Nomura Sweden AB
Project Proposal,
Jonas Kröger, Mats Wikström
Nomura Sweden AB
Västra Norrlandsgatan 29
903 29 Umeå.
090 702400
The task will be to examine
different ways of displaying
portfolio data for a stock broker.
The current way is to show the
complete portfolio in a grid that
might be decorated with arrows
in different colors. This is not
necessarily the only and best
way to show this information
and Nomura would like to see
alternatives way of presenting
this information.
Nomura Sweden AB
The objective of this document is to propose a project that is suitable for a Master’s
student in Computer Science, to be carried out at Nomura Sweden AB (Nomura). The
project must be wide enough in scope to be suitable for a Bachelor or Master’s thesis,
and at the same time something that can realistically be carried out in the allotted time
period of either 10 or 20 weeks.
Computer based stock trading has a rather long history since the financial institutes
where among the early adopters regarding computers. Early on, spread sheets where
developed and used as template for both order entry, trade handling and to visualize
the portfolio (with portfolio we mean the collection of different instruments that belongs
to a given trader). This format has stayed as the de facto standard for representing
data but we do believe that there exist different ways of showing this information.
The task for the student is to investigate different portfolio concepts. This includes
trying to find which forms that currently exist and also implement, at least, one of the
concepts. One form that has been suggested would be to present a graphical
landscape in which the user can navigate between, or in, portfolios.
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