit for
when you travel in the future.
La Universidad Internacional
Menéndez Pelayo
Mis estudios
• Tomé tres clases en la UIMP:
• Por la mañana, una clase de la literatura
española y una clase de la cultura española
• Por el tarde, una clase de la enseñanza de
español como una lengua segunda (teaching
Spanish as a second language)
• Cada clase fue enseñada solamente en
Los fines de semana
• In our program, we had two planned weekend
excursions provided through MSU:
– A day spent in Bilbao, the capital of Basque
Country, and only a two-hour bus ride away from
– A day spent in los Picos de Europa, a mountain
range in the north of Spain. (See the beginning
Los Picos de Europa
• The other weekends were free for us to plan
our own trips. Mine included:
– Santillana del Mar (a 14th-century town near
– Sevilla, Andalucia (Seville)
– Barcelona, Cataluña
– Londres, Inglaterra (London)
– Cabarcenos (a giant national park near Santander
that was also a zoo)
Santillana del Mar
Londres(including the Harry Potter set
1. Independence. You are in charge of what you do with
your free-time and who you become close to, but you
also have to plan, navigate, be prepared to be
completely out of your comfort zone, etc., etc.
2. Reflection. Being immersed in a different culture allows
you think about who you are and also become a much
more open-hearted person.
3. Educational opportunities are EVERYWHERE, ALL THE
TIME, when you are in a different country.
4. Accessibility to travel to other countries. At least in
Europe, it is very easy to travel to many different places
once you arrive there.
Last, but not least…
5. The wonderful, lasting relationships you will
make with not only other students, but with your
host family, your professors, etc., if you are
willing to step out of your comfort zone.
*NOTE: If you want to study any foreign language at
the college-level, I highly recommend studying
abroad not only for these reasons, but in order to
gain the conversational skills that are hard to gain
in a classroom.

Estudiando en el extranjero