Nuestra Agencia Inmobiliaria
(Our Estate Agency)
The project!
Your leaflet needs to include the following:
Where is the house located?
What type of house is it – old, new, detached,
semi-detached, terraced?
What is the total number of rooms in this house.
What rooms are to be found on the ground floor
What rooms are to be found on the first floor.
Give additional information about some of the room
Say if there is a garden, a garage, a cellar, an attic.
The project!
• Your work should be clearly and attractively
• You must use correctly capital letters, commas
and full stops.
• Recommended website:
You can select English to research the
information on this website, but your leaflet
must be produced in Spanish
Here is an example of what
you could do!
250.000 euros
En esta casa hay ocho
(In this house there are 8 rooms)
En la planta baja hay una cocina grande, un salón
acogedor y un comedor moderno.
Un comedor moderno
Una cocina grande
Un salón acogedor
En la primera planta hay tres dormitorios.
Un dormitorio grande de
color rojo
Un dormitorio pequeño de color
rosa y blanco
Un dormitorio grande de
color amarillo y azul
En la planta baja hay también un cuarto
de baño reformado.
Un cuarto de baño
En el desvàn hay un despacho
Un grand bureau
Esta casa està situada en el sur de
Inglaterra, cerca de Londres.
(This house is located in the south of England, near
PRECIO: 250.000 €

Nuestra Agencia Inmobiliaria