Preterite Rap
Ms Davis
• I said P.R.E. and T.E.R and the rest is
• We’re gonna learn our preterite verbs,
while you sit there looking at me.
• Now I’m gonna start out with the regular
verbs that have patterns we understand.
• First up on the line is the “AR” group,
c’mon and give me a hand.
Yo goes “é”
Tú goes “aste”
Él and Ella go “ó”
Watch out for the accents on the end,
they’re important so you know.
Nosotros goes “amos”
Vosotros goes “asteis”
Ellos goes A.R.O.N
There you show, that’s the show for the AR
verbs, c’mon let’s say ‘em again.
(repeat one time)
Listen here, comin up are ER and IR
Did you know that they work the same?
Shout ‘em out so you won’t get confused in
the regular preterite game.
Yo goes “í”
Tú goes “iste”
Él gets “i” and an “ó”
The accents here matter just as much
Don’t forget ‘em so you know
Nosotros goes IMOS
Vosotros goes ISTEIS
Ellos I.E.R.O. and N.
In order to beat ‘em
You gotta repeat ‘em
‘til you know them from beginning to end.
Go Crazy! Go Crazy! Keep saying
those verbs and don’t be lazy!
Now all of you have come real far…
But there’s spell change freaks for
-CAR, -GAR and –ZAR
It matters to me that you should know
They take a spell change, but only in “YO”
-CAR goes –QUÉ
To keep pronunciation sound of hard “C”
With –GAR we insert a “U”
To keep a hard “G” that’s what we gotta do!
The –ZAR changes to a “C”
Keeps it sounding soft, that’s how it’s gotta
I know that this seems a lot to know,
Don’t worry too much, it only happens in
Now there’s 4 little verbs, where you must
try, to make a spell change and insert a Y.
They start out normal in me and you,
But in HE and THEY here’s what we gonna
We jam in a “Y” between the E and the O
It’s sound protection now there ya go!
Yo leí, Tú leíste… but ÉL LEYÓ,
“¿me entendiste?”
• Nosotros leímos, vosotros leísteis
• Ellos LEYERON, ¿comprendisteis?
All take the same changes, it’s what we
gotta do!
Now its time for irregular verbs,
which seem a lot harder to do…
But if you sing my song as we go
along, you can learn all the weirdos
Making preterite verbs in irregular forms,
Can really be a snap…
If you sing the song that I wrote for you,
Its called the Preterite Rap!
First up to learn are SER and IR,
Which mean “to be” and “to go”
As a bonus for you, they’re the same to do,
Which I think you already know!
Yo fui, tú fuiste, él and ella fue
If you say ‘em out loud as you walk to class
You’ll get ‘em down ok!
Nosotros fuimos, vosotros fuisteis, ellos
fueron “they been”
The last one’s hard, so spell it out,
F.U.E.R.O. and N!
Since its 2 for 1 with these 2 verbs, in the
conjugation game… you gotta read close
to choose the right one, ‘cuz they both
look just the same!
TENER and ESTAR, to have and to be
Are the next 2 verbs in line.
We use “ESTAR” for temporary states,
“Like I’m sad or feeling fine”
It won’t take long to learn them both,
If you’re running short on time,
One fits inside the other one,
Shout ‘em out and hear them rhyme!
Tuve, estuve
Tuviste, estuviste
Tuvo, estuvo
You’re doing it now, away we go
Tuvimos, estuvimos
Tuvisteis, estuvisteis
Tuvieron, estuvieron
Chunk it up, you’ve got it there on!
The next 2 verbs, coming right up
To stare you in the face…
PODER - to succeed or to try and fail
PONER - to put or to place
Now the thing to know when making these
verbs, that all of you must do…
Is pop out the “O” from the middle of the
verb and replace it with a “U”!
Say what you yelling at me?
Now don’t freak out, that’s PONER in the
YO, not street profanity!
The rest of the verb isn’t quite as much fun,
But you still have to finish it out…
Pusiste and puso, pusimos, pusisteis c’mon
and give it a shout!
Said a P.U.S. and I.E.R. and the end is O
and an N…that takes care of to put or to
place, PODER’s close so listen again
PODER works the same in the preterite
Listen up, attention on me!
We’ll make this verb the same as PONER,
‘cept change the “S” to a “D”.
Said P.U.D.E., pude means “I could”
Pudiste, pudo, pudimos, pudisteis, pudieron
That sounds good!
Now PODER takes a change in the negative
stage, it has a new meaning, I think that’s
NO PUDO means “to try and fail”
Like when you get caught and have
to bail!
Now the next two verbs that we must learn,
mean “to bring” and “to say”
TRAER and DECIR have a lot going on,
In the past they change to a “J”
Makin’ verbs with a “J” now here we go!
You’ve got to try and care on!
Now there’s still a few more, you’ve not seen
Like HACER and SABER, there’s verbs
Hacer is real tricky and can even get sticky,
Especially in “EL” its really quite ICKY!
Yo goes HICE
But Él goes HIZO
What did she say?
H-I-Z-O, he did or made and there ya go!
Hicimos, hicisteis, hicieron in the least stays
Now there’s one more verb before I go,
That’s SABER which means “to know”
It’s kinda strange, it works like PUDE
Gonna change it to a U, the YO form’s
Now what’s it mean, I hear you shout…
Saber in the past means “to find out”.
I found out what you said about me
Supiste means that you found out…
There’s a test today, what’s it about?
he found out that you had to go…
• I know that y’all can make the rest,
• Follow the patterns, gonna put you to the
• I’ll leave the rest of the verbs to you,
• As we learn ‘em you know what you must
• My song is over and I’m out of time, but
when we get a new verb YOU gonna
make the rhyme.
Singin’ on and on and on on and on
The verbs don’t stop ‘til the break of dawn
But if you sing my song as you go along,
They won’t be so hard that you can’t keep
• Just do it, just do it, just do it do it do it! 

Preterite Rap revised final - Spanish