Informal Commands
Mandatos informales
In Spanish…
• When we want to tell a friend to do
something we use informal (tú) commands…
• ¡Come! – EAT!
• ¡Camina!- WALK!
• ¡Duerme!- SLEEP!
What looks familiar about these endings?
Positive Commands
• Commands are used for both do’s and don’ts
• Lets begin with the do’s (positive tú
To state the do’s of most verbs,
ending of the verb.
(tú) caminas
(tú) comes
(tú) duermes
drop the –s
Let’s work on positive commands…
• Open the window!…
– Verb Abrir
• Put it in the tú form = tú abres
• Drop the –s = abre
¡Abre la ventana!
Let’s work on positive commands…
• Speak now!...
- Verb hablar
- Put hablar in the tú form= hablas
- Drop the –s = habla
¡Habla ahora!
Let’s work on positive commands…
• Drink water!...
- Verb beber
- Put beber in the tú form= bebes
- Drop the –s = bebe
¡Bebe agua!
Affirmative tú commands
• 1- Write command .
• 2- Attach DOP to the end .
• 3- Add accent on third to last
syllable ( if more than 2)
• Example: Eat the food Come la
Eat it !
• Come
( command of verb)
• Comela (attach DOP)
• Có/me/la Cómela add accent mark
• 3 2 1
Negative Commands
• To state the don’ts- negative (tú) commands
– Switch the –as ending to –es and the –es endings
to –as
(tú) fumas
(tú) corres
(tú) duermes
¡No fumes!
¡No corras!
¡No duermas!
Don’t smoke!
Don’t run!
Don’t sleep!
Let’s work on negative commands…
• Don’t buy pizza!...
- Verb comprar
- Put comprar in the tú form= compras
- Change the –as to –es= compres
¡No compres la pizza!
Let’s work on negative commands…
• Don’t open the door!...
- Verb abrir
- Put abrir in the tú form= abres
- Change the –es to –as= abras
¡No abras la puerta!
Let’s work on negative commands…
• Don’t drink soda!...
- Verb beber
- Put beber in the tú form= bebes
- Change the –es to –as= bebas
¡No bebas los refrescos!
Verbs with spelling changes…
There are several verbs that change spelling when
made into negative commands to keep their sound…
1. Jugar- ¡No juegues!
- g changes to gue to keep the hard g sound
2. Verbs ending in –car like
Practicar - ¡No practiques!
-c changes to a que to keep the hard k sound
Let’s work on negative commands…
• These next verbs have spell changes…
– Either g changes to gue OR c changes to a
Don’t play in the house!
- Verb jugar- in tú form = juegas
- Change –as to –es and remember spelling
change!= juegues
¡No juegues en la casa!
Let’s work on negative commands…
Don’t arrive late!
¡No llegues tarde!
Don’t touch the piano!
-Verb tocar in tú form = tocas
-Change –as to –es and
remember the spelling change!= toques
¡No toques el piano!
Negative tu commands +
• 1- Write No
• 2- write the DOP
• 3-Write the command in
Negative form .
• Ex: No comas las
• No las comas .
Te toca a ti…
Eat more fruit!
¡Come más frutas!
Sleep 8 hours a day!
¡Duerme ocho horas al día!
Te toca a ti…
Don’t run in the house!
¡No corras en casa!
Don’t open the book!
¡No abras el libro!

Informal tú commands