Portfolios 101
Why do we have to do this?
 The
state of Maryland requires all students
to have career preparation to graduate,
this includes:
Career Portfolios
Career Speaker Days
Mock Interviews
What is a portfolio?
purposeful and unique collection of
artifacts capable of communicating
interests, abilities, progress, and
When do we create a
 Students
may start their portfolio in
Freshman Seminar/Teen Leadership
 Students should continue to build their
portfolio in advisory and independently
each each year
What is the point?
 Students
will need their portfolio for their
mock interview in 11th/12th grade
 Portfolios
are helpful in preparing for job
interviews and college applications
because they contain information about
trainings, awards, and activities
What do I need?
 Start
with a folder to collect artifacts
 Get a 1”-2” binder with a clear pocket on
the front
 Get a cover and 6 dividers
 Page protectors
How is it organized?
 Overview
 5 Skills for Success Sections
Learning Skills
Thinking Skills
Communication Skills
Technology Skills
Interpersonal Skills
What are the guidelines?
 Pay
attention to neatness, spelling and
 Type as much as possible
 Use page protectors
 Underline in red or highlight your name in
articles, programs, etc.
 You should have at least 3 artifacts for
each skills
 Table
of Contents (in front of the cover)
 Resume
 Job Application
 Mission Statement
 Career Research
Learning Skills
Planning, monitoring, and evaluating your own
Copy of report card or interim with
Lab or experiment report
Service learning documentation
Reports of test scores- HSAs, PSATs, Aps
Work Evalutions
Thinking Skills
Thinking creatively, critically, and strategically to
make effective decisions, solve problems, and
achieve goals
 Math work, showing steps of a completed
 Completed essays
 Projects showing creativity
 Letters of commendation or academic
 Examples of scheduling/managing
Communication Skills
Planning, participating in, monitoring, and
evaluating communication experiences in a
variety of settings
 Writing samples
 Evidence of proficiency in world
languages/sign language
 Presentations/speeches
 Documentation of Student mentoring/peer
 Documentation of WORK in clubs
Technology Skills
Understanding, using, and evaluating technologies
for a variety of purposes in a rapidly changing
technological society
 Evidence of computer skills – keyboarding,
 Digital photographs
 PowerPoints, brochures, reports, posters
 Evidence of proficiency with trade specific tools
 Research using databases and web evaluations
Interpersonal Skills
Working effectively with others and participating
responsibly in a variety of situations
 Evidence of leadership skills- team captain,
club officer, school representative
 Documentation from service
learning/community experiences
 Evidence of PARTICIPATION in teams, clubs,
bands, chorus, performing arts, student
 Group projects
When do we do this?
 Your
portfolio is ALWAYS a work in progress
 Start collecting artifacts and reflecting on
how they demonstrate your skills
 Once a month use FLEX to review your
work/activities and update your portfolio

Portfolios 101 - Carroll County Public Schools