What’s multiculturalism is?
It generally refers to an applied ideology of racial,
cultural and ethnic diversity within the
demographics of a specified place, usually at the
scale of an organization such as a school,
business, neighborhood, city or nation.
In Lleida, There are people of different
cultures: religion, race, traditions,
 So, we have a multicultural city.
 This is a very good thing. You can learn
other things of different cultures in Lleida.
Also they can give you other form of
abroad cultures.
 Cultures must live without problems
because they are the same thing.
In lleida we have different cultures and
we must live together without problems.
The principals cultures are:i
Chinese people is very polite and honest in Lleida. They have a lot of shops,
restaurants and Bazars. So they have to work very harder to adapted
here. They sell things more cheaper and that’s why everybody can buy it.
Chinese people never imposed their cultural because they accepted our
cultural in Lleida.
They have some religions but the most important religion that they have is
budism. is based on the teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama,
commonly known as "The Buddha" (the Awakened One), who lived in the
northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent.
There are 850 milions of mandarin speakers. But this is not the only
language . They alson speak Wu, Yue Ming (90 and 80)
Probably more food is consumed during the New Year celebrations than
any other time of the year. Vast amounts of traditional food is prepared
for family and friends, as well as those close to us who have died.
On New Year's Day, the Chinese family will eat a vegetarian dish called
jai. Although the various ingredients in jai are root vegetables or fibrous
vegetables, many people attribute various superstitious-
This culture give very good things to the occidental culture. They work in some
Butcher's shop. All people think that they are violent and impolite that’s why
some people discriminated them. They have some places that they can pray and
practise their religion and culture
 Religion
 A Muslim is an adherent of the religion of Islam. Muslims believe that Islam
existed long before Muhammad. Muslims consider making ritual prayer five
times a day currently. The sacred book of Islam is the Koran.
 They have a lot of language because this culture is in different countries. The
principal languges are: Persian, Arabic, South Asian, Modern.
Musulman clothes
 The traditional clothing of Muslim women is the hijab, burka, nikab, Shayla
and chador. In lleida, they used their typical clothes and few younger people
wear occidental clothes.
They have some Hairdresser's and food shops. They work very hard to win money for they
family. When they go to have a job, all almost companies prefer white people than black
people. That’s why they have to do jobs with low money and jobs that people in Leida
don’t want.
Among the most prominent languages spoken are Arabic, Swahili and Hausa. Some
africans may also speak different languages such as Malagasy, English, French,
Spanish,Bambara, Sotho, and many more. In Lleida, they usually speak Arabi, Swahili
and they don’t accept the language of then country that they life.
The African cuisine is a combination of traditional fruits and vegetables, milk and meat
products. The African village diet is often milk, curds and whey. Exotic game and fish are
gathered from Africa's vast area. Traditional African cuisine is characterized by use of
starch as a focus, accompanied by stew containing meat or vegetables.
Africa has a rich tradition of arts and crafts. African arts and crafts find expression in a
variety of woodcarvings, brass and leather art works. African arts and crafts also include
sculpture, paintings, pottery, ceremonial and religious headgear and dress.
All people live with their family and they thing that the most important thing is their
family. They sell different things in the Street market. All people think that they
are violent, rude and impolite. But they want to adapt to our culture.
Indian heritage
The culture of the Romani people is rich and various because of unique properties of
Romani history. In spite of the large variety in Romani culture, all the Romani peoples
have similar value system and world perception.
Roma folktales and legends are known as paramichia. A legendary hero among the
Vlach Roma is Mundro Salamon or Wise Solomon. Other Roma groups call this hero O
Godjiaver Yanko. Mundro Salamon is a wise man who uses his mental powers and
cunning to escape from those who would harm him or to save others from danger.
The lăutari who perform at traditional Romanian weddings are virtually all Roma,
although their music draws from a vast variety of ethnic traditions — for example
Romanian, Turkish, Jewish, and Slavic — as well as Roma traditions.
They go to Lleida to find jobs to win money. All have university career but they
have worse works. Old people want to work and live calmly. But some young
men don’t respect and don’t have tolerance with other people of different
Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion. French Guiana also has a large
number of Protestants. Guyana and Suriname are exceptions, with three major
religions: Christianity in general, Hinduism, and Islam.
Portuguese and Spanish are the primary languages of the continent. The
majority of South Americans speak Portuguese. However, most South American
countries are Spanish-speaking, and nearly all of the continent's lusophones
reside in Brazil.
South American nations have a rich variety of music. Some of the most famous
genres include samba from Brazil, tango from Argentina & Uruguay, and cumbia
from Colombia.
All religions have to life together. The
relationships among them sleep good
but sometimes there are problems. These
problems are cultural conflicts:
Racism is the belief that race is the primary
determinant of human traits and capacities
and that racial differences produce an
inherent superiority of a particular race.
People with racist beliefs might hate certain
groups of people according to their racial
groups. Racial discrimination typically points
different groups of people, even though
anybody can be racialised, independently
of their somatic differences.
Xenophobia is an intense dislike and/or
fear of people from other countries. It
comes from the Greek words xenos,
meaning "foreigner," "stranger," and
phobos, meaning "fear." The term is
typically used to describe a fear or dislike
of foreigners or of people significantly
different from oneself.
we want
these type of
problemes in our
 These
problems can be solved
with the collaboration of all
persons. All need and have
the right of free life with
respect. It’s good that a city is
multicultural because we can
learn and know each cultures.
But in some cities and towns,
these cultures can’t live
together and don’t accepted
We must save this cultures
in Lleida.