Bulletin 21
On April 20, 2008 was realized, in the city of Salerno, south of Italy, the first transcommunication congress that was called “Oltre la
Vita – si puó comunicare con l’aldilá?” (“After life – Is it possible to communicate with the Other Side?”) an initiative of Paola
Pagano and friends.
Paola interested on the subject, when 20 years ago, received, with stunning surprise, a brief phone call from a friend, deceased priest,
that identified himself and left her a message. That, practically, came to change everything in which she believed and, in a certain
way, her life. Know ledged and intelligent, started to study related subjects. She visited for four times her fellow countryman and
medium transcomunicator, Marcelo Bacci, in the city of Grosseto, and each time she anchored the certainty that everything was truth.
Until finally, researching through internet, she took knowledge of our work and found interesting to invite us for her first intent.
A trip of almost 11 hours, a time difference of 5 hours and a
freezing temperature of 13°C (55°F), marked our arrival to
Napoli – but the warmth of the italians made us forget
everything. I had all the time the company of Paola Valitutti,
Paola Pagano’s advisor, that turned out to be my translator
and mainly, my friend.
We took the background photo in Pompeii,
destroyed in 78 AC by the Vesuviu’s eruption.
In order to confirm that our friends were aware of the trip I made some
recordings. Here we have a mixture of recordings in portuguese, spanish and
italian, remembering that on the prioneer Jürgenson’s times, that happened
wirh frequency:
(Listen to the recordings which appear in red)
The background photo is from objects recovered in Pompeii.
As soon as I started to record I was telling what I was doing and
before saying that I was putting on the headphones to listen, Mr.
German said:
01 - ”Cê fica linda!” (“You’re beautiful!”)
Sonia: -”… putting on the headphones now…”
Since the recording was done through the telephone from
Rio to São Paulo, I remained listening on the extension, and
ask for Mario to make more questions:
Mario: - ”Do you want me to make more?”
09- -”Figlio quer la voz!” (“Son want the voice!”)
Sonia: -”Go ahead a little more…”
In another recording, talking with Mr. German, I ask:
Sonia: -”Do you know who’s Mario?”
10-”Eu sei!” (“I know!”)
I ask if any deceased italians, which their names were handled to
me, could communicate:
Sonia: -”Would they be able to talk now?”
02- Sr. Alemão: - “Poder gravar!” (“Can record!”)
I try to talk to Mario’s father by myself:
Sonia: -”Hi Mr.Mario…”
11- -”Ô Mario ascoltcha!” (“Mario listens!”)
Here a beautiful mix of italian and spanish.
Our volunteer italian translator, Mario, that lives in Rio de Janeiro
lost his father in Italy – and I try contact with him, that is also
named Mario:
03 -”Voy tchamar!” (“Going to call!”)
Sonia: Could you leave a message?
Sonia: -”Do you want to leave a message for her?
12- -”Buon giorno! io parlo!” (“Good morning! I
Something curious:
After I turned down the background noise, a “direct” voice appears
answering me when I thank:
Sonia: -”Grazie!”
04- (direct voice) -”É daqui !” (“It’s from here!”)
I call the attention to the fact of having a portuguese person on the
Other Side:
05- (Portugal’s accent) – “Só melhora!” (“Just gets better”!)
On the following day we did a test with Mario calling from Rio to
talk to his father:
Mario: - Papá ti voglio tanto bene! (“Dad I love you very much!”)
06- -”Isso funciona tu tá qüi!” (“That functions you are here!”)
It’s curious that they mixed portuguese and italian.
In italian he asks for his son to call him:
07- “Chiame papá!” (“Call dad!”)
08- “Parla… piángere!” (Speak… crying!”) (he asks to speak
and says he cries).
Mario calls from Rio again:
Mario: -”Is there any message for her?”
13 -”Vive la voz!” (“The voice lives!”)
Mario asks for a message to her living mother and the
answer is for her to check the recorded voice.
Mario: Papa, how are you ?
14 -”Ti voglio dare notizie!” (“I wish to give you news!”)
Before I say that I’m going to travel, he announces that
everybody already knows:
15- -”Alór tutto sabe!” (“Everybody know!”)
Sonia: -”I’m going to Italy…”
He says that my language is a song:
16- -”Una cancione…” (“A song!”)
Sonia: - “Can you understand me talking portuguese?”
17- -”Esperato vere!” (“Wait to see!”)
18- -”Arrivato a mia casa!” (“Arrived to mu house!”)
(seems he feels back home, back as part of his family).
From the airport we went straight to a meeting with journalists, and from there to a TV
station. That was determinant for bringing new people into the event, as we came to
find out. On the following day, an engineer and friend Paolo Presi and his wife Anna,
arrived from Údine, north of Italy, almost frontier with Eslovenia. Together, we went for
a tour (on foot – because in the majority of streets no car can go through) to the
surroundings, observing the curious architecture – practically the biggest part of the
city has a medieval nature, with tight streets, houses without depthness or patio (what
forces them, typically, to hang their cloth to dry on the balconies). We visited a
beautiful church with over 1.000 years and, of course, practicing every while, the italian
national sport: to eat. I used to joke a lot with that, because there must not exist, on the
planet, another country in which people eat so much – and worst: so well.
To the surprise even of the organizers, a public of almost 400 people appeared at the
Teatro Delle Arti’s auditorium – what, considering that the fact of being in Europe is
already uncommon, and more yet, because it was in Italy, which is seated in the
Papa’s lap – world center of Catholicism, that in its basis, disapprove the survival after
death, the reincarnation and the communication with the Other Side – central support
of our work.
Paola Pagano,
the organizer
The event was opened by the sensitive Susy Valitutti and following spoke our
colleague the engineer Paolo Presi – presenting the work of Marcello Bacci.
Paolo, jointly with Daniele Gullá, study and analyze paranormal voices and
images. Daniele’s analysis are the heart of “IL Laboratorio” (The Laboratory) –
headquarters in Bologna. It was him who analyzed and authenticated the
brazilian case of the young deceased Edna, pointing 99% of similarity
between the samples of the voices of the young girl when she was alive and
after death. It was a notable case, studied in depth and in long 52 pages, the
we will publish yet. Paolo announced that soon they will publish a book, more
specifically directed to the world scientific community, where they relate, with
total impartiality, analysis of voices and conclude that, mathematically,
alterations are detected that effectively correspond to voices and not to
“hallucinations” or mere hearing impressions. As is proper in a scientific work,
they respect the necessary impartiality, limiting to certify that the voices are
real and from an unknown origin – that is, by the logic of our science, they
shouldn’t be there. But they are.
Eng. Paolo Presi’s Theme
Both in Europe and USA, people still use a recorder unlike our work that moved to
computers 10 years ago. Marcello Bacci, 80, uses an old-fashioned valve’s radio.
Since 20 years ago voice recordings have been made by his close friends who
follow him. Now he doesn’t make a meeting all Fridays, which he did for many
years mainly comforting desperate mothers. Actually he only calls a meeting once
a month since his health doesn’t allow him for more than that.
At right,
Eng. Paolo Presi
and below, the italian
pioneer, Marcello Bacci
and his valves radio
(scene from the film presented
By the lecturer).
One can not deny the great worth of decades of devotion in behalf of those broken
hearts due to great losses. Marcello, in his simplicity, changed the life of many
But when the subject is transcommunication, one has to take advantage of the
technology progress by following the evolution both from this and the other side.
Marcello never changed his proceedings. Since the beginning he uses the same
radio and his strong medium capacity. This is clear due to several factors: besides
the voices, there are always some “apport’” cases – objects that fall down from
nowhere. Generally, they fall close to those who our friends wish to offer a gift.
When I was with Marcello in Grosseto in 2005, I got a rose heart which
unexpectedly fell down close to my feet. Marina, Marcello’s wife saw the rose,
picked it up and gave it to me and I was absolutely astonished. Other facts also
show that Marcello is a medium of physical effects: his radio does not operate as a
regular radio during the sessions. Once the channel is open for the “other side”,
one can move the dial that nothing will interfere with the entering voices.
Paolo told that he witnessed a session in which voices were communicating when
a technician who was attending the session decided to remove a valve from the
radio. He took it out but nothing changed and the radio continued being the vehicle.
He then started taking out all the 5 valves, one by one, until removing the last one
when they thought the radio would turn off. But no, the voices continued to be
heard. This experience demonstrates that the radio is not used as a regular radio,
that is receiving regular radio vibrations.
Thus, the transcommunication exercised by this fabulous Italian is marked by his
strong medium capacity, and this is why other transcommunicators in the world are
not able to apply his method.
Apport are objects that appear “from
nowhere”, generally they fall from a
certain height and drop. This pink glass
heart fell at my feet during my visit to
Marcello, in 2005.
In the morning, I presented our audio results. There were around 15
cases and the attendance was amazed for the quality and clearness of
the voices. It was really interesting to be able to show that our technique
is accessible to those who does not have the exuberant medium capacity
of that gentle soul, Marcello. According to our experience, our recording
method (see the “Recording Voices” Book) allows any person to record
paranormal voices.
After my speech, it was Rosa Langella’s turn, the Napolitan who lost two
sons and the husband. For years she records using only one recorder or
both a recorder and a radio producing the noise (as it is still used in
almost all the countries). She presented some voices in the recorder
extracted from a couple of tapes. Rosa has been supporting mothers who
lost their children and thus, she is another dedicated Italian who helps to
ease the pain of those that also feel her pain.
After lunch time, it was a priest’s turn to talk about seeing “angels” and
“devils” (!!!) at death-bed. At that moment, my brain denied to understand
what he was talking about. The theme was quite strange and his catholic
point of view mislead it even more. It is obvious that he did not attend the
other presentations as he run the risk of being confronted by the
attendance that although having a catholic graduation do argue about
some of the church’s “dogmas’. By the end of his speech, someone
asked him about the origin of the “angels” – if they were children who died
and/or from where they came. He then relied upon the dogma that God is
the one who creates and that’s it. (???)
Right after the priest, it was again my turn to present a second theme –
IMAGES -- mainly focused on deceased people appearances. My two
presentations made in Power Point had he important support of the
Italian-inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro Mario Masprone, one of our dedicated
volunteers. Born in Italy and living in Rio for more that twenty years, he
translated my presentations with excellence thus allowing the attendance
to follow the content in their own language. Obviously, the videos showing
dead people appearing life and colorful, caused great impact as they
mentioned afterwards.
The background photo is Paola’s house
and in the smaller image, a moment during
our presentation.
The last presentation was a “sui-generis” medium’s case: Laura
Paradiso from Siracusa, helps people through a method created by
herself and her spiritual mentors.
As Marcello Bacci’s example, she mixes equipments with her medium
capacity, a chaos that works. After presenting her experiences, she
offered to make a public demonstration for the audience.
She opened a black plastic CD box, leaving it open and empty in front
of her. With a mini-recorder in her left hand and a pen without the tip in
her right hand she “wrote” (?) on top of the box making a noise. In other
words: by scrubbing the pen at the rigid plastic CD box, she recorded a
sound that seemed to be a whisper. Right after, she did turn the tape
bringing it to the beginning to listen to it. She was the only one who
could listen an understand the whisper as the sound was almost
inaudible or understandable for the others who were following her
experience. BUT…amazingly, it did work. The experience was done in
a very fast way – by writing, listening and talking … but right after she
asked to the attendance: - “Does anyone knows Helena? A girl from
the attendance showed up and confirmed she did know Helena. Laura
then repeated her writing at the plastic box, listened the tape and said:
“She said she was buried without shoes…” Yes, touched, her
granddaughter confirmed. Laura, an old lady near the 70s smiled while
she was listening the messages. She mainly mentioned names – which
of course is something quite difficult, especially in front of an audience
who was so alert. Another example: - “Who lost a young boy called
Enzo?” and a mother bathed in tears showed up. Laura continued
saying to the mother: - “He is talking about Marco – who is Marco?”
and the mother cried even more as Marco is her grandson, son of her
young boy.
The phenomenon seemed to be authentic to me, derived 90% from her
medium capacity and 10% through the equipment. Laura is a great
clairaudient, and the phenomenon could have happened with or without
the little recorder. But of course it is something new and surprising.
The closing was done with a debate followed by a beautiful video
brought by Paolo Presi about testimonies of mothers who lost their
children and listened and recognized their voices after their departure.
Of course, it was quite touching and rewarding to see how the learning
about the continuity of life helps people.
With Paolo, in a typical
Salerno’s street, old
At top left, balconies
with clothes, very
My translator, Paola, and at right,
teaching people wanting to learn our
technique, mainly mothers that had lost
At left, typical scenes, and at
top, Pompeii’s petrified body.
In my free time I did some contacts to assure that our
Communicators were ready:
(Ouça os áudios, cujas frases estão em vermelho)
19- “Vai valer, sabe!” -”(It will work, you know”)
Sonia: -”Is our italian team ready?”
20 –.“Aqui grava Armani!”(”Here, records Armani”)
I try some few words that I know in italian, and Fernando, my
deceased husband answers: Sonia: -”Buon giorno!”
21- Fernando: - .“Tô escutando!”(”I hear you”)
One of the names that they gave me to contact was of a young
boy called Andrea, who died when he was 14 years old. The
answer was precise, because a short minute before that, I had
tried to speak directly to the boy and as the answers would be
in italian, I didn’t hear them, because I wouldn’t understand. But
Fernando asks here to check it, because the boy had already
Sonia: -”Do you know who Andrea is?”
22- Fernando: - Vê! Taí, já falou!”(”Look!! It’s there, he
And he says that the young boy was waiting to speak:
23 Fernando: - .“Te espera!”(”He waits for you”)
Sonia: -”Is the boy there now?
Fernando: -“ Tá no seu teste!”
(”Is in your test”)
“I ask about other deceased people”
24- Fernando: - Não posso dizer!”(”I cannot say”)
Sonia: -”What about Solange”?
Sonia: -”And Yolanda?”
25-Fernando: .“Dizer que esperou!” -(”Tell that waited”)
“It’s funny the fact that he and the others from brazil had
traveled to Europe in a ship:
26-Fernando: .“Venho nave!”(-”I come in a ship”)
Sonia: -”How did you come? (to Italy)”
I had wondered if Fernando could speak in italian and he answered correctly
(as it was heard and typed by Paolo Presi):
Sonia: -”A kiss, Fernando”
27 -“Eco dirrei che io posso!” (“Right I say I can!”)
28- -”Cerchiamo un contatto!”
Also in correct italian, they say that they try to contact us
Sonia: - “Can you say something to Paola?”
29- Fernando: - Está de preto!”(”She is in black)
It was correct – as soon as Paola come to the hotel to pick me up, I said that I
already knew she would be dressed in black.
Here gives Fernando a technical tips:
30 .“Mais matéria! Mais aparelho!”(”More matter! More equipment! )
Sonia: -”A kiss, Fernando...”
Fernando: -“Até rever-te!”
(See you)
Thanks to this tips, I improvised a source of background noise once I
understood “matter “ as background noise so they could use it. Both following
contacts were recorded with this news. The quality is just OK, but it catches
our attention for being DIRECT VOICES, and with a musical sound that comes
out of nowhere
In the voice of Andrea, he assures that he had promised to speak:
31- Andrea: .“Prometido!” -(”Promised”)
Also in italian, he confirms that they will make it work on their side:
32 -”Fare funzionare qui!”
Mr. German joins in the mix of languages and asks me, half italian, half
33 -”Andate! escuta-me!” (“Let’s go” Listen me!”)
Sonia: - “Hi, Mr. German, good afternoon”
34 _”Rispondo amica!” (“Answer friend!”)
Sonia: - “Are you all happy with the results?”
Fernando asks me to record to a certain person:
35- Fernando: - Você ouve! Cê deve largar o contato!”(“You listen! You
must let the contact go”)
36 -Vai buscar Paola!!!”(”Bring Paola!!! )
With a mother:
In the event we had met Susy Valetutti, which lost her son, Andrea, by a lethal infection, which killed him in just three days, by the age of 14. I had
already asked him, and confirmed that he would communicate.
We met in my room in the hotel with the presence of: Paolo Presi (engineer lecturer), Paola Pagano (the event organizer), Paola (my interpreter),
Susy (Andrea’s mother) and I. We were squeezed in the room, but even that way we sat and did two short recordings, which were listened aloud,
so that everyone could hear them. Little by little they were saying and writing (in italian) the wide and unexpected content of contacts, to the
surprise of everyone who were there:
Here are the 24 transcontacts that were detected there, live – Paolo Presi and Susy were about one meter away from my notebook and Paola Pagano, was
about 2 meters:
–“Buon giorno... eu venho cá!”
–“Cosi per essere sola proprio la mala fede!”
–“Ajudas papá!”
–“E alor molto si sa!”
–“Que pasó- no mangiare piu!”
–“Continuar sinta la tierra!”
–“Sono io mamma buon giorno a te!”
–“Son amore traduzi con amoramento!”
–“Cambia la vita del mondo!”
–“Contato tra!”
–“Papa migliorar!”
–“Cuando arrivai di qua papa entravo i fenomeni!”
–“Come una scola nuova!”
–“Force capterá Sonia e ancora proverró!
–“Questo possiamo travoi ed io chiamar!”
–“Puoi parlare domani farei faremo un discorso!”
–“Ora l'eletroniche te da la prova!”
–“Stai facendo il meglio,miglioramento!”
–“Noi parlavamo con Dio!”
–“Lo capisco collaborare!”
–“I nostri falli alzar -Prove hai avute qua!”
–“Un baccio!”
–“Che prova bella!!!”
(“Good morning... I come here!”)
(That way only could be unwillingness!”)
(“Help, dad!”)
(“Now, a lot is known!”)
(“What happen? Does not eat anymore?”)
(It’s me mom good morning to you!”)
(“Changes the life of the world!”)
(“Dad will get better!”)
(“Like new school!”)
(”Strength will get Sonia and yet will provide!”)
(“Well the electronics will give you the proof!”)
(“Is doing the best improvement!”)
(“We were talking to God!”)
(Do understand, will collaborate!”)
(“Our fail we will find out – Have proof here!”)
(“A kiss!”)
(“What a beautiful proof!”)
Note: all the contacts are coherent and when he asks his mother to help his father it makes sense, because they
are divorced.
54 answers in an afternoon and
in italian:
(here are the audio files, according to what was heard by
the 8 people present)
The following day was one of the most important: Paola invited
the ones interested in learning to record to go to her house,
mainly the mothers that have lost their children so that they could
learn how to use the technique we use.
The ones who were there: Antonella, who lost her daughter
Danielle (cancer); Carmela, who lost her daughter Liza (cancer);
Tereza, who lost her son Alécio; Maria who lost her son (suicide);
Dario, who lost his mother Susy; Rosa, who lost her sister Paola;
Giovana, who lost her husband, Césare; and Paola Pagano, who
lost her father, Ernesto.
We explained our technique and we did some recording tests, to
see if some of these people who had passed away could
communicate with us.
Once my italian knowledge is not enough, I had to do it in a
different way. Here in Brazil, I always record the messages, I
listen to them carefully with my headphones and I find the
answers right away. But it was not possible in Italy, it was
worthless to listen to the recordings, once I didn’t know how to
find the answers, because my italian is not good.
This way, I was forced to play the recordings out loud in my
notebook so that everyone in the room could hear them, so one
or two people helped me to find answers and they could also
detect complete sentences.
One more observation: to save each sentence of the
transcontacts, some of the people that were in the room came to
my notebook to type the sentences – because, obviously, the
correct sentences should be written by people who knew the
It was, in the total, 58 answers in that afternoon – which made all
of us happy, of course.
Here are the results which were detected by the ones that were
Top right, Rosa, that lost her sister Paola, at 32
years. The deceased coherent messages confirmed
being from herself
Paola, the deceased
01- La gioia in fondo e un marito
02- In terra serve anche a te
03- Guarda i suoi ideali non l ho abbandono
04- Registra da visioni ai morti
05- Parlate tanto noi
06- Voi entrate bene me
Paola Pagano talked to her father, Ernesto.
She was shocked with his napolitan
pronunciation, in the same way he used to
01- Te aviso cuando lo puo'fare
02- Emozioni che ha avuto tuo padre
03- Tu facevi non si puo proprio andare
04- Cé'qua la vita
05- Ti auguro buon lavoro
06- Esolo paura ma sei brava
07- De qua qua io per radio t'ho salutato
08- Tua casa si lavora
09- Tuo cuore mi a ajudato qua
10- Da qua si consuola
11- Prova a la gente
For Tereza, from
her deceased
daughter, Lisa
For Dario,
From his mother, Suzy,
died by cancer
01- Bene grande
02- La voce cercato hai
03- Ci siamo pure noi
04- La devi chiamare
05- En la sera vengo a dormire
Lisa 01- Armonia con allegra dare
Lisa 02- Trasmutera al piano cercare –trasmissioni
Lisa 03- Stanno parlando
Lisa 04- Mamma!
Lisa 05- Telefonami!
For Carmela, from her son Alécio:
For Antonela,
from Roberta, whose photo she
carries in her cellular phone
Alécio 01- Cerchero migliora
Alécio 02- Transfoto c'a fatto giorno
Alécio 03- Qui stazione fatto compiere
Alécio 04- Cè làmore,tradurre e imparare a
Alécio 05- Va bene si
Antonela has been recording for a time, and
handles the recorder with efficiency. We
recorded simultaneously in my notebook and
in her micro-recorder, and contacts were the
For Giovanna, from her husband
Césare 01- Quando voi parla con tua sposa
Césare 02- Prova que sente
Césare 03- Te lo avremmo detto
Césare 04- Ora telefona
Césare 05- Un baccio lo sentito parlami
Césare 06- Storia della vostra relazione
Roberta 01- Dario puoi parlare
Roberta 02- Arrabbiti nei ventánni
Roberta 03- Dico ma spero chiama dio cara diario
Roberta 04- Che figlio maschio
Roberta 05- Ci son le vocie'un problema
Roberta 06- Io o invitato tre
Only María had in the purse
María lost her son Daniele by suicide,
A picture of the deceased
With the family, and only to her what made her loose emotional control.
She obtained, that afternoon, important
Was that requested. Nobody knew.
Wouldn’t it be a significant proof identification prooves, like for instance:
That his son was indicating his the son asked forgiveness to mom and
dad (contact 01); the fact of requesting
her to give his photo with the family, well
before we asked to see him (contact 03);
but, the most important, was to confirm
that the reason which took him to kill
himself, did not have anything to do with
the family, as he already had told through
other means, like through some mediums
looked by the mother – and of whom, of
course, we didn’t know. In the recording,
she asked if the family was to be blamed
for his attitude, and he answered: ”Nothing... I say always!”
These are the 10 recorded and listened
answers heard by his mother, there, at
the same time:
Daniele 01- Mamma, papa perdonami
Daniele 02- Mama…. a Maria
Daniele 03- Da foto da famiglia
Daniele 04- Papa ignorai
Daniele 05- Fenomeni a agiranno
Daniele 06- Niente te lo dico sempre
Daniele 07- Salvarti mamma devo
Daniele 08- Dio no ponizioni tu ora avisa
Daniele 09- E con lo stereo al lato arrivo
Daniele 10- Di far la migliore
With that significant occurrence, we raised a very important
question: within the nonsense that some people say (the ones who
doesn’t know Transcoomunication, and, less yet admit the survival after
death), are the ones who assume that the registered "voices" aren’t
nothing more than the product of the mind of the “transcommunicator”.
A brave defender of that pathetic idea is nobody but Father Quevedo. One
more thing of the ones he talks about but does not prove.
For incredible that appears he already admitted publicly (we have the
journal article) that the Voices are REAL!!! BUT, explains wisely, are not
death people voices. That doesn’t exist.
No!!! In his head, the transcomunicator (he only does not explain how!)
generates the recorded voices.
Of course that he doesn’t explain neither, how is that a transcomunicator,
without having met the deceased, could produce exactly their voices, to
the extreme that their families could recognize them.
Also he doesn’t explain how is that the answers, technically, are registered
inside the recorder. Maybe the information goes out the brain, in a walking,
and arrives to the local of the PC recording? In what form could it end up
inside the computer and in the correct place?
More unexplainable yet, for him, would be the case that we witnessed this
since I do not speak italian (to the extent that the answers had to be
identified by people present and even be digitized by them), the question
is: how "my" mind could have placed there such contacts???
Facing such evidence, is mandatory to indicate that they are really voices
of third parties, and not the product of the mind of who is recording, for
Christ sake!!. So it remains clear, death people talk, yes ... Even Quevedo
not liking it!!!
Observing the touching phenomenon happened there, live and in colors
and in front of everybody, our friend Paola, organizer of the event, had her
conviction more reinforced yet.
And she dreams (as we dream) with continuity.

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