Teaching Event
– commentaries
– written responses to a set of task-specific
– provide contextual information needed to
understand the artifacts and describe your
reasoning behind or analysis of
– 1. Context for Learning
– 2. Planning
– 3. Instruction
– 4. Assessment
– 5. Reflection
• Academic Language strand that runs across all the
tasks and is scored separately.
• Read the Teaching Event Handbook, the Teaching
Event Rubrics,
• Deepen your understanding of teaching and
learning in your certification area.
Task 1. Context for Learning
• What is the difference between English
learners and students who are proficient
English speakers?
– “English learners” refers to second language
– Generally, the rest of the students in your
class will be proficient English speakers.
– Although some students may be English
speakers but are not proficient with English
Task 1. Context for Learning
• How much information should I convey
about my students when describing my
– sense of the class variety, significant
subgroups of students with similar
characteristics, and exceptional individuals.
– key factors that influence your planning and
teaching of this learning segment.
Academic Development
• Consider students’ prior knowledge, key
skills, developmental levels, and other
special educational needs. (TPE 8)
Language Development
• Consider aspects of English language
proficiency in conversational and
academic language as well as in the
students’ primary languages, if other
than English. Describe the language
development of your entire class, not
just your English learners. (TPEs 7, 8)
Social Development
• Consider factors such as the students’
ability and experience in expressing
themselves in constructive ways,
negotiating and solving problems, and
getting along with others. (TPE 8)
Socio-economic and
Cultural Context
• Consider key factors such as cultural
context, knowledge acquired outside of
school, and home/community resources.
Task 2. Planning in relationship
• The learning segment
• the central focus/big ideas, student content
standards, and learning objectives for the
Teaching Event?
– consider various dimensions of knowledge
that you expect your students to learn.
– How does your knowledge of your
students’ learning and development
strengths and needs specifically connect to
your planning for instruction and
• By Sunday Night
– Send an e-mail
– Answering the first prompt of Task 2:
1.What is the central focus of the learning
segment? Apart from being present in the
school curriculum, student academic
content standards, or ELD standards, why is
the content of the learning segment
important for your particular students to
learn? (TPE 1)

Academic development