• Sonia nació en junio 25, 1954, en The Bronx, New York.
• Después de asistir a la escuela de derecho, trabajo en New York cuatro y
media años.
• She played an active role on the boards of directors for funds, agencies,
and boards.
• George W. Bush nominated her for the US District Court in 1991 and was
confirmed in 1992.
• She was put on the US Senate with a 38 to 28 vote.
• On May 26, 2009, Sonia Sotomayor was nominated by President Barack
Obama to be in the Supreme Court.
Sonia fue la primera Latina Supreme Court Justice.
Ella es muy inteligente y mira la aplicación práctica de las leyes.
Before she was in Supreme Court Justice, Sonia was a federal judge.
Her hard work is what got her this far.
Many people compliment and support her even if they do disagree with
her opinions.
• “When issues come up, like racial profiling, for example, she is not arguing
in a vacuum,” says Benny Agosto.
• Sonia estudiá en Yale Law School.
• De hecho, ha participado en muchas universidades.
• She earned a scholarship to Princeton University, where she got the
highest undergraduate.
• Her skills then later helped her to save baseball, ending the strike in 1995.
• Because she volunteered her time at many different places, many looked
up to and admired her.
• Sonia had many achievements that led her to where she is now.
• Sonia Sotomayor es conocido por ser el primer Latina en la Supreme
• Su trabaja es admirada y que será recordada siempre.
• Many say that she will be known as the one who “paved the way forward.”
• People will remember her because she was the third woman in the
Supreme Court.
• Her hard work is admired and will be remembered always.
• “To dream big, always, Sotomayor shows us that as Latinos, we can do it,”
quotes Benny Agosto.

Sonia Sotomayor