The Ulysses Syndrome (also called The Syndrome of
the Immigrant with Chronic and Multiple Stress);
Dr Achotegui during his two visits to London in June
2011 and March 2013 told the community that
Immigration is not itself a cause of mental illness but it
is a high risk factor if the following circumstances
i). there is vulnerability: the immigrant suffers an
illness or is physically disabled
ii). the level of factors is very high: for example
the environment of acceptance is hostile
iii). both conditions given take place
Today’s immigrants possesses a great quality of education,
moral and values, they do things similar to Ulysses, Clark
Kent from the planet Crypton and Kaliman from Mexico.
They are imbued with a strong moral compass. (Juan Pimienta,
Lisbon on July 2013)
A would-be immigrant collapses on
Gran Tarajal beach after arriving on
the Island of Fuerteventura, one of
Spain’s Canary islands.
In 2000 the bodies of 58 Chinese migrants
were found in the back of a lorry at the
port of Dover.
X Ray vision
This X-ray photo was taken in March 1999 by Mexican authorities.
"Kalimán makes it clear that he does nothing that any other men would not be
able to do through self-discipline, study and hard work. The Ibero/Latin
American community members are like those in any other community, humans
made with the same qualities, and equipped with the same essence as these
three heroes, nostalgic of their native land. Immigrants such as Ulysses in
particular, feel exhausted, irritable and depressed. They find themselves
experiencing headaches, feeling lonely, hopeless and regretful." (Quoted from PC Bob's
Adventures, June 2014, London by Juan Pimienta)
The Sunday Times, 17th August 2014. In 2000 the bodies of 58 Chinese migrants
were found in the back of a lorry at the port of Dover.
An American
soldier in World
War II who was
given a serum
that transformed
him into a
physically perfect
human and fights
for liberty and
Captain America has
no superhuman
powers, but he is
transformed and his
strength, endurance,
agility, speed,
reflexes, durability,
and healing are at the
zenith of natural
human potential.
The super-soldier
serum; it does not
wear off.
Digital Natives
Gen Z is part of a generation that is global, social,
visual and technological. They are the most
connected, educated and sophisticated
generation ever.
They comprise nearly 2 billion
people globally, and they don’t
just represent the future, they’re
creating it.
Gen Z’s have been born into the
crisis period of terrorism, the
global recession and climate
They are predicted to spend their
young adult years in a time of
economic and social renewal.
They are also living in an era of
changing household structures,
and are the students of today
and university graduates,
employees and consumers of
The Metropolis of Londinium
"Londinium with a population of over 8 million, amidst 300
languages spoken, a world of races with a playful smile of
wonderful hopes for a better world, celebrates the millennium
with balloons being lifted up into a spectacular blue sky…."
"…Some of them are individuals imbued with a strong moral
compass. They are a diverse group made-up of
Argentineans, Bolivians, Brazilians, Colombians,
Ecuadorians, Mexicans and Peruvians, to name but a few
nationalities. The Latin American population is mainly of
working age, growing in size and residentially dispersed
throughout the city." (Quoted from PC Bob's Adventures, June 2014, London by Juan Pimienta)
"…Today’s immigrants in the
Metropolis of Londinium possess a
great quality, that of doing a world of
good, with admirable moral values
full of tolerance and optimism…"
(Quoted from PC Bob's Adventures, June 2014, London by Juan
Theory of Change - PC Bob's ABC (Anti-Bullying Campaign)
Prevent and responding
to all kinds of bullying
Enhancing all
behaviour and
attitudes to tackle
problems with bullying
Increase understanding on
who to report bullying to
getting their concerns &
needs addressed
The Dioceses of Westminster,
The Anti-Bullying Alliance,
Childline & the Local Authorities
are participating increasing level
of resources and support
Awareness of PC
Bob's ABC raising
20-25 minutes show
Improving Public Trust &
Confidence in the Police
Children assume
the role of PC Bob;
an educational &
behavioural training
take place
Children improve safety & well -being:
•They become happier at schools
•They are more likely to do well in schools
Decrease in the amount of
bullying and of being bullied
Schools are participating & increase awareness/
encouragement/active involvement of teachers
& children in resolving bully/victim incidents
Develop awareness
using images from the
book: "The Bully" by
Roderick Hunt &
Alex Brychta
Develop and
distribute material
(e.g. stickers)
to support
PC Bob's ABC
Juan Pimienta head of
Metropolitan Police Ibero American Association
(Member of S.A.M.U.R.A.I)
Tel 07775705983

Today`s immigrants in the Metropolis of Londinium possess a great